A chilly weekend with family and friends

We had a pretty good weekend! For the most part it was low key and just what we wanted.


After hanging out in the morning and being silly we got to have a little visitor stay with us for lunch, nap, and a little bit of play time.


Judah came for a few hours because his daycare was closed. The boys were so cute playing together.

The boys even posed so nicely for a picture!


Friday evening after Judah left we had spaghetti squash spaghetti for dinner. It was really good!

Then we relaxed and watched a movie before calling it a night.


Owen is 1 month old! WOW!

I went to teach Saturday morning sweat circuit and had a great crew there with me. I actually participated more than last week and it felt good but know I still need to be careful.


Joel shot a big buck in the morning so when I got home from exercising the boys were all ready to go look in the woods for the buck. Joel, Joe, Grandpa, Luke, and Liam took the double stroller out to the woods and started looking for the buck. They found it and it was a nice big one! The boys loved the bumpy stroller ride.

Liam loved the experience and talks about when he is bigger he going hunting.


Joe’s sister Erin and Kameryn visited with me while the boys were in the woods.

Then it was time for lunch and nap time for Liam. During nap I showered and got a little bit ready for the day.

A couple of my friends were going out for Halloween so I decided I wanted to join for a few hours. I waited for both boys to go down for bed and then met up with Molly and Katrina.

It was fun to get out of the house and have some adult time. Even if it meant being a little more tired the next day.


Well as I expected Owen was ready to be up bright and early but that was okay. We ended up having a relaxing morning and then going out to breakfast.

After breakfast we relaxed more and then it was nap time for every one.

After nap Joe took Liam to Cabelas and I had intentions of cleaning since Owen was napping however, he decided to get up just as they left. After feeding and playing/holding him he went down for another nap and I was able to clean the kitchen a little bit.

Liam has a terrible cough so we really spent the evening just relaxing and trying to help him feel better.

We all called it a night pretty early.

Weekends are for family and friends and I am so thankful to have had time with both this weekend. Hope you are having a great week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!