Celebrating Judah and enjoying the sunshine!

We had a fun weekend celebrating our nephew Judah’s birthday and spending lots of time outside enjoying the warm weather.

After work we went to my brother’s house for a Batman themed 4th birthday party for Judah. He was surprised when he showed up and we were all there.


We had fun batman masks to wear. Owen even kept one on!

We had dinner, played, and had cake. It was a great party!


We went home, put the boys to bed, relaxed, and went to bed early too.

Morning sweat circuit was killer and fun! When I got home Liam and Joe ran some errands and Owen went down for nap. I was able to shower and then relax while having some coffee.

We then went outside because it was so nice out. Both boys rode their bikes and enjoyed the sun.


We had lunch and then it was nap time. After nap Judah got dropped off and so we packed up our things and headed to Como Zoo. The boys were so funny talking, teasing, and arguing the whole ride. It was hilarious.

The boys had a lot of fun looking at all the animals. They said their favorite was the polar bear and the monkeys.

We decided to have a picnic near the parking lot. The boys loved it! They thought it was so great to eat outside on a blanket.


We had some extra time before bed time so we decided to stop at Teddy Bear Park. All of the boys had so much fun! Judah and Liam took off in different directions to explore and Owen had fun on the slides.

When we got home I put Owen to bed and then we all snuggled on the couch to watch a little bit of a movie. Judah snuggled right into Joe.


Then we put the boys to bed. Liam was so excited to have Judah in his room that he could not stop talking. I went in several times to tell him to lay down. Judah was actually sleeping while Liam was talking to him.

All of the kids were up bright and early. Judah and Liam snuggled in the chair and watched more of the movie. When Owen was up they all were playing in Liam’s room so I made them sit together for a picture.

Liam and Judah played all morning and went between getting along and teasing one another the entire time. My mom came and picked Judah up to bring to church with her to meet my brother and sister-in-law.

After Judah left we went outside to play. Then Joe ran some errands with Liam while I ran some errands with Owen.


We got home for lunch and then the boys took a nap. After nap we spent some more time outside. At first we went out front and found a grasshopper.

Then we went out back to the swing set to play.

Joe began making my grandma’s hot dish and while it was baking we all went for a walk.

Everyone loved dinner but Owen especially loved it. He had about 4 servings before I cut him off.


We put both kids in the bath, watched a movie, and sent them both to bed.

It was a really fun and beautiful weekend! Thankful for nice weather!

Soaking up the last of summer

It was an eventful yet uneventful weekend. We tried to spend as much time as possible outside (bugs willing) and soak up the last of summer.

We spent a little bit of time outside. Joe found a grasshopper. Liam was not a fan but Owen had no fear and was very curious about it.

We then spent the rest of the evening inside relaxing.

Liam had woke up in the middle of the night with a wet bed. So I got up with him, changed his clothes, changed his sheets, and put them in the wash. When Owen woke up for the morning and I went into his room his bed was covered in poop! This never happened with Liam and never before with Owen. It was awful. His sheets went straight into the wash and Owen went straight into the bath. Poor kid!

After things settled down at home I was off to the gym to teach Sweat Circuit class. I then hustled home to get ready for family pictures.

We had Signe come over to do our family pictures again. She does great work. This time we were doing Owen’s 1 year pictures and smash cake, family pictures, and Liam’s 3 year pictures. Well, Owen did great but Liam was stubborn and unwilling to participate. We tried everything without success. Oh well! Owen loved his frosting on his cake.


After pictures it was lunch time and nap time for the boys. After nap we took the boys to my parents house for a sleepover so Joe and I could go on a date to celebrate our anniversary (a little early).


We took a quick picture before we left and then left our phones in the vehicle for our entire date. We went to Pier 500 in Hudson and then walked the pier. It was quiet and super relaxing. Then we went home to no kids and binged on some Netflix before calling it a night. Seriously, perfect.


I slept in and Joe got up early (why? lol). We were both able to get a lot done without the kids there. I cleaned up both boys rooms and put their clothes away and cleaned up the living room.

Then we went to get an oil change in my vehicle before heading to my parents to see the boys and stay for the Packer/Viking game.

We had lunch and went swimming before nap time. My parent’s had the game set up to watch out by the pool and it was amazing and so much fun. The boys went to nap shortly after the game started which was perfect for me to relax and watch the game.

Joe left during halftime to get ready to go hunting. It was Bow Opener on Saturday.

Liam woke up just before the game ended and was clearly still tired. He didn’t want to talk to anyone or do anything.


The game ended in a tie (ugh) and we stayed for a little while after but both my boys were having major meltdowns so we packed up and headed for home.

On the way home Joe called and said his dad was almost home from his elk hunt and was wondering if we wanted to meet over there to see the elk. So, we headed to his parents. Liam had so many questions but overall was happy to see the elk.


Then it was home for dinner. Both boys were still a little moody. I gave them both a bath and the put Owen to bed. Liam and I snuggled and watched a movie. Then he had his meltdown until Joe came home to help put him to bed.

Joe ended up shooting a doe which is great because we love the meat and needed more.

It was a super hot weekend and I’m glad we got to enjoy it outside! Have a great week!

Liam turns 3 so we partied all weekend long!

Since Liam’s birthday was on a Saturday we spent the whole weekend celebrating him and we all had a blast!

After work we had a quick dinner and went to the fire hall to cash in the free fire truck ride Joe’s dad won at a raffle. Erin, Joel, Kameryn and Luke came along with “fire fighter Frank” and “teacher Pam” or as Liam calls her “school Pam.”

It was a fun, long, ride and Liam did not stop smiling the whole time.


After the ride it was home for wind-down time and bed.

Happy Birthday Liam! We put balloons in his room while he was sleeping and he woke up in the morning saying “I have to pee. There’s something in here! What are those?” When I went in he discovered they were balloons and when I told him it was his birthday he said “Right now???” It was so cute.

We let him open his birthday presents in the morning and he loved them all.

Joe’s dad stopped over to tell Liam happy birthday before he took off for a hunt in Utah.

Then we were off to the Minnesota Zoo which is the activity Liam chose to do for his birthday.


The weather was perfect. We walked a total of 4 miles and saw all kinds of different animals. We all had a great time.


Then we took the kids on the Carousel. Liam chose the bear as the animal he wanted to ride.


We had lunch at the zoo (definitely packing a lunch next time) and then went to look at some of the indoor exhibits.

For a nice day weekend day it wasn’t all that busy so it was just the perfect way to spend Liam’s birthday.

When we got home it was nap time and I quick threw together a birthday cake for Liam.


After he woke up from nap we decided to do cake. He was so happy when we were singing to him.


We spent some time outside and inside for the rest of the day. Liam and Owen both took a short nap so they both just wanted to lounge.

My parent’s stop by for a quick visit to tell Liam happy birthday. He showed them all his new toys.

Liam chose macaroni and cheese and hot dogs for his birthday dinner. After dinner we had movie time and then bed time. We put the boys in the matching pajamas that Marley (our dog) got for their birthdays (early gift to Owen).

WE slept in a little bit and then had a relaxing morning. Joe and Liam ran a few errands and I tried to clean up the house a little bit.

Liam got an awesome gift from our friends in Oregon Tyler, Chelby, DJ, and Alena. Our little cowboy! So cute!


The morning was quiet. At nap time I got cupcakes ready and supplies packed up for the birthday party.

Then after nap my bestie Annie stopped by to wish Liam a happy birthday and give him a fun gift! He was practicing his independence and wouldn’t take a picture with her.

We played outside for a little bit and then we were off to the Paw Patrol birthday party! For the second year in a row we had Liam’s party at Sawmill Pizza and Brew shed. It is the perfect spot for kids to run free and eat pizza!

I got some Paw Patrol masks for the party. Liam was so excited to wear them. So funny!

We started the party with some pizza and then had cupcakes.

Liam again was thrilled when everyone sang him Happy Birthday.

We did presents shortly after that. Liam giggle at every card and every presents. He told everyone thank you and gave big hugs. He loved all of it.

Then it was play time! The kids all ran around outside and had a blast.


We got a group picture with all Liam’s cousins (who are also his best friends).


Liam wanted his friend Keaton to come too but he was a little shy so we took a pictures of the boys and their dads.


We also took some family pictures and Liam smiled in every picture with no questions asked. So sweet.

We got home and he wanted to wear his new pajamas and play with all his new toys. We let him play for a little bit before it was time for him to go to bed.


We watched the Packer game (me some, Joe all) and then went to bed.

We had the best weekend celebrating Liam! He has blessed our lives more than he will ever know! 


Liam is 3 years old!

Seems like just yesterday we were announcing “It’s a boy!” to our family and now we have an independent 3 year old who has stolen our hearts, makes us proud, and makes us laugh daily.


Liam is 31.5 pounds and 36.5 inches tall.

Liam has always been a good eater. For the most part he still eats really well except when he is practicing his independence. Meal times can be quite challenging on those days.

Liam still takes a good 2+ hour nap most days around 12 and he sleeps through the night in his toddler bed. In the past year he has gone through periods of waking up and crying in the middle of the night but I am hoping we are past that.

Liam is fully potty trained other than naps and bedtime. He wakes up dry from nap maybe 25% of the time. We will get there!

Liam has 20 teeth! He had his first dentist visit this past year that went very well. He is in the no cavity club and does really well brushing his teeth.

Liam has began engaging in pretend play. It is so fun watching him use different voices and pretending certain things are happening or that an item is something else.

Liam is beginning to really practice his independence. He likes to do things his way and is very stubborn.

Liam has good days and bad days but overall he is really well behaved. We tell him to turn his listening ears on when he is struggling to listen and he turns a pretend dial on his ears (so funny!). We use time outs and “breaks” to help him adjust his behaviors/reactions when he is not listening/misbehaving.

Liam can count to 10, tell stories, recognize writing, knows his colors, somersault, jump on one foot, ride a bike with training wheels, and really a whole lot more. He likes to play hockey, baseball, and go swimming. He likes shooting his bow.

Liam likes to make up words that rhyme with the real word.

Liam is pretty shy around new people or even people he doesn’t see often. He warms up after a while but his initial reaction is to be shy.

Liam is still a very curious and observant little boy. He does not miss a thing and even when you think he isn’t listening….he is.

Liam is now interested in gender and names. He often asks “is that a boy? is that a girl? what’s his name? what’s her name?”

Liam loves being a big brother and making Owen laugh. There are times he will take Owen’s toys, wrestle him, or push him down and then there are other times where he will share with Owen, make him laugh, and give him kisses. It’s all about balance right?


  • Swaddle blankets (sucks on it for comfort)
  • Dad
  • Being outside
  • Watching movies on netflix
  • Watching hunting
  • Swimming
  • Riding his bike
  • Doing anything dad does


  • Being told “no”
  • Wind or rain
  • Water in his eyes during bath time (swimming he is fine)
  • Loud noises

Labor day weekend 2018

We made our way towards the cabin after work on Friday.

We stopped on the way to the cabin to meet my bestie’s new baby girl Hayden. She is ADORABLE! So glad we could meet her before heading to the cabin.

We made it up to the cabin in time to get the kiddos ready for bed and settle in a little bit. We let Liam stay up to see the start of the Badger football game and then put him to bed.

We watched the game for a little while and then went to bed.

We all woke up bright and early and ready to play! Then we were off to the 5K race to watch Kameryn, Joel, and Reece run. They all finished and had a great race.

We went back to the cabin after for brunch. We also went to the municipal airport next door to check out the airplanes.

Then it was time for the fastest kid in town race. Since Liam is almost 3 we decided to let him give it a try. He did great and had so much fun! Luke and Kameryn both took first in their age groups!

We spent the rest of the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather. During nap I was even able to get out on the paddle board and just enjoy the quietness of the lake. One of my favorite things to do.

We went on a pontoon ride in the afternoon. Owen was okay for a little while but really didn’t enjoy it all that much. We ended up dropping him and Joe back off at the cabin.

We stopped at the sand bar for some swimming. Liam got super scared because the sand was so squishy and slippery that he could catch his footing. He did not was to stand in the water at all after that.


On the ride back to the cabin we got to check out the eagles. So cool!

When we got back I took Owen down to the lake since he had his swim gear on. He really enjoyed the water.

The kids had fun blowing bubbles and playing outside.


Soon it was bedtime and then not to long after that we went to bed. Busy kids make for tired parents! haha!

We got outside pretty early in the morning. With people trying to sleep it makes sense to get the kids outside early rather than trying to keep them quiet.


Joe, his dad, Liam, Kameryn, Jon. Reece. and Bailey all went fishing. Owen and I went for a walk. We made it to the big fish and then turned around and came back. Owen fell asleep on the way back. So cute!

After fishing it was a little rainy out so Liam and Luke snuggled up to watch a movie.


Patrick and Kat picked up a 500 piece puzzle so we got to working on that during nap time. Owen was struggling to sleep so I had to take a few breaks from the puzzle but we ended up getting it done in a couple hours.


The afternoon ended up being beautiful so we spent more time outside playing.

Since Liam was good all day we let him have ice cream after dinner. He was thrilled!


We went back outside after dinner for more fun in the bubbles.

Bedtime quickly approached for all of us.

We decided to head out early in the morning so we could spend the rest of the day at home. Marley was exhausted after a fun weekend.


We were all happy to be home. The boys both took 4 hour naps and I also took a nap.


Liam ended up wanting his nails painted so we did that too.


We spent the rest of the day doing laundry and relaxing.

Hope the long weekend treated you well! Enjoy your week!

Owen is 11 months old!

Owen just seems to continue to grow so much. At his last appointment he was 18 lbs 12 oz and 30 inches long. He is still so long!


Owen is still drinking breast milk. He is eating 4 times a day now. I have recently stopped with day time nursing and he will get a bottle mixed with breast milk and almond milk. We found out that his skin issues were related to dairy so Owen will be having almond milk instead of whole milk.

Owen is regularly having 3 meals a day and loves real food. We try to give him what we are eating unless it has dairy. He loves most foods but one thing we found he doesn’t like is raspberries. He spits them out.

Owen loves using his sippy cup. He actually prefers it over his bottle since we switched to no day time nursing so he gets his milk in a sippy cup.

Owen has been sleeping through the night. We are also at about 2-3 naps a day. We have a general nap pattern now that consists of a morning nap around 9 for about an hour and an afternoon nap usually around 12-1 ish for about 2 hours, and then if needed he takes a 3rd short nap in the evening.

Owen has the four teeth now and it seems like he may be cutting a 5th any day now.

Owen is crawling everywhere! He is quick too. He is also pulling himself up to standing on everything possible. He scoots from side to side holding on to things. He can stand on his own for about 10 seconds and sometimes more but he gets too excited to move and either falls down or squats down. He loves using a walk and has made attempts to take a step on his own.

He babbles a lot and enjoys yelling and growling.

Owen has learned so much and will imitate most things you do. He waves “hi,” gives kisses, lays his head on your shoulder to be “so nice,” does “so big,” claps his hands, fake laughs, cries, and coughs, and I’m sure so much more that I am not thinking of.

Owen and Liam are interacting more and more as Owen grows. Owen wants everything to do with Liam and will follow him around the house.

Owen is definitely a mama’s boy.


  • Mom/Dad/Liam
  • Mama milk
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Crawling
  • Being “scared”
  • Standing
  • Making loud noises
  • Being naked -used to hate it now he loves it
  • Bath time


  • Being cold
  • Waiting for milk (especially in the morning)
  • Waiting for food
  • Getting dressed/undressed

Perfect weekend to get things done

We had a weekend with no big plans other than cleaning up the house and hanging with the boys. It was perfect!

It was a rainy day so after work it was the perfect evening for cuddles and a movie. We watched “Peter Rabbit” (for the 10th time?) and relaxed.

I had sweat circuit in the morning and it was a killer work out.


When I got home, I got the boys dressed in their new shirts from Free To Be Kids. I love them so much! I am so invested in raising boys that are respectful and never use the phrase “Boys will be boys” to excuse their behavior.

We have been practicing some new parenting techniques with Liam. We are evaluating the things he wants to do and rather than immediately saying no, we are evaluating if no is just the “easier” choice for us or if it is truly something he shouldn’t be doing. He found our nice camera and wanted to take pictures. Instead of saying no out of fear that he may break it or not wanting to take the time to show him I said yes and he loved it. He took some really great pictures and was done and over it all in less than 5 minutes.

We learned that Curious George was at our local library so we packed up the boys and headed out to meet him. Liam was excited to meet him on the way there but both boys wanted nothing to do with the monkey once we got there so it lasted about 5 minutes.

We stopped at Joe’s parents after and hung out for a little bit. How much does Owen look like Joe??? Seriously!


Then we ran to the store quick to pick up a few items. Liam wanted to use the “customer in training” cart that is just his size. He was so proud.


We got home to have dinner and put the boys down for nap. I was exhausted and also took a nap.

We have switched Owen to bottles during the day now and I am only nursing morning and night. This was the first day of us doing this at home. He ended up preferring to use his sippy cup instead of his bottle. He is getting so big!

Joe took Liam out to walk in the woods after nap and I had a few errands to run with Owen.


We went to Farm and Home for local honey and I let Owen look at all the animals. He was so interested. Then we ran to Walmart quick to get a few more things.

When we got home Owen was wiped out and so I snuggled him up on the couch and he took a little snooze.


Liam had to check on us when he got home and woke Owen up. Then he insisted on sitting on top of me as well and giving Owen some snuggles. It was the cutest!

The remainder of the evening was spent hanging out and lounging.

I got up with the boys while Joe slept in a little. Having two early risers is tough! Liam snapped a picture of me cuddling Owen and drinking my morning shake.


Later in the morning we went to visit little baby Connor. It was nice to catch up with our old neighbors and friends Becky and Ryan and see Keaton and their newest addition Connor.


We then went home for lunch and nap time. Both boys were tired. I got to cleaning during nap and made some new essential oil roller bottles. Love my new labels and pretty bottles!


The boys wrestled around after nap. Liam can make Owen giggle by doing just about anything. It’s so cute.


My mom stopped by with some dairy-free banana bread and then we had Joe’s parents over for dinner.

We played outside a little after dinner, then they went home, and the boys went to bed.

It was so nice to just make the plans as we wanted and get a few things done with weekend. Have a great week!



Mr and Mrs Campeau!

We had a wonderful time celebrating the marriage of my cousin Matt and Robin. We got the family all dressed up nice and tried to snap a selfie before heading to the venue.


I also tried to get some pictures of the boys in their cute polo shirts and shorts.

They had the ceremony and reception at my aunt and uncle’s house and it was decorated so beautiful.

We got there early enough to get another family picture.


They had a play area set up for kids so that was perfect for the boys to play before the ceremony.

My brother Blake and Liam are just too cute together. They have such a special bond.

My brother Sean was a officiant at the wedding. Always cool to see him standing up front.


And look at my grandparents. My grandma is so stylish and cute!


My aunt and uncle are so proud of Matt’s accomplishments. You can see all her emotions on her face.

My little man Owen got a little restless so we stood for part of the ceremony. Then he found himself interested in the leaves on the ground. Cheap entertainment I suppose.

Robin has two kids of her own and Matt and Robin have a son together. All the kids walked up the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl and it was about the cutest thing ever!


Matt and Robin decided to do unity sand. They had a different colored sand for each person in their family.


Then it was time to kiss the bride!

Robin is such a beautiful bride and what a perfect couple they make.


It was a beautiful evening and the kids had fun playing outside. Such a perfect venue for little kids!

We had a wonderful dinner, some yummy dessert, and heard some great speeches.

Then it was time for first dances. I always love first dances.

The first song of the night was a slow one so we were able to dance to that quick and then headed home with the boys.

It was a wonderful wedding and congratulations again to Matt and Robin!

Another weekend of family, friends, and lots of outside time!

We had yet another amazing weekend enjoying our time outside and spending time with family and friends.

After work we let Liam make his own pizza for dinner. He loved it. Then my parents came over and we had delicious ribs that Joe made.

We played outside for a little while and then my parents left, Owen took a bath, and the boys went to bed.

We had some early morning snuggles and then it was off to Sweat Circuit.

When I got home everyone was outside and Owen was playing in the pack and play. Joe was working on Liam’s new toy.


We got Liam to sit on the 4-wheeler but he wasn’t ready to ride it yet.

After some fun outside it was lunch time and nap time. I had to run to the store during nap and get ready for a wedding we had later.

After nap we got the boys ready and headed to the wedding of my cousin Matt and his new wife Robin. More to be said about this in a separate post.


We had a blast at the wedding and came home exhausted. We put the boys to bed and went to bed shortly after.

Owen was up early so I snuggled him right back to bed with me and we slept in. It felt great.

Then it was time to get ready. Joe was going to shoot bow with his friend Cole and the boys and I were going to brunch at my friend Jenna’s house to see her little boy Duane (who is a few week older than Owen) and my friend Laura and her little girl Aria (who is a year older than Liam).

Liam was a little shy but both boys went right to playing with all the toys.


Jenna made a delicious egg bake and Laura brought yummy doughnuts.

It was so fun to catch up with these ladies and watch the littles play together.

Both boys slept all the way home. Liam woke up when I took him out of his car seat but went right back to sleep when I put him in his bed. Owen also woke up when I brought his carrier into his room but also went back to sleep.

After nap we went to my parents for dinner. We planned to swim but didn’t end up swimming.

Joe and my dad worked on the little 4-wheeler while the rest of us played outside.


My dad joined Liam on the trampoline. Liam was not pleased when Grandpa would jump.

We went inside for dinner and then played a little inside. My brother Sean dropped off his littles for my mom to watch for a little bit. I can’t help but take pictures of cutie girl Brynn. She is adorable!

Then we went back outside to watch Judah ride the 4-wheeler. Liam wasn’t sure about it and didn’t want to try but Judah had a blast.

Owen and Brynn are just too cute to not take pictures.


Then we went home for bedtime. Once the boys were asleep Joe and I played Bananagrams. He didn’t like it much but I did!

Our summer has been busy but we always enjoy our weekend with others. Have a great week!

Wisconsin Dells 2018

We had a nice long weekend in the Dells for our annual trip.

We finished packing up and headed towards the Dells around 10am.


We stopped about an hour into the drive to get some lunch, nurse Owen, and then head back on the road. Liam ended up sleeping after lunch and Owen slept most of the drive too.


We arrived at Sherrie’s house around 2pm after picking up some coffee and doughnuts.


Liam was so excited and needed to explore everything. We had a relaxing afternoon at the house.

Owen was tired but unsure about his new sleeping arrangements so I ended up snuggling him. I was able to sneak away from him and had to take a picture of him looking so little in the big bed before transferring him to the pack and play. He slept for a little while before getting up again.

We had dinner and then continued to play outside. Liam also showed us some cool workout moves with the weights he found.

Liam wanted to help Sherrie make some bars and of course had to make sure they tasted good.


We put Owen to bed but let Liam stay up until my parents arrived. Then he was off to bed too.

Both boys were up fairly early and ready to play. Liam was excited grandma and grandpa were there and snuggled right up with them.


We had some fun pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast Owen went down for his morning nap.


When Owen woke up we finished getting ready so we could go do something fun.

We took a cute picture in our Badger gear and then headed to mini golf.

Liam was so excited to golf. He walked up to the first hole, put the ball down, hit it, and got a HOLE-IN-ONE! We couldn’t believe it. He was so proud!


Owen was a good sport watching us all play.

It was such a good time. It got really hot by the end and Liam was ready to be done.

We went back to the house for lunch and nap time. We saw a deer on the way home too.


My mom brought the walker for Owen and he was walking all over the place.

After nap we went to the Tommy Bartlett Show. Liam was really excited to see what it was all about.


It had been a while since we all had been to the show so we were all excited to see what was going to happen and to see what Liam thought.

He was in a trance watching all the different people and tricks.

Then when it switched to the land show after intermission he was really into that too.

Owen and Liam both did great at the show and we can’t wait to go again!


When we got home it was quick dinner time and then bed time for Owen. Liam wanted to snuggle Sherrie on the swing before he went to bed.

Everyone was up bright and early again. Liam wanted to go to the show again but we told him we would do that next year and we would do something else today.

We decided to go to the Deer Park for our morning activity. There were tons of deer!

There were other animals too.

Liam had fun looking at all the different animals and deer.

We then went back to Sherrie’s for lunch and the boys’ nap time. They both took really good naps.

After nap we went swimming. It was so hot outside so it was perfect.

Then we had an early dinner and headed downtown to browse the shops. Liam and I sat on the stage while everyone else was shopping. He thought the boat was cool.


We went to go see the big clock that tells a story but we had just missed it be a few minutes. Liam insisted we needed to stay to see it but we would have had to wait an hour.


We went back to Sherrie’s and put both boys to bed.

After a rough night of sleep from both boys’ I snuggled Owen up in bed with me and slept until 7:30.

We got up and started packing up for our drive back home.

We got a group picture quick and then were on our way.

We set our big boy up with a movie but he ended up falling asleep pretty quickly into our drive and Owen fell asleep almost instantly. Owen slept the whole drive home and Liam slept most of it.


We were home around 12:30 and were thankful to have the rest of the day to get reorganized and back into routine.

We had a wonderful trip to the Dells and thank you to Sherrie for hosting and always being up for anything!