After baby

So as most people know you don’t just have a baby and snap right back to pre baby life and body. Your body just gave birth to a miracle and there is a lot that needs to happen for your body to recover.

This is all about my first 6 weeks postpartum and the changes I have experienced.


40 weeks pregnant

The first couple days
The first couple days after baby are some of the hardest. The uterus continues to contract, trying to navigate breastfeeding, sore muscles from delivery, and a sore undercarriage from delivery.

My body at 3 days postpartum still looked pregnant. It is so strange to know the baby is out but to see your body looking like there is still a baby in there. However it is important to recognize everything the body just did and how incredible it is to have stretched out so far to make room for a baby and that it will take time to come back together.


Lucky for me I didn’t have any tearing this time but that doesn’t mean it still didn’t hurt. I did have some “scratches.” Using the bathroom to go pee was terrible…so much burning so I highly recommend using a squirt bottle while peeing to help it sting less. Key words are sting less…it still stings a lot. Also go to the bathroom as frequently as possible. I wouldn’t realize how bad I had to pee until all of a sudden it was like “I gotta pee!”

Breastfeeding was another challenge. Owen was born tongue tied and so that interfered with nursing. We did have it clipped but until then it was a little challenging getting him to latch and stay latched. After it was clipped he latched much better. However no matter how good the latch, the nipples still get sore and cracked. Not right away but within a few days. I would highly recommended taking care of your nipples right away, even before the soreness. I loved motherlove nipple cream and ice packs to help with sore nipples. Also medela nipple shells were a life safer for me. Also, drink lots of water. I get so thirsty every time I nurse.

So much bleeding too. The hospital provided me with everything I needed in that area but I also was stocked up with large pads at home and even some freezer padsicles (frozen pads with aloe vera, witch hazel, and lavender) too. The first day is the heaviest but it gets less and less with each day.

The uterus contractions after baby were painful. More painful this time than they were with Liam. I used a hot pack and iBuprofen/Tylenol to help with the pain. They only lasted about 3 days where they were so painful.

My legs were super sore/tired post baby. I think I may have been tensing up during my contractions and therefore they got sore. Plus spending so much time laying and sitting post baby didn’t give my muscles much action. I did walk around a little to help but they were sore. I tried to do some light stretching as well.

As time passed…
I’m not sure when it started because I don’t remember it happening at the hospital but I had some serious night sweats. Every night. I would wake up so hot and sweaty but then I would get up, feed Owen, and then be freezing. This lasted several weeks.

Breastfeeding became way easier. It took about 2-3 weeks to get my nipples in a place where feeding now longer hurt. I stayed on top of my nipple cream application, wearing the shells when I was home and able, allowing my nipples to “get air” after each feeding, and iBuprofen/Tylenol when the pain was strong. All of this helped my nipples heal quicker. With Liam it took me 6 week due to a poor latch in the beginning so be sure to get help with that latch!

The bleeding continued down below. Certain days were heavier than others and this was especially true of the days I was more active. I went through 2 packs of pads in about 3 weeks probably. I changed it frequently especially early on during the heavier bleeding.

My body did not really feel like my own for many weeks. I would wear a post baby girdle to help get my belly back. The girdle helps the uterus shrink down quicker and it also helps get the abdominal muscles back to where they are suppose to go.

6 weeks
Reaching the 6 weeks milestone. I had my 6 week appointment and all is healing well. My abs still have a small gap (totally normal) and so I need to modify any ab work during my exercising. Other than that my midwife said her farewells and to call if anything came up that I had questions about. It is so weird seeing someone so frequently for about a year and then saying goodbye. I am going to miss seeing her!


Breastfeeding is a breeze at this point. It makes me thankful to stick out those challenging weeks and be able to follow the plan I had to breastfeed my baby. I am hoping to make it to 1 year but I am starting with a smaller goal of 6 months to start. I have been pumping in addition to feeding to help me build up a freezer stash. I did this with Liam also. This way if anything happens where I no longer produce milk or if I want to stop feeding a little before a year or whenever, I will have some frozen milk to use as well. With Liam my stash lasted an extra month after stopping nursing him.

The undercarriage….things are healed up really nice with just some spotting here and there. It’s amazing how long it takes for things to get normal down there.

My body…I know it isn’t my pre-baby body (yet) but I am very happy with where I am at. My belly right now feels mushy and my pants still don’t fit quite like I would like and I am still above my pre-pregnancy weight by about 10 lbs. However, I feel that at 6 weeks postpartum I look good and I feel good. Also this is with minimal to no exercise! It’s always an adjustment to have the bigger boobs and my clothes fit differently because of them but I am finding shirts I like better than others right now and I know that the big boobs will get small again eventually.

**Every woman heals differently. This post is not made to be a comparison. It is made to share my experience and as a journal for me to reference. Every body is different, every baby is different, and recovery can take less time or longer for different individuals.

Things I love postpartum: 

  • Medela nipple shells
  • Motherlove nipple cream
  • Blanqi nursing leggings and nursing tanks
  • post baby girdle
  • Isagenix (not mentioned about but love this nutritious shake and have one for breakfast every day —for almost 2 years now!)
  • Target nursing tanks —I live in these!
  • Placenta encapsulation (I definitely feel these helped regulate my mood/hormones, increase milk supply, and get uterus to shrink faster —see my link from when I used them with Liam)




The day I met Owen

My due date was September 28th, 2017 and everyone told me I would go early since Liam was 2 weeks early. Well I thought so too so I waited and waited and waited. I reached 38 weeks pregnant, then 39 weeks, and then it was the day before my due date when I finally broke down. I couldn’t believe I was going to still be pregnant on my due date and possibly go over. I was so ready to be done being pregnant and meet our baby.

Well, apparently Owen is a planner just like his mama and decided he would arrive on his due date. But before I get to that let’s start from the beginning.

I started having some real contractions on Monday the 25th. They continued for about 2 hours and I was pretty sure I was going to have to leave work and head to the hospital. However, after lunch the contractions seemed to stop and there were no more signs of labor. The same thing happened on Tuesday. I again so so sure I was going to have a baby but then it all stopped.

Then Wednesday the 27th (mine and Joe’s anniversary) I was having even stronger contractions in the morning. I thought okay this baby is coming today. I actually had my 40 week doctor appt so I went to that and Joe met me there. I told my midwife “I am pretty sure this baby is coming today.” She didn’t confirm that but we did decide to strip my membranes to get things moving. I wasn’t sure I was going to have her do it but I decided to just go for it and see what happens. She did say I was only dilated to a 1 at that point. She encouraged Joe and I to go out somewhere close for lunch to celebrate our anniversary and come back when things picked up.

Well we went out to lunch and then…..nothing. The contractions stopped and that was that. I couldn’t believe it. The contractions I was having were so strong that even Joe making me laugh during one was painful. I was at a complete loss. I broke down and started crying. I just couldn’t understand it. I felt like I couldn’t understand my own body and I literally felt like this baby was going to stay inside of me forever.

I cried all evening off and on. I just could not get a grip on my emotions. Joe was encouraging and supportive which was really nice. My mom even stopped over and I cried to her. She just encouraged me to be patient and I was really trying.

During the night I kept waking up from inconsistent contractions. Then when I would wake up I would have to use the bathroom and then I would start thinking again about how upset I am and then have trouble falling back asleep.

Around 4am another contraction came and I just couldn’t sleep so I decided to take a bath. I did this and that helped me to relax. The contractions seemed to keep coming at that point although I wasn’t getting too excited at this point.

As 5am approached the contractions continued so I texted my mom (she was going to watch Liam while we went to the hospital). I told her we may be going to the hospital but to not get too excited yet because we were still figuring out if this was real or not.

I felt like my contractions were about 10 minutes apart but thought I should time to be sure. Well 3 minutes went by between contractions…I told Joe “that can’t be right….let’s see what it says again.” Well sure enough my contractions were 3 minutes apart. I asked my mom if she wanted to come over or if she wanted us to bring Liam to daycare. We thought we could wait until daycare opened to head to hospital.

Then the contractions got stronger and there was no more waiting. I told my mom she needed to come over now so we could go. So she cruised over to watch Liam.

We got to the hospital around 6:30am. My midwife was there so I was super happy! My water hadn’t broken yet but my contractions were getting stronger. She checked me once we settled in and said I was at a 6 already. I was thankful to hear that because I had told Joe on our way there that if she said I was at a 3 or less I would just die.

My contractions were more painful then I remember with Liam. His were pretty easy until just before birth, these ones were strong and painful.

I sat on a yoga ball so I could rock back and forth and rest my head on the bed with each contraction. It helped me to focus on my breathing and not tense up by body too much. My midwife Elizabeth Barry-Jensen sat on the bed in front of me and encouraged me and helped distract me with stories. It really was a calm and relaxing environment.

I also brought my essential oils and diffuser that we had going in the room as well.

After many challenging contractions I asked what the next steps were because it was getting really hard. My midwife said she could break my water if I wanted and that would speed things up a little bit. I wasn’t sure I should do this or not so I asked her for guidance.

She said let’s do a few more contractions and then check where things were at and then she would break my water. I agreed with that plan. I went through about 2 more really painful contractions and said, let’s move on.

So I got up on the bed. She checked and I was at a 9 and was very close. She then broke my water which was a super strange experience (my water broke on it’s own with Liam). It was just a gush of warm fluid coming out.

At that point it was time to start pushing. I was ready for that part because I remember it being such a relief to start pushing with Liam. Well it was maybe a total of 5-6 pushes because baby was out however they were very painful. Baby sat crowning for about 3 pushes and that was the hardest moment of my life. After the 2nd push of him crowning I said I can’t do this anymore. I was in so much pain I just wanted to cry. My midwife encouraged me that he was almost here that it was just 1 more push and his head would be out.

So I muster up another push and sure enough that did it. And then 1 more push to get the body out.

Then Joe told me “It’s another boy!” They place him on my chest and I was just in shock, and over-joyed, and just happy to have this little baby with me.

We had narrowed down the exact name so we already knew our baby boy would be named Owen Pacifique Hailey. His middle name is after my grandpa and we thought it was very unique and a wonderful way to honor my grandpa who has instilled so many family values in me.


I knew Owen was bigger than Liam and I just had to know how much. Owen weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and was 21 inches long compared to Liam who was 7 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long.


Top: Liam, Bottom: Owen

Liam was so happy to meet his little brother. We had been talking about the baby coming out of mom’s tummy for a while now and he was ready to meet him! What a proud big brother!

I am so happy to be able to give Liam a little brother and I am so excited to watch them grow up together.


3rd Trimester -weeks 27-birth

Week 27
Some say the third trimester starts at week 28 but I am going with week 27 because it is 3 months until my due date now! It is crazy to think that once this section of my pregnancy journal is posted I will have a little one in my arms. I can’t wait!


I am still recovering from my illness I had during week 26. The cough is definitely lingering however I do feel much better.

My appetite decreased while I was sick however I just tried to eat what I could and stay on track. My shakes definitely helped with that.

My sleep was off and on this week. I had some really good nights of sleep but also some terrible nights of sleep. I have been dreaming a lot. I woke of with a bloody nose one of the mornings which is so odd because I have maybe had one before in my lifetime.

Baby kicked my ribs this week and made me realize how quickly time is passing and how big baby actually is already.  Baby moves pretty much anytime I am still and if I am standing or moving then baby is still.

It was the 4th of July this week so we celebrated outside with a pool day. I totally rocked a bikini and bump. 🙂


I am still exercising regularly. I still do 2 Zumba classes a week and 2 sweat circuits. I love these classes and am thankful to keep up with my fitness routine. I have been doing some serious modifications lately, especially with ab work, but overall keeping high energy and loving it. I also try to go on walks when I am home and on the weekends. I did some prenatal yoga online and really enjoyed that so I may try to add that to my weekly routine.

We worked on baby names this week and finalized our list. We have 1 main boy name with some back ups and 2 girl names. I think baby is a boy and Joe thinks baby is a girl. We will see in no time!

Week 28
I have fully recovered from my illness. I feel much better which is good. I am hopeful to stay healthy the remainder of my pregnancy now.


My appetite is back up again. I am not hungry all the time but I can definitely eat. I’ve had some stomach issues this week. Not sure what is going on but lots of tummy aches. Could be a result of some poor eating choices lately. Trying to eat healthy as often as possible.

Exercise has been really great. I really feel like I am stronger this pregnancy and that may be why my back has been really good lately. I remember having a lot of lower back pain with Liam I just don’t remember when it started. I am hopefully to bypass the pain this pregnancy….at least for as long as possible.

Week 29
Things have continued to go really well. Sleep has continued to be hit or miss. I get up majority of nights at least once if not more to use the bathroom.


This baby is a mover…especially when I sit down, lay down, or want to sleep. This baby feels so much more forward than Liam was and the moves seem so much stronger. I felt baby have hiccups a few times this week! Joe can actually feel them too. It’s crazy!

My appetite has shifted to less hungry. I don’t have many, if any, cravings and really just eat what is cooked for me. I also have terrible acid reflux with almost everything I eat.

Still going strong with exercise. I feel really good about working out and gaining strength. I’ve done more weight training/strengthening this pregnancy and I think that is helping me a lot. Overall exercise is great, just needing to modify during classes due to my increased size and limitations.

I passed my glucose test this week, thank goodness!

Week 30
Baby is 75% “ready.” I can hardly believe how quickly the time is going. Yet I am also so ready to meet this little baby!


This week I’ve had some back pain. It hasn’t been extreme but it’s the lower back. Sometimes when getting dressed if I stand on one foot to get my pants on my leg will give out due to the pain. I have to be very careful. I’ve been keeping up with my chiropractor and massage appointments and these both help a lot.

I have been doing well with appetite. It is pretty stable right now. However sometimes I am starving and others I am not hungry at all. I am usually less hungry in the evenings. I can also tell if I have eaten too much (which is easy to do now) and get really uncomfortable. Acid reflux has been going strong….even ketchup triggers it. Tums are my new best friend!

Exercise has continued to go really well. I’m so thankful to be able to keep up with my exercise routine.

Seriously looking forward to wearing/buying “normal” clothes again. I am really getting tired of my maternity options and also I highly dislike the pants that go up to my boobs. It’s summer and I am already hot. The extra layer makes me so sweaty. It honestly it is just annoying. I have been living in exercise shorts that lay below the belly when I have the chance.

Baby has kept up with regular movements and gets the hiccups a lot!

Sleep continues to be off and on but I do the best I can to get as much rest as possible.

Week 31
Single digit weeks left of pregnancy (unless of course I go over —-nooooo! haha!). I did some shopping for baby and for Liam as he transitions to a new bedroom soon. I am feeling more and more prepared and excited to meet this little one. Most people keep telling me they think it’s a girl (for whatever reason) but I just am not sure. We will see so soon!


I am feeling good and strong this week. I’m amazed at how I have been feeling lately. I am so thankful for another really good pregnancy so far!

Eating is good. I still have acid reflux but I am sure that is going to continue until baby comes. I tried fresh garden cherry tomatoes this week and I have never loved tomatoes but could tolerate them….I loved them. Pregnancy is so strange!

Sleep is still off and on with at least 1 bathroom break every night. Sometimes I am lucky and don’t wake up until 3 or 4 to use the bathroom which gives me some good solid sleep prior but other times I am up a lot.

Still keeping up with regular exercise and feeling great about it! I honestly do not like to miss a day of some kind of movement/physical activity. Modifications for Zumba are now necessary but manageable. I’ve really enjoyed the strength/weight training I’ve been doing and thing that has helped my back a lot this pregnancy.

My belly has been really itchy this week. Not sure what is going on but it doesn’t look dry or anything….just growing and itchy I guess.

Week 32
Dr appt says belly is measuring at just under 32 weeks. Heart rate is 137 this week.


Energy level has decreased this week. I’m tired. Really tired. My sleep remains the same but I am going to bed much earlier lately because I just can’t function at night.

Nausea has come back for some reason. I get pretty sick in the morning, okay in the afternoon, and then sick again in the evening.


Still keeping up with regular exercise. It’s harder to get motivated to do it but always feels good when it’s done.

Baby is moving like crazy and has hiccups all the time! It has a fun time kicking (or punching??) my right side ribs….usually takes my breath away once or twice a day.

Week 33
Started this week off super tired. I actually had to leave work early one day because I was so sleepy and got super emotional. It had to be the hormones but I never felt like that with Liam or ever in life. It was extreme!


My morning nausea continued into this week when I realized it was coffee that was making me feel sick. So, I quit coffee this week. It was actually easier than I thought and not being sick was a huge motivating force. I may be tired but at least I don’t feel sick!

Sleep has been hit or miss still. I woke up several times in 1 night just hot and sweaty. We decided to put a fan next to the bed for when that happens and it has helped.

Still keeping up with regular exercising. I am just focusing on listening to my body and modifying when needed and resting when needed too. Sometimes you just need to sleep in.

I had my 34 week appt towards the end of this week. All was going well. I was measuring at 33 weeks rather than 33 weeks 4 days which is good. Baby’s heart rate was way up there this week. It spiked to 157.

Baby is still moving like crazy and getting the hiccups at least 3 or more times a day.

Week 34
This past week I have had some lower back pain. I did go to the chiropractor and that helped. My lower back is very shifty lately and so any little movement it will crack, especially while sleeping.


I have noticed the limitations of getting off the couch, out of bed, out of a vehicle, etc. more and more each day. One of my bigger struggles in rolling over in bed and transitioning my pregnancy pillow. I love my pillow so much but rolling over is a lot of work these days.

I have been really tired most afternoons and evenings. I have just been trying to go to bed early and rest when I can.

Still no coffee and my sickness has been much better. I feel so happy to have resolved that issue but I do miss my 1 cup of coffee!

I have lost some motivation for exercise but have continued with my routine anyway. I am always happy when I am done but it is definitely harder to get there and just do it.

I had some “nesting” urges or as I would call them “holy cow I have a lot to do and not much time is left.” I ended up deep cleaning one of our bathrooms this week (we have 2 and I cleaned the guest/Liam’s bathroom). I also washed all my nursing tops and bras, cleaned out the closet, did some laundry, and put some maternity clothes (that I don’t intend to wear) back into storage. I have many more cleaning goals ahead.

Baby has continued with strong movements. It will occasionally rub some part of itself on my pelvic area which makes me feel like I’m peeing. It is a weird and uncomfortable feeling.

Week 35
5 weeks until due date. 35 days until due date. Wow this is coming up quick!!


This week was a good week. I’ve been a lot hungrier lately and eating extra snacks. Baby must be trying to pack on the pounds!

I did a lot more nesting including washing baby clothes, baby items, and more cleaning of the house.

I had some serious lower back pain. Dang sciatica! I could barely walk. I ended up going to the chiropractor which helped so much. He advised icing and taking it easy which is what I did that day. It helped so much.

Doctor suggested doing some cat/cow yoga poses to help with back as well as help get baby into a favorable position for delivery.

I’m still keeping up with my exercise routine but definitely taking it much easier. I will do significant modifications as needed according to my body. Thankful my classes I teach are very understanding.


I’m definitely more tired too. It’s a struggle between nesting urges and naps most days! I am just trying to balance and if I do end up skipping nap to clean/prep I will go to be early.

I’m really craving coffee….I think with being tired and the cooler weather we have been having it is making me want it! I am doing my best to stick out the rest of this pregnancy without coffee.

I bought the final parts of Liam’s gift from the baby once baby arrives. He will be getting an “I’m a big brother” book, a play-doh set with cutters, extra play-doh, and some little paw patrol figures. All quiet toys for a reason haha! I figured these will be perfect for him in the hospital and at home.

Week 36
It’s the final countdown. I know baby could come “any day now” or it could be 6 more weeks even! But either way I am excited, nervous, scared, but most of all ready to meet this little one!


I’ve been eating a lot lately. Less interested in healthy again but trying my best.

I have continued with exercise but modifying a lot. No more jumping or twisting too much. Feels good to keep moving though and doing the best I can. I have been stretching a lot more and keeping up with my cat/cow stretches.


Nesting a ton. I have been doing a lot of prepping for baby.

I had my 36 week appt and will have weekly appts moving forward. All is going well still.

Baby feels much lower this week. Lots of pressure!


left Liam, right baby #2

Week 37
I am getting so anxious to meet baby. I need to practice patience. I don’t have any idea or feeling as far as gender and I am wanting to know—of course we will still wait because it is so fun to find out at birth!


My appetite is still up there but has settled down a little. No specific cravings other than being disinterested in healthy foods again.

Keeping up with exercise.

Still working on prepping the house for baby. Things are slowly coming together which is making me feel good.

I have been really tired lately. If I do any kind of extra activity it gets me extra tired. I try to nap when I can.

I got a prenatal massage this week. It felt amazing! Highly recommended!

Week 38
Well I am beyond ready for this baby to come! Joe and Liam feel the same way. I had Liam at 38 weeks 1 day so I think I just expected the same for this baby but it seems comfortable.


I overall feel huge, squished, ready, excited, and anxious all wrapped in one. I can’t wait to meet this baby! But also can’t wait to not be pregnant. Getting tired of being uncomfortable majority of the day and night.

I have had lots of pelvic pressure this week. Baby is also hitting a lot of nerves causing sharp pains down my inner thigh occasionally. Takes my breath away when it happens. Also, lots of braxton hicks. It honestly at times feels like the baby is trying to force itself out. This is all so different from my pregnancy with Liam. Literally it was a shock when my water broke with Liam. With this pregnancy I keep thinking my water is gonna break any second because of all the pressure.

My appetite is up there. I have been craving fresh fruit lately which is good, but also carbs and sweets.

Keeping up with exercise the best I can still. I plan to just keeping moving until I can’t!


I got sick this week of pregnancy. Some kind of cold/sinus crap that is going around. Liam got it first so inevitably I got it a few days after him. Thankfully it only lasted a few days for me before I started to feel better.

Sleep has been hit or miss lately. I usually wake up hot and sweaty multiple times a night now. I have a fan and it helps a little but not always. I have been waking up at least TWICE a nice to use the bathroom. That is the new normal this week.

My stomach is itchy again. It feels so stretched out and just itchy. Trying to keep it moisturized the best I can.

Week 39
This is the longest I have ever been pregnant and it is killing me! Baby is constantly on my brain. Joe, Liam and I are all so ready to meet this baby!


Feeling contractions but inconsistently.

I decided no Zumba this week but did teach sweat circuit. Just going to keep walking and taking it easy.

Sleep is a major challenge. I am tossing and turning most of the night and waking up at least twice to pee.

My emotions have been up and down especially with the contractions. I get super excited when they start but then when they stop I get so sad. I keep thinking “today is the day” but then baby has different plans. It has been crazy.

I’ve been so uncomfortable and just so ready to have this baby. Things were so different with Liam that it has been frustrating to have all this false labor and contractions. Just trying to stay patient and know that eventually this baby will arrive.

Week 40
Well as my due date approach baby finally decided it was time. With inconsistent contractions throughout the night I woke up around 4, took a bath, contractions picked up and we were off to the hospital to have a baby! I will make a separate post with the birth story.



2nd trimester continued -weeks 20-26


Week 20
Halfway! Woooohooo! It is so crazy how fast time is flying this time around. I am feeling large. My belly button is out all the time and visible under clothing. I have a massive appetite still. I’ve been craving sweeter things lately. Trying to kick that!


My lower back has started to shift a lot. It did the same with Liam. It’s getting loose and will pop in and out of place with no pain.

I am noticing I am uncomfortable sitting in the same position for long periods of time. I shift around a lot.

Joe felt the baby move for the first time. This baby feels really strong and it’s movements are really strong as well. It just happened to be that Joe had his had there and felt it.

Week 21
My belly is still large, and I still have quite the appetite however it seems to be decreasing. My evening meals are becoming more challenging again.


I’ve noticed my workouts becoming more challenging. My calves start to burn more now with the extra weight and extra demands. It isn’t a bad thing, it’s just more noticeable.

I can’t sit still. I’m uncomfortable in most positions and shift constantly.

My face has started breaking out a little more again. I’ve kept up with washing it and it isn’t terrible but I have noticed it.

Week 22-24
I forgot to keep up to date on this….so this is a combo of the weeks.

My appetite is crazy! I could eat all day long but come dinner time I am no longer starving. I at times have eaten 2 lunches because 1 just wasn’t enough. This baby is HUNGRY!!

Still feeling uncomfortable which won’t go away now that I am getting larger. I did have a doctor appt that confirmed I am the “right size” for how far along I am.

My face has cleared up again. It is off and on but it’s doing well again.

I’ve continued exercising. Some days are harder than others to be motivated but I keep doing it and know it will be/is so great for me and baby.

I had some pretty major lower back pain during this couple weeks. I went to the chiropractor twice and that helped a lot. I also got a nice massage. I love keeping up with at least monthly massages and chiropractor visits.

I had two occasions where I was on my feet a lot during the day and that is very noticeable to me now. By the end of the day I am exhausted and my legs are sore.


25 weeks with Liam 24 weeks with Baby 2

Week 25
My tummy has been noticeably getting in the way during simply daily motions this week more than any previous weeks.

Sleep has been very interrupted this week. Some nights I will sleep really good and others I will wake up multiple times through out the night. I’ve also had some trouble falling asleep at night.


I’ve had some pretty serious right shoulder pain this week. I have had this in the past while not pregnant and it has had to do with spine alignment. I am hoping a trip to the chiropractor will help with this.

Exercising has it’s increased challenges and there is a dire need for me to modify at this point in my pregnancy however I am feeling extra motivated to keep moving and keep pushing myself.

This baby is moving a ton, especially when I am sitting still or trying to sleep. It’s moves are very dramatic and strong.

Week 26
Well I am now 2/3 of the way complete with my pregnancy (I consider starting week 27 as the 3rd trimester where others say it’s week 28). It is seriously flying by!

I have been doing good during this week however I got sick again! I got a cold/allergy/respiratory thing going on. It is so hard to be sick while pregnant. Just trying to keep up on my vitamins and rest as much as possible.


I am less hungry this week but I am contributing that to being sick. Once I feel better I am guessing my hunger will pick back up.

My shoulder pain is gone this week! Thank goodness! My back pain has been decent too so that has been nice.

Sleep hasn’t been a major issue this week besides the effects of illness. However I have been going to bed early and have not had to get up to use the bathroom in the night, which is a nice change. Just my cough that has been waking me up.

I have been taking it very easy on exercise this week with being sick. Can’t wait to pick back up again though. I have however noticed I get really hot really fast. This baby is keeping me warm!

Baby has continued moving a ton and it’s movements are visible from the outside. Joe is in shock when he sees my stomach move. Liam refuses to hold his hand on my belly for more than 2 seconds so he has yet to feel the baby move.

I am so happy to be moving into the 3rd trimester. It seriously is one of those “I can’t believe I am only 27 weeks” and “I can’t believe I am already 27 weeks”! 3 months until my due date as of yesterday (6/28 -due 9/28). YAY!!

2nd trimester -weeks 13-20 (Halfway!)

Well I have made it to the 2nd trimester. This is when things are supposed to get better so I hope they do. I decided to do weeks 13-20 seeing as 20 weeks marks halfway.

Week 13
Still feeling lack of appetite in the evenings. I have been doing better with eating but still struggling to stick to my healthy eating I was doing before pregnancy. Mostly wanting carbs and sweets. Vegetables are more challenging to eat. Fruit is always good though.


Belly button has started to migrate outwards (so early this time around!). My belly is becoming more rounded every day!

Week 14
My appetite is finally back. I still don’t necessarily crave food but I am hungry that is for sure. I’ve actually even been able to stick to a fairly healthy diet this week which has been really helpful and encouraging. I am hoping to keep it up!



I got sick this week. It started out very mild but throughout this week progressed into some major respiratory issues. I made a dr appt to check on the baby as well as see what I can do to support my immune system. I have asthma which really has been gone for several years now but came back when I was pregnant with Liam and now again with this pregnancy. Thankfully I was able to start some medication for that and within a few days was starting to feel better.

Week 15
I could literally eat all day long. I am soooo hungry but still not entirely interested in food. If it is there I will eat it but if you ask me what I want to eat….it’s usually nothing.

I am finally feeling better this week after having some sort of respiratory cold. It’s tough to kick when you are pregnant but rest and fluids helped a lot. Hopefully this is the only illness I encounter the remainder of this pregnancy.


I have actually slept through the night a few times this week without getting up to use the bathroom. The baby must have shifted away from the bladder which has been sooo nice. I just never sleep as well after getting up to use the bathroom so I am extremely grateful for these few nights of uninterrupted rest.

My belly button has started to migrate outwards. This is always so weird to me. It is still in but moving out.

Week 16
Appetite is still going strong. I don’t have specific cravings but I am hungry and want to eat which is a really good thing!

I was struck with the flu during this week. It only lasted one day thank goodness but it was terrible and kept me sluggish all week.


My belly button is still in but it is really close to out. I’m going to have to take out my belly piercing/jewelry soon.

The sleeping through the night without having to pee thing was very brief. Up every night at some point.

Week 17
Appetite is still there especially after recovering from the flu. Having some serious cravings for sugar….mostly sweet/sour foods. I also crave some salty foods too. It’s really a toss up.

My skin has been so weird…my face and my chest. I seem to be breaking out a little bit more and have kind of blotchy skin now. Speaking of chest…my boobs are definitely growing.


My belly button is so close to popping out. Going to have to remove the belly button ring very soon.

Tried some maternity pants this week. I am still pretty in between but they were a nice alternative to my other pants.

Week 18
We went on vacation during this week. It was super fun! My appetite was crazy and I was hungry the whole vacation which was good. I am glad I was able to eat.

I had some lower back pain this week but that could be from all the travelling and the stress that goes with it.

My belly is starting to feel itchy as it grows and it sure is growing! I am still in between regular and maternity clothes. I am thankful I saved some pants that were too big for me because they are fitting pretty good now.


Belly button isn’t sticking out but it is out. The belly button ring has been removed.

I am still getting up every night to pee. I know that is going to be my life for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Week 19
My appetite is still going strong. I can eat all day every day. I seem to be so hungry lately.

My skin continues to be itchy. My belly button is for sure out. It is visible under my clothes now. Crazy how fast that happened!


I got a new face wash and that seems to be helping with my skin issue I was having. Some people say their hair changes but I haven’t noticed any changes with my hair.

I am still exercising regularly. I still teach 2 Zumba classes a week and 1 sweat circuit. I also either go for a walk or go on the elliptical over my lunch break twice a week. I try to take walks on the weekends as well if the weather is nice.

We had our ultrasound this week 19 day 6. It was great! Joe and Liam came with and it is just so cool to see the baby. This little one was moving all over the place during it. They sent us home with over 15 pictures of the baby.

Overall I am feeling really good. I have started to really get uncomfortable sitting, standing, sleeping, but that is the product of a growing baby! Generally though I feel great. I am usually really tired by the end of the day and end up going to bed pretty early. My pace for walking has slowed a little as well because of the extra weight and changing body.

Today is the beginning of week 20! I am officially halfway there! 


Mama’s due with baby 2 -a journal of weeks 4-12

Okay so we have been keeping our pregnancy a secret for weeks now and we are finally sharing the good news! During our time keeping secrets I decided to do a little summary of each week of my pregnancy and how I was feeling. A lot of the weeks were really similar. This pregnancy has been much harder on me than my last but I think it is good to share.


Week 4
We found out we were pregnant!! I had been taking the test super early and they kept showing up negative. The evening before our positive test I felt like crap (nausea, tired, icky). I knew I was pregnant so the next morning I took the test and sure enough I was! I quick made a big brother sign and put it in Liam’s crib while he was sleeping. I told Joe to look at how cute Liam looked sleeping and that is how he found out. We were super excited!

I plan to continue with my exercise regimen which is teach Zumba 2 nights a week and a Sweat Circuit one morning a week. Also 1-2 days a week I will use the elliptical and doing some stretching and ab work. I took 4 weeks picture to remind myself of where my body was and that I can get back to that body and even better if I work hard and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle! I am really proud of the progress I made after Liam and am hopeful to do the same after this baby. #afterbabygoals

Week 5
Feeling pretty good for the most part. I started to get tired and have a lack of appetite. I had some serious sweet cravings as well (bring on the ice cream)!

Also frequent urination started almost immediately this time. Waking up in the middle of the night and going a lot throughout the day.

Week 6
Really not feeling well periodically throughout the day. I started having nausea in the morning, afternoon, and evenings after dinner. Serious cravings for junk, especially carbs! Started having mixed cravings for sweets, pickles on pizza, and ice cream. Some serious junk food cravings as well at all times of the day. I haven’t had fast food for years now and I found myself craving  taco bell taco at 9 am one morning! what?!?

We had our first doctor appt to confirm the pregnancy. We wanted to skip this appt but apparently it is required to schedule the next appointment so we followed the rules.
Sure enough, as we already knew, I was pregnant so we were able to schedule our 12 week appointment.

Week 7
Still a lot of nausea, super tired, and lack of appetite especially in the evenings. Joe got me cheeseburger pizza (which has pickles on it) for dinner one night to help my craving. I got super sick and that craving no longer exists!

Still craving everything unhealthy and specifically anything with carbs! Also obsessed with apples this week, I had 4 in one day!

Week 8
So tired. Napping any chance I can for hours at a time. I feel so lazy. I also feel huge by the end of the day. My clothes all still fit great but anything tight around the waist bothers me in the evenings and I just feel huge even though I may not look huge.

Still experiencing nausea and lack of appetite. My craving this week was potato chips and top the tater which my husband made a special trip to the store to get for me. Thankfully I am still able to eat roasted vegetables however do not offer me a salad in the evening because I have absolutely no interest at all!

Had to add some fiber to my diet. If you don’t know why fiber is necessary during pregnancy…well it’s bathroom related. Hoping that adding fiber will help with some of my tummy issues.

Week 9
Starting to feel better in the mornings. Less nausea. Afternoons are still really hard and evenings I just don’t have an appetite even though I am hungry. I suddenly have a super sweet tooth and all I want is chocolate cake (which has never been something I loved).

I am still really tired but doing a little better there it seems. It’s hard to get motivated to exercise.

Week 10
Definitely feeling better in the mornings which is a huge relief. Still having some nausea here and there throughout the day, especially at night but it is not as bad as it was. Cravings for a bloody mary (virgin of course). Lack of appetite throughout the day, especially in the evenings, is a huge issue.

Feeling really noticeably pregnant this week. It is getting challenging to hide the bump. I know I am much larger much soon this time than I was with Liam.

I am still so tired and nap any chance I can. If I am home I will nap during Liam’s nap and can end up sleeping 2 hours!

Week 11
We had our first doctor appt this week to hear babies heartbeat and make sure all is well. We brought Liam with and it was just amazing. I love hearing the heartbeat. Liam was so curious about it too.

Still feeling quite terrible. Still tired. Still having some nausea and just upset stomach. Had a switch of cravings as well. I no longer want chocolate cake but I want sour gummy worms or sour patch kids, chicken with honey mustard, chicken wings, virgin bloody marys. So random!

Literally nothing sounds good ever, especially in the evenings though. I feel like I eat because I know I have to.

I had my first day where I was home and had the opportunity to nap and I didn’t. I feel like that is progress!

Week 12
This is the week where they say things get better and gosh I hope they are right! I still have a lack of appetite in the evenings but for the most part I am doing pretty good with eating. There are some things that I just can’t even think about eating (like fish) and cravings I’ve had in the past have completed diminished (like ice cream and chocolate cake). I have no desire to eat any of them however, pasta, and greasy food always sound so good.


I am so tired still. I really am not sleeping well at night. I get up every night to pee (still) and sleep really great until that moment. After I use the bathroom I toss and turn until my alarm goes off. When I have the opportunity to nap I set an alarm now so I don’t sleep for too long. If I take too long of a nap it definitely impacts my night time sleep.


I have continued exercising and that is going really well. I have also continued with the use of fiber which has helped and I will continue to use this likely the whole pregnancy.


These 12 weeks have gone by slow and fast at the same time. It’s hard to believe that I am now entering my 2nd trimester. I am hopeful that things will get better and as of right now mornings and afternoons are significantly better than they were. Evenings are still my challenging time. Here’s to 1/3 of the way done and 2/3 to go!