After baby

So as most people know you don’t just have a baby and snap right back to pre baby life and body. Your body just gave birth to a miracle and there is a lot that needs to happen for your body to recover.

This is all about my first 6 weeks postpartum and the changes I have experienced.


40 weeks pregnant

The first couple days
The first couple days after baby are some of the hardest. The uterus continues to contract, trying to navigate breastfeeding, sore muscles from delivery, and a sore undercarriage from delivery.

My body at 3 days postpartum still looked pregnant. It is so strange to know the baby is out but to see your body looking like there is still a baby in there. However it is important to recognize everything the body just did and how incredible it is to have stretched out so far to make room for a baby and that it will take time to come back together.


Lucky for me I didn’t have any tearing this time but that doesn’t mean it still didn’t hurt. I did have some “scratches.” Using the bathroom to go pee was terrible…so much burning so I highly recommend using a squirt bottle while peeing to help it sting less. Key words are sting less…it still stings a lot. Also go to the bathroom as frequently as possible. I wouldn’t realize how bad I had to pee until all of a sudden it was like “I gotta pee!”

Breastfeeding was another challenge. Owen was born tongue tied and so that interfered with nursing. We did have it clipped but until then it was a little challenging getting him to latch and stay latched. After it was clipped he latched much better. However no matter how good the latch, the nipples still get sore and cracked. Not right away but within a few days. I would highly recommended taking care of your nipples right away, even before the soreness. I loved motherlove nipple cream and ice packs to help with sore nipples. Also medela nipple shells were a life safer for me. Also, drink lots of water. I get so thirsty every time I nurse.

So much bleeding too. The hospital provided me with everything I needed in that area but I also was stocked up with large pads at home and even some freezer padsicles (frozen pads with aloe vera, witch hazel, and lavender) too. The first day is the heaviest but it gets less and less with each day.

The uterus contractions after baby were painful. More painful this time than they were with Liam. I used a hot pack and iBuprofen/Tylenol to help with the pain. They only lasted about 3 days where they were so painful.

My legs were super sore/tired post baby. I think I may have been tensing up during my contractions and therefore they got sore. Plus spending so much time laying and sitting post baby didn’t give my muscles much action. I did walk around a little to help but they were sore. I tried to do some light stretching as well.

As time passed…
I’m not sure when it started because I don’t remember it happening at the hospital but I had some serious night sweats. Every night. I would wake up so hot and sweaty but then I would get up, feed Owen, and then be freezing. This lasted several weeks.

Breastfeeding became way easier. It took about 2-3 weeks to get my nipples in a place where feeding now longer hurt. I stayed on top of my nipple cream application, wearing the shells when I was home and able, allowing my nipples to “get air” after each feeding, and iBuprofen/Tylenol when the pain was strong. All of this helped my nipples heal quicker. With Liam it took me 6 week due to a poor latch in the beginning so be sure to get help with that latch!

The bleeding continued down below. Certain days were heavier than others and this was especially true of the days I was more active. I went through 2 packs of pads in about 3 weeks probably. I changed it frequently especially early on during the heavier bleeding.

My body did not really feel like my own for many weeks. I would wear a post baby girdle to help get my belly back. The girdle helps the uterus shrink down quicker and it also helps get the abdominal muscles back to where they are suppose to go.

6 weeks
Reaching the 6 weeks milestone. I had my 6 week appointment and all is healing well. My abs still have a small gap (totally normal) and so I need to modify any ab work during my exercising. Other than that my midwife said her farewells and to call if anything came up that I had questions about. It is so weird seeing someone so frequently for about a year and then saying goodbye. I am going to miss seeing her!


Breastfeeding is a breeze at this point. It makes me thankful to stick out those challenging weeks and be able to follow the plan I had to breastfeed my baby. I am hoping to make it to 1 year but I am starting with a smaller goal of 6 months to start. I have been pumping in addition to feeding to help me build up a freezer stash. I did this with Liam also. This way if anything happens where I no longer produce milk or if I want to stop feeding a little before a year or whenever, I will have some frozen milk to use as well. With Liam my stash lasted an extra month after stopping nursing him.

The undercarriage….things are healed up really nice with just some spotting here and there. It’s amazing how long it takes for things to get normal down there.

My body…I know it isn’t my pre-baby body (yet) but I am very happy with where I am at. My belly right now feels mushy and my pants still don’t fit quite like I would like and I am still above my pre-pregnancy weight by about 10 lbs. However, I feel that at 6 weeks postpartum I look good and I feel good. Also this is with minimal to no exercise! It’s always an adjustment to have the bigger boobs and my clothes fit differently because of them but I am finding shirts I like better than others right now and I know that the big boobs will get small again eventually.

**Every woman heals differently. This post is not made to be a comparison. It is made to share my experience and as a journal for me to reference. Every body is different, every baby is different, and recovery can take less time or longer for different individuals.

Things I love postpartum: 

  • Medela nipple shells
  • Motherlove nipple cream
  • Blanqi nursing leggings and nursing tanks
  • post baby girdle
  • Isagenix (not mentioned about but love this nutritious shake and have one for breakfast every day —for almost 2 years now!)
  • Target nursing tanks —I live in these!
  • Placenta encapsulation (I definitely feel these helped regulate my mood/hormones, increase milk supply, and get uterus to shrink faster —see my link from when I used them with Liam)





A wedding, graduation party, and Father’s Day 2017

We had a really busy but wonderful weekend! So many great things to celebrate!


I was able to sneak in a  much needed chiropractor appt and massage before getting ready to head to our friend’s wedding.

We dropped Liam off at my parent’s house for a sleepover and then headed to Stillwater with Joe’s parents for the wedding. Me and my forever wedding date were looking pretty good!

It was a short but sweet ceremony. The bride looked beautiful and both the bride and groom were glowing with happiness and love.

There were appetizers and drinks after. They were really good. Then it was dinner time. Joe and I both had really good meals. Super delicious! And after dinner were the desserts…so many options and so good!

Amanda and I took some fun pics during some of the in between time.

Then it was time to open up the dance floor. Brandon and Dana’s first dance was so touching and beautiful to watch. You could really see they love they share.

We stayed for a little bit of the dance but then we decided to head home. I was so tired and my legs were sore. I lounged on a couch at the venue for a little while and then we said our goodbyes.


We both got to sleep in a little bit since Liam was still at my parent’s house. Then it was off to sweat circuit for me. Always love getting my Saturday morning workout in!

After workout we rushed to pick up our little guy. Boy, do we miss him when he is gone! We decided to give Joe one of his father’s day gifts from Liam early. Needless to say he loved it and had to wear it right away. Liam was pretty proud (thanks daycare for making them!).

Then it was time for lunch and nap time. After nap we headed to a graduation party for Ryan. After Liam warmed up he had a fun time playing and running around.

We called my mom after the party because it was hot and sunny to see if could come swim. Liam was content just throwing toys in at first.

Once Joe got in the water Liam decided it was okay to join. He did really good!

Then there was some post swimming lounging to be done. Liam loves copying what his dad does.


Then it was time to head home for dinner, bath, “movie night,” and bedtime. Joe and I had a netflix and popcorn date after Liam was down and then headed to bed ourselves.


I woke up to quite the view in the morning 🙂


After waking up Sunday morning we gave Joe his Father’s Day gift and relaxed. We then met my parents out for breakfast.

Breakfast almost always means family nap….so of course we all took an afternoon nap.

We had a Father’s day celebration to attend at 3:30 at my aunt and uncle’s cabin. We met all our family out there and the kiddos had so much fun. Liam was running around and playing the whole time.

After that, we headed out to Joe’s friend Ben’s farm to see the cows and goats. Liam really enjoyed it from a distance.

We went home and put a very tired little boy to bed and then watched a little netflix before calling it a night.

Bonus: Liam didn’t have a single potty accident all day! Woooohooo!

We had such a wonderful weekend. I hope you were able to enjoy some of the weather and relax! Happy Monday!



Our weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. It was definitely nice to be home with family for most of it.


I lost one of my part time jobs on Thursday so I had Friday off. It was a pretty tough day but also really nice to be home with Liam. I decided since I was home that we would start potty training. Boys and their little underwear….so cute!


We spent most of the morning playing outside. We also ran a few errands.

After nap we headed to my parent’s house to swim. My brother Sean, Libby, and Judah met us over there as well. We had burgers for dinner and it was really a good time.

We came home and put Liam to bed. I was pretty exhausted after the stress of losing my job and dealing with those emotions so I headed to bed pretty early also.


It was a beautiful morning and supposed to be a really hot day. We got outside pretty early at the request of Liam. I then headed off to sweat circuit. Felt good to get that workout in!

When I got home Liam was a little cranky so we tried entertaining him for a while be he ended up having an early lunch and nap time.

After nap we headed to my friend Jenna’s housewarming/baby shower. It was nice to get out of the house and socialize.

My friend Laura was there with her girls. Liam kept copying what Aria was doing. So cute!


We got home around Liam’s bedtime and surprisingly he stayed awake the whole drive. We put him to bed and watched some Netflix to relax and unwind.


A big storm was rolling in but before it hit I wanted to pick some of our flowers and attempt a little bouquet to put on our table. I think it turned out pretty good.


We continued with the potty training. We decided no diapers for Liam all day except nap.

We were trapped inside with the storm so we played with play-doh and snuggled Marley.

Liam went down for nap and so did me and Joe. Something about dark, rainy weather that puts you right to sleep.

We were all feeling stir crazy in the afternoon so we decided to go to Sawmill Pizza to get some brick oven pizza. One of my favorite things to do in the summer and it was delicious.

Then it was home to play a little, do bath time, and then bed time.

Potty training for the day went really well. We put him on the potty a ton and we had no accidents all day until around bedtime. I’m really impressed with how well he is doing.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Have a wonderful week!

Mommy and Liam weekend

Joe was away at his hockey state championship this weekend (he coaches Pee Wee A). It was in Milwaukee so Liam and I stayed home and spent the weekend together. The weekend felt pretty long flying solo with the little guy but it was a good weekend.


Joe left around 3 in the afternoon. Liam was still napping which was nice for me. Once Liam woke up we ran a few errands and I actually bought him a potty chair. I know, I know he is still so little but he expresses interest in us going to the bathroom so I figured it wouldn’t be bad to have on hand. He actually wanted to try sitting on it. It was adorable!


We spent our evening playing, and reading, and having fun until Liam’s bed time.


Liam of course needed his morning “smoothie.” I’m so glad he loves the shakes and that I can know he is getting great nutrition.


I had sweat circuit in the morning so Liam spent the morning at my parent’s house. After my workout I hung out there for a little bit too before heading home for Liam’s lunch.

Liam had lunch and then a nap. I relaxed during Liam’s nap. There is so much to be done around the house but I just didn’t have the motivation to do it. Relaxing sounded way better!

After nap we played some more. I really spend the majority of the evening trying to entertain Liam. He was pretty good though other than a few naughty spells here and there. He can be a stinker sometimes.


It was bath night so Liam took a bath and then headed to bed. I forgot about daylight savings and thought maybe I should have put him to bed a little sooner than I did to make up for the lost hour. It was too late to take back time so I was just hoping it would all work out.

I ended up relaxing in the bath after Liam went to sleep. I used Epsom salts and essential oils for a relaxing bath. It was nice to have some me time. I then decided to head to bed early because I was tired and wasn’t sure what time I would need to get up with Liam in the morning.

**Joe’s team won both their games and were heading to the championship Sunday!


Liam ended up sleeping until after 7 which surprised me at first but then I realized it shouldn’t surprise me at all with the lost hour. He of course needed his morning “smoothie” again. It is adorable how he asks for it and how excited he is to get it.


The morning consisted of lots of snuggles for me and then lots of snuggles for Marley too.

We had some playtime on the couch which included some static. He thought it was so funny when he would shock me.


Joe’s mom stopped over to play with Liam for a little while before his nap. Then it was nap time for Liam and lounge time for mama.

Then my parents invited us over for dinner so we headed over there for some playtime before dinner. Liam had a blast building towers with his Bumpa.

He also loved playing ring around the rosie with his grandma and bumpa. Every time they finished he would say more. It was so cute.

Then we rushed home for bed time. I put Liam to bed and spent some time watching a movie on TV before heading to bed.

*Joe’s team lost in the championship game. He got home late Sunday night after I went to bed.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I hope you have a great week ahead and have a great St. Patrick’s day!

Another weekend indoors

We had a pretty busy and good weekend. It is so great when we get to spend the weekend together as a family.


I agreed to watch our neighbor for the day so Liam had a little play date. The two boys are so cute together. They are sure to cause some trouble down the road…and break a few hearts too.

We invited my parents over for spaghetti Friday. It was nice to have them over for dinner. We haven’t cooked for them in a while. My mom brought a delicious chocolate cake as well. It was so good!

Liam loved the extra attention before his bed time. He sure does love his “bumpa.”

Then we watched some of the Blackhawks hockey game before my parents headed home. Joe and I watched a little more of the game and then I headed to bed while he stayed up to watch the rest.


I had my morning shake and Liam now insists that he has a “smoothie” as well. It’s adorable and he loves them! I’m happy to give him the good nutrition.

There was no sweat circuit so I walked at an incline on the treadmill for a little while before heading home.

Joe made some last minute plans to have breakfast with a friend so he headed to do that while I made my post workout breakfast of scrambled eggs. Liam and I had some fun while dad was gone. We played and danced and made lots of messes.

Once Joe got home it was time for Liam’s nap. We were hoping for it to warm up outside so we could spend some time outside after nap but it didn’t really get very warm and was super windy.

We spent the rest of the evening chasing Liam around, making tater tot hot dish, and relaxing.

The Blackhawks played again so we watched the game again before heading to bed.


Joe tried to let me sleep in but I couldn’t. Plus Liam is quite loud in the morning. So we were all up early and ready to play.

We headed to breakfast at our favorite place -Rusty’s. Then it was off to church.

After church we were all wiped out and super full so we all took naps.

My friend Molly stopped by for a quick visit. She was supposed to pick something up that I didn’t have but it gave us a chance to chat.

Once Liam was up he had snack and then it was off to Joe’s hockey game. Liam loves watching hockey. He sat still most of the time but by the end he was running all over.

Then it was home for dinner, play time, bath time, Liam’s bed time, and then some Friday Night Lights.

Overall we had a really great weekend with the perfect combination of busy and lazy. Hope you have a great week ahead!


Fun and warm winter weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a fun weekend that was pretty busy. The weather was actually really nice for January so we were able to spend some time outside.


I was home Friday during the day with Liam and had a pretty lazy day. I did do some food prep and a little cleaning but other than that Liam and I just hung out.

In the evening before Joe got home I decided to take Liam outside. I took him in his swings and he had so much fun. He was giggling which made me giggle. So cute!

We had burrito bowls for dinner and then spent the evening relaxing and watching This is Us which is my new favorite show. We are finally caught up now so that is exciting.


We spent our morning together and then it was off to Zumba for me. It’s nice to get a morning workout in on Saturdays.

Once home we did some cleaning and organizing. Then my friend Breanna and her husband TJ came over. Breanna wanted to show me the Rainbow Cleaning System and demonstrate how it works. I agree to do this and honestly it was amazing but out of our price range. However, it was fun to spend the afternoon with them and hang out for a little bit after the demonstration.

Then I met some friends out for dinner. Joe stayed with Liam for the evening. After dinner we all went to our best friend Jordan’s golden birthday celebration. It was decorated super cute and was fun to get together with friends. Happy Birthday Jordan!


We went to church in the morning which was really nice. We really fell out of routine after Liam was born and so it was nice to be back. Plus Judah and Liam are so cute!

Then we headed to Joe’s parents for the Packer football game. We went early so Liam could go down for his nap there.

The game started at 2 and it was almost like Liam knew that because he woke up from a very short nap at around 1:30.

Joe’s parents were having a big party for the game and set up the “Lambeau experience” with a TV outside. It was super awesome! Liam and I spent some time enjoying the experience before we headed inside to watch the rest of the game. It was too cold to have Liam outside the whole game.

He had some fun playing with the balloons. He liked that they were floating so he enjoyed pulling them up and down.

Although the outcome of the game was not in our favor, the food and the company were great.

It was a lot of action and chaos at the party so we were all exhausted and spent the rest of the evening lounging and chasing Liam.

Weekends are so great and so short so I hope you enjoyed yours and have a happy Monday!

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!

Happy new year! Sorry this post is a day late. Joe and I both had work off yesterday so it was an extended weekend for us!


I had the day off Friday and was able to work out, run some errands, and clean the house.

Joe got home from work and we spent the evening playing with Liam. Then once Liam went to bed we were able to finish the original Gilmore Girls series. So good! I can’t wait to watch the new episodes. We didn’t want to start the first episode yet because it is 90 minutes so we watched This Is Us episode 2. We can’t wait to get more into that show as well.


After spending my morning with Joe and Liam it was off to teach Zumba for me. It felt good to get a final workout in for 2016. Once I returned home it was play time with Liam.

During Liam’s nap I was able to shower and get ready for the days events. I had a really busy day planned. (last year and this year pictures..he is growing to fast!)

After Liam’s nap we headed to his friend and our neighbor Keaton’s house for his golden 1st birthday. The theme was little golden books and it was adorable.

The birthday boy was loving the attention and having so much fun. It took Liam a little while to adjust but he had fun too.

They were adorable on Keaton’s little toy train together.

The birthday boy enjoyed his cake and dug right into the frosting. Of course the guests encouraged him to get extra messy by saying “oh no” and his response was putting his hands on his head. So dang cute!

After the birthday party I headed to the cities to be reunited with my college friends. We were celebrating NYE in our Canadian tuxedos (all denim).

Shout out to my friends Jerry and Lauren who hosted the gathering at their beautiful home with their beyond cute puppy Bennie.

It was so much fun to get the crew back together and spend the evening playing games and catching up.

SUNDAY (New Year’s Day)

Joe and Liam made sure to call me bright and early in the morning and get my butt on the road home. I packed my things and said my goodbyes and headed home.

Once home we headed to brunch with Joe’s parents and Kameryn and Luke. I had a BLT egg sandwich with avocado ranch. It was pretty good!

Then it was back home for naps for the whole family. It felt good to get some extra rest.

Our driveway was super slippery with ice so Joe went outside to salt. I bundled Liam up and we headed outside to get some fresh air too. Liam fell on the ice instantly (but gracefully) and was too cute. He loved salting the driveway with dad and running around outside.

Joe has been waiting to get his Elk antlers from his hunt in September and they finally arrived at his parent’s house so we packed up after dinner and headed there to check them out.

Joe was very proud as he should be. And Liam didn’t mind either.

The kids all rushed upstairs to play on the bunk beds. Liam had fun pretend jumping on the bed.

Then it was home for Liam’s bedtime and the Packer football game. I barely made it 30 minutes into the game before I fell asleep on the couch. I was so tired. However, it was a Packer victory!! YAY!

I hope everyone had a wonderful NYE and that 2017 brings you more joy and more happiness!

Another busy weekend with a 5k and Sum 41

Well it was another busy but fun weekend for us.


After work we were at a complete loss of what to do for dinner so we called my mom and she didn’t know either. We ended up picking up Papa Murphy’s pizza and bringing it to my parents. We spent the evening with them and then headed home.

It was a pretty uneventful Friday but it was nice to spend time with my parents.


We had the New Richmond Youth Hockey Association 2nd annual 5k in the morning. It was chilly so we bundled up and headed to the race. The sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful morning.

After the race Joe had to go to the cabin to fix the furnace so Liam and I spent the rest of the morning together. I had to run a quick errand for Joe so my mom stopped by and watched Liam for a little bit. They had some fun on snap chat!


Joe went hunting again in the evening and I was going to the Sum 41 concert with my family so Joe’s mom came and watched Liam until Joe got home.

I’m not sure if I have shared this before but my younger brother Blake is the videographer for Sum 41 and he got VIP passes for me, my brother Sean, and my parents to see them in Minneapolis. We are all so proud of him! (Here is his latest video)


We picked him up and walked over to Cowboy Jacks for dinner. The spinach and artichoke dip was so good. It was an okay dinner but it did take forever to get our food. Not sure I would go back.

After eating we went over to get our VIP passes and get in our spots. Blake got us great spots to stand and watch the concert. It was so awesome!

Sum 41 put on an amazing show! It was so cool to see them in concert and to see the crowd. The crowd was crazy!


It was really fun to see Blake in action doing the job he loves.

We got to see Blake crowd surf and Sean in the mosh pit. It was crazy! See if you can spot Sean 🙂


After the concert we got to meet the band members and check out the tour bus. It was awesome to just hang and chat with the band.

It was such a great night and so great to spend time as a family watching Blake. I’m so proud of him!


Joe went hunting right away in the morning and I slept as much as I could after being out late last night. Liam decided 6am was good enough for me—haha!

Once Joe got home he wanted to go to breakfast at Rusty’s. I got this terrible but delicious pumpkin praline french toast. It was so yummy!


Once we got home we were all ready for a nap. It was a pretty uneventful day of just resting, running a few errands, and playing with Liam. It was nice not to do anything after a busy Saturday.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week ahead!

Lots of running, a wedding, and some pizza!

Joe got back from Utah late Thursday night so we got to spend all day together Friday. Liam was so excited to see his dad. We are very happy to have him home.


We spent the morning together relaxing and catching up. Joe had so much to share about his hunt. He was so happy to be home and share it with us. Liam couldn’t wait to have his dad read him a book.


The we decided to run a family 5k together. Joe and I are both not runners but we want to work more on our fitness and health so we decided to start running together. Liam was a trooper in the stroller. It was a tough 3 miles but it felt good to get out and move!

After our run Joe’s dad has his elk from last year out so Liam had to check it out. He was very curious about it and obviously not shy.

We then decided we wanted to go out for breakfast. Joe and I both showered quick and then headed to breakfast at Rusty’s. I got a ham, egg, swiss cheese sandwich on a grilled croissant with raspberry sauce. It was so good! I definitely recommend it.

Then it was home to relax. Liam and I both ended up taking naps after a really rough night of sleep from Liam.

We decided to go for a walk in the evening and invited our neighbors to join. I got some cute pics of the boys together but again very challenging to get them both to look!

We spent the remainder of our Friday relaxing and watching a movie after Liam went to bed.


We did our normal weekend morning routine which involves relaxing and playing with Liam.

We decided 2 miles would be good for our run this morning. It was still really tough but again felt good to get out and move. We ran faster than we did yesterday which was good. Liam again stuck it out and did great.

I had a double workout Saturday. My bestie Molly wanted to practice Country Heat because she is certified and so I joined her for some country dancing. It was super fun and I was super sweaty (and hungry) once we were done.


We made omelets for brunch with fresh green peppers from our garden and they were quite tasty. I love breakfast food!

I watched a little bit of the Badger football game. Then it was time for me to shower and start prepping for the wedding we were attending in the evening. I needed to get a few things ready for Liam since we had a babysitter coming and then also get myself ready to go.

I would say Joe and I were looking pretty good for the wedding! Always fun to get dressed up.


The wedding venue and set up was super cute. They had so many adorable pictures out of the both of them.

The desserts looked super yummy (and tasted super yummy too) and they even had caramel apples.


The newlyweds looked so happy. Shelby’s dress was so pretty. Thanks for letting us celebrate your special day with you!


Photo credit: Gina Zeidler

The moon on the drive home was huge and so bright. It was like a spotlight. The pictures don’t even do it justice.


We spent another relaxing morning together as we decided what we were going to do for the day.


Joe had plans in the morning to shoot his bow so I ran a 5k with Liam and he ran 1 mile later in the afternoon. I ran my fastest 5k that I’ve tracked on my phone to date. It felt good to just go and get it done right away in the morning.


After my run Liam and I stopped at Joe’s sister’s to visit for a few minutes.

I spent the rest of the morning playing and hanging out with Liam until his nap time. He took a 3 hour nap so that was really good and allowed me to relax and watch a little Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

We went to Sawmill Pizza in the evening with my parents, my brother, and my nephew. We decided to try the oliver twist and the here figgy piggy. Both were really good but the figgy piggy was the best I think. The pizzas are always so good.

We spent some time chatting and hanging out since the weather was beautiful!

Then it was time for the Packer vs Viking game. My parents came to our house to watch the first half. I ended up going to bed during the 3rd quarter because I was so tired. I found out that the Packers lost the game which is so sad but it’s okay.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! My Monday started with a beautiful sunrise and a rainbow on my way to work. Have a great week!

Reuniting with college besties and some football

This weekend was a really fun and pretty low key weekend! Joe headed out early Friday morning to Utah so it was just me and Liam.


Liam spent the day at my mom’s while I worked. After work I had dinner at my parents which was full of laughs including milk coming out of my dad’s nose!

Liam and I headed home and then I spent the rest of the evening relaxing and debating cleaning (it didn’t happen haha). Then headed to bed super early.


My two best friends from college came to visit. It has been 2 years since we were all together which is so hard to believe because we picked up right where we left off.

They met Liam for the first time. He was showing off for them and it was so cute!

Then we brought him to my parents for a sleepover. He was a really good boy for Grandma and Grandpa and even got to spend time with his Uncle Blake.

We decided to have a girls night in and just catch up. We watched some of the Badger football game and mixed some fancy red cocktails to support the Badgers. On Wisconsin!

We ate some yummy taco dip and then later ordered some pizza. We were far from healthy but it didn’t matter. We basically talked all night long and reminisced about college days. So glad they made the drive to see me!



We got up and I made us all breakfast. We watched Mulan and slowly started moving again. The girls ended up leaving around 10:30am since they had a long drive and then I went to pick up Liam.

I gave Liam lunch at my parents and then we went to Joe’s parents for the Green Bay Packer football game. Liam napped most of the game but did wake up in time to see a Packer victory! (Seriously could not get them both to look at me and smile).


Then it was time to go swimming. The pool was heated to about 80 so it was nice and warm for swimming. Getting in was the hard part. Liam and Kameryn had fun though.


After swimming we finally headed home had dinner and relaxed the rest of the evening. Liam was very tired so he had a bath and then off to bed for him. I relaxed and watched some more football before I called it a night.

Hope you had a great weekend too and enjoy the week ahead. The weather here looks like it is going to be beautiful!