Not the man I married

I have been married for almost 3 years now. I know that isn’t very long but also it really is. I’ve known my husband for more than 10 years now. We dated in high school and then dated again for 3 years before he asked me to marry him.

Things were not always perfect or easy while we were dating but we always made it through them together. We always found a way to love each other through the hard times.

When we got married on that beautiful September day I knew I was marrying the man of my dreams. My one true love. He always knew how to make me laugh, he always kissed me goodnight, he always told me he loved me, he supported me, and most importantly he made me happy. I was welcomed into his family with open arms and he mine. There was no hesitation, no second thoughts, no looking back. God made this man to be my husband and made me to be his wife.

We are now quickly approaching having our second child and as I look back on our (almost) 3 years of marriage I have realized something….this is not the man I married. There are pieces of him that are the same but so much is different.

The man I married has matured, developed, and grown into an even better version of himself. I never imagined this happening but he has found a way to surprise me and has continued to make me love him more and more with each passing day.

He takes care of me in a way that is so far from expected. He doesn’t complain about the day to day tasks he has taken on. He has such a special bond with our little one that I can’t even explain. He has taken his role as husband and father to a level that continues to amaze me daily.

He respects me. He understands me. He puts me first. Although I like to believe I am pretty carefree and relaxed, he puts up with my occasional stubbornness and rigidness. He supports me in everything I do from being a mom, group fitness instructor, addiction counselor, part time worker, wife, health and fitness enthusiast, weekend napper, and so much more. He is right next to me, supporting me, encouraging me, inspiring me.

He still knows how to make me laugh, he still always kisses me goodnight, he still always tells me he loves me, he supports me every day, and most importantly he makes me happy. I love this man so much and although I never thought I could love him more than the day before he finds a way with each passing day to make me love him more and more. I am so proud of him, I am so happy with him, and I am so in love with him.

Thank you for being that husband I couldn’t have even dreamed about….you are so much more!

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

Monday evening Joe and I went to the Xcel Energy Center for the Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour! We were given the tickets from our friends Pam and Frank Greer who unfortunately were unable to attend. They gave us amazing tickets right on the floor and we are so thankful to have been able to go in their place.


The Swon Brothers on top, Easton Corbin and Carrie Underwood on bottom.

A quick back story before I get into the details of the concert (and post lots of pictures because we were so so close). We met the Greer’s when Joe was coaching hockey and their son Ryan was on the team. We quickly knew we were going to get along well with them and their whole family. Soon we were spending time together outside of the games and practices.  Now that Joe is no longer coaching Ryan we have continued to spend time with the Greer’s. Even when we first met the Greer’s we knew that when we had kids (we met before Liam) we wanted them to be just like Ryan and Andrea. They were and are so respectful and well behaved. We immediately looked up to Pam and Frank as role models for us as we began our family together. We are so thankful for their friendship and guidance. We couldn’t ask for better friends! (And we need to get together again soon!)

Now back to the details of the concert! Joe and I got their super early because I just always get so worried about getting places on time. We grabbed a slice of pizza and headed down to scope out the stage/floor area. Once we were down there the “front”  row was filled up all the way around. We decided to walk around and see which area would be best for the view. We ended up finding a spot and we planted our feet because we knew it would fill up fast. We were basically in the “second row” and right by an area we knew Carrie would be standing for some of her songs.

The concert started with the Swon Brothers. They only sang a few songs but they were great! They did a wonderful job of getting the crowd pumped up and they had great stage presence.

Next up was Easton Corbin. He was really great too! He sang a bunch of songs including “I’m a little more country than that.” He also sang Justin Bieber’s “love yourself.” He was a fun performer to watch as well.

Then it was time for Carrie Underwood. I could hardly contain my excitement to see her and she did not disappoint. She is an amazing performer and she uses the entire stage.


She had so many outfit changes and sang a mixture of old and new songs of hers. She truly is so good at what she does. I was just stunned her entire show.

She had a few songs that truly touched my heart. She sang “what I never knew I always wanted” and before she sang it she talked about being a mom and how it has changed her life for the better and gave a shout out to all the moms who were just doing it all. I was so touched I even teared up a little. During the song she had a slideshow playing of her husband and son and she just sat on the piano, sang, and watched as the pictures showed. It was adorable and I could relate on so many levels. The other song she sang that gave me serious chills was Dolly Parton’s “I will always love you.” She did a beautiful job singing the song and Dolly would be and probably is so proud. The other song she sang that gave me chills was “Jesus Take the Wheel.” A classic song that is just so powerful and even more so live!

She also has so many upbeat and fun songs that she sang. She sang Joe’s three favorite songs which are “Church Bells,” “Little Toy Guns,” and “Dirty Laundry.” Also a new favorite of mine is “Choctaw County Affair.” It’s a fun song and it is the song she plays  the harmonica to.


She is just an incredible performer and puts on a great show. I am so happy to have been able to see her live and so close too! Joe and I both had sore feet and bodies by the end but we had so much fun too!

Shout out to my parents for taking Liam for a sleepover on such short notice and letting us sleepover after the concert. Liam ended up sleeping until 8:30am which never happens so Joe and I were also thankful to Liam for letting us sleep in a little after a late night out! And one more thanks to Pam and Frank again!

Apples, anniversary, and a 5k

This weekend was a super fun and exciting weekend. I was busy busy busy but that was good.


I had the day off so my bestie Annie and I had a fall fun day! We decided to make it just a go with the flow laid back day. We started with coffee and a visit to this small waterfall in Osceola. It is so pretty and peaceful. We chatted and soaked up the view before heading back up the million stairs we went down.

Then it was off to the apple orchard. We checked out all the decor for sale and walked around a little outside. We checked out the pumpkins but I wasn’t liking any of them much. I bought some apples and pears and Annie got a few soup mixes.


We had time to go out to lunch so we did that. We went to Champs rooftop to eat because it was so nice outside. We ended up just missing the movie time at 1pm so we went to my house to relax for a little bit before the movie at 3.

We went to see Masterminds. It was okay but not great. Parts of the movie were really funny but overall it wasn’t very good which was surprising since the actors and actresses in the movie are normally really funny. I would say wait for this one to come out on DVD or Netflix if you were wanting to see it.


We spent the morning together drinking coffee and playing with Liam. It was a pretty uneventful morning for us but it was nice.

While Liam napped I started getting ready for date night. Joe and I planned a date night for our 2 year anniversary that was on Tuesday.

I had to wake Liam up from his nap because my mom was picking him up and they were going to a wedding. He looked so cute all dressed up and I even combed his little bit of hair to the side.


Once my mom picked Liam up I finished getting ready. We had reservations for 5:15pm and it was going to take us a little while to get there so by the time I finished getting ready it was time to go.

We went out to eat at Pittsburgh Blue. They have really good steaks and we were so excited to just have such a yummy dinner. I ended up ordering a glass of wine with dinner which was a huge mistake… Ever since having Liam I have discovered certain beverages make my throat swell up…or at least feel swollen. It has never happened with wine before which is why I didn’t think it would be a problem. (Does this happen to anyone else??)

The food looked super yummy but it was so hard for me to eat with my throat all messed up. It was super hard to swallow making eating just uncomfortable. It kind of ruined the dinner for me and Joe. We packed up the rest of my meal to-go and our complimentary dessert and walked over to Whole Foods to get something similar to tums thinking maybe that would help.


We ended up getting these papaya enzyme chews which seemed to help but ultimately I think time passing helped the most. I really wanted dessert and the dessert they gave us was red velvet cake —not a fan! So we drove to Hudson.

While we were at dinner my mom sent us a picture of Liam putting on the charm at the wedding reception. Such a cutie!


Once we got to Hudson my throat felt much better and I was hungry. Joe was hungry too. So we went to Pier 500 for our second meal (haha). We order gouda nachos and brie cheese curds. The nachos were amazing. I was not a fan of the cheese curds.

Then it was time for my dessert. I got the berries crisp which was so amazing and delicious. I seriously couldn’t stop eating it. I want more right now!

We were going to go to a movie in the theaters but we just weren’t interested in seeing any of the movies out right now so we headed home to rent a movie on demand and relax in comfy clothes. We rented Central Intelligence which was pretty funny. Then head off to bed!


Sleeping in was amazing! I slept until 7:30am which hasn’t happened in so long. Joe slept until after 8am. I woke up, had some coffee, and watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix until Joe woke up.

We seriously did not know what to do with ourselves without Liam. It was so quiet in the house and we both were kind of bored without him there. We missed him too. We would have went and got him right away in the morning but we had a run in the afternoon during Liam’s nap so we were going to get him after that.

We made a nice brunch with eggs and my leftover steak. It was tasty and good fuel for our run.

The race started at 1pm. We headed there at 12:30pm to hang out with Annie and her family before the race. She got a cute new husky puppy Saturday!

The weather was amazing. It was 70 and sunny. It felt really great until we started running…then it was hot! However, I ran my fastest 5k to date! Joe ran with me almost the entire time! After about 2.5 miles he needed a short break. He has a bad ankle and knee right now and they were both really bugging him. It was a really short break though because he was right behind me shortly after I left him.

I kicked it down at the end and ended up taking 3rd place for women in the event and got a free hair cut certificate for it. I finished in just under 28 minutes! Post run we were both sweaty and tired!


After we ran we picked up Liam quick and then headed to Champs for the after party and giveaways. We walked in just in time to have my name called for a Champs gift card. Then shortly after that Joe’s name was called for a Champs gift basket.

We headed home then. I had tortellini soup/pasta cooking in the crock pot for dinner. Joe went out hunting while Liam and I played the rest of the evening. Dinner was super simple since it was in the crock pot.

Liam was tired so he went to bed right at 7. Joe got home from hunting and we spent the evening relaxing on the couch.

We had such a great weekend! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather and I hope you all have a great week!

2 years of wedded bliss

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary. It is truly crazy that it has already and only been 2 years. So much has happened in our life since that day and it has been an amazing ride. I’m going to be all lovey dovey in this post but just so I’m transparent and set realistic #relationshipgoals that doesn’t mean things are perfect in our relationship. We have had our ups and downs but we always manage to get through it together.

Two years ago this was the most amazing day of my life (along with some stress—because let’s be honest, there is so much to get done on your wedding day). The most important part of the day was saying “I do” to the man of my dreams and my best friend. I could relive this day over and over again (minus the shoes–lol). We had so much fun with all of our family and friends as witness to our marriage and to celebrate at our reception.

In the past 2 years our relationship has grown stronger and so has our love. We had so much trust and respect for one another before getting married and since getting married that has just grown. I truly believe that we were meant to be together forever and can’t wait to see what forever has in store for us!

Most of our first year of marriage I was pregnant with Liam. Joe did everything he could to make sure I was happy and well taken care of. He would go get me food even if it meant going back for the honey mustard they forgot to pack because “I will just not eat the fries then.”


Photo credit: Signe Shores photography

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary early last year because Liam’s due date was September 21st so we wanted to be sure we could celebrate. However, this felt more like a babymoon to me since I was so pregnant and we really spent most of our time walking, eating, and sleeping. Below are some pictures from our trip—couldn’t fit the bump in the selfie LOL.

Since Liam has been born my love for Joe has doubled. He is an amazing father to Liam and has also stepped up as a husband as well. Being a nursing mama I had a lot of responsibility when it came to feeding Liam and getting up with him at night. Joe did everything he could to help take care of me so I could take care of Liam. He continues to take care of me daily and I appreciate him so much for everything he does for me.

I’m excited to really be able to celebrate this year. Tonight we are going to have a nice meal and watch our wedding video my dad made us. We will also dance to our first dance song, “I don’t dance” by Lee Brice.

Then on Saturday my mom is taking Liam for the weekend and we will be going out for a really nice dinner and date night which I am super excited for.

Cheers to love, laughter, and happiness! Joe—forever will never be long enough! Love you!

The Larson Wedding

We had the pleasure of celebrating one of my best friend Breanna’s wedding on Saturday. Let me tell you….she looked stunning!

It really was just perfect! All the details seemed just right. She had this beautiful sign as we entered into the outside area where the wedding would take place. The sun was shining and the venue was gorgeous!

Breanna’s mom and sister (maid of honor) looked beautiful, happy, and so proud. TJ’s mom looked great as well. Look at all the smiles!

TJ looked so handsome and proud (and maybe a little nervous) as he waited for his bride.


My besties Jordan and Katrina were in the wedding and they also looked amazing. #myfriendsarepretty #forreal

The ceremony was so sweet. Breanna was breath-taking as her father walked her down the aisle to her groom. Look at her dress and veil! Stunning!!

You could see by the expressions on their faces that these two were so happy to be marrying each other. They are just meant to be and it was so amazing to witness two people so much in love taking the next step in their relationship.


They had a really neat idea to plant a unity tree. They planted a tree in dirt from both of their childhood homes.


They exchanged vows and rings and then TJ kissed his bride! These two are just picture perfect!


They were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Larson and because TJ is a police officer he handcuff Breanna and himself together. It was funny and cute!

Then it was reception time. The tables and center pieces were super cute. There were also cute thank you cards at each seat. Breanna definitely took time to get everything just right and it shows. Your hard work was not overlooked Breanna! It looked perfect and so beautiful!

The cakes were amazing! There were several different cakes decorated and displayed perfectly with some cute cake toppers.

During the reception I spent some time taking pictures with all of my friends, including the beautiful bride! I think we have gotten used to taking tons of pictures together since we have all been friends since elementary/middle school!


imageI had to get a picture with each of my parents as well. Especially the birthday boy (my dad’s 50th birthday)! Don’t they both look amazing!?!

I also got some pictures with my hot wedding date! 🙂 He said since he is a dad now he can where shorts to summer weddings. LOL!

Then it was time for the first dance.



Then we all danced the night away! As well as had some fun in the photo booth! I love getting out on the dance floor and cutting loose! I even got Joe to join me for a few slow dances. So fun!


I am so happy to have been able to celebrate such an amazing friend on one of the best days of her life! So happy for you Breanna and TJ. Wishing you so many years of love, laughs, and happiness together!




The weekend #12

I hope everyone took some time to honor those who died for our country this Memorial day.

We had a really nice and wonderful weekend and I hope you did too. Get ready for picture overload! Liam was just way too cute this weekend! 🙂


Thankfully Joe was able to get done with work early which was a nice surprise. We were a little worried about the drive and Liam but with Joe getting done early it worked out perfect!

Joe’s parent’s decided to do chicken and beef kabobs for dinner and they were so delicious! Joe’s mom was having trouble with her phone so Joe was on the phone with support for about an hour (whoa!) but we had them on speaker phone and had them laughing pretty hard. It was a funny conversation and her phone was able to be fixed.


Joe went fishing after dinner with his dad and me and his mom relaxed while Liam slept. It was a nice quiet and relaxing evening.


There is nothing better than a hot cinnamon roll in the morning! YUM!


Joe had a busy day with his dad at their hunting land putting up a new deer stand. They were gone pretty much all day.

We had a relaxing morning and then after Liam’s nap he had a little photo shoot.


We went for a walk and it was so pretty out. I love going on walks at the cabin because the view is just stunning.


Then we headed to Hayward with Grandma, Auntie Erin, and cousins Kameryn and Luke. It was Liam’s first trip to Hayward. We went to the candy store and the popcorn store.

We all got new hats too! I couldn’t resist getting Liam this adorable packer hat at Packer Land. He even kept it on.

His cousin Luke got a Badger hat and man were they adorable together!


We spent some of the evening relaxing outside in the new Adirondack chair Grandma and Grandpa got for Liam. Seriously, look at him just lounging!

We also spent some time swinging in the swings. Luke, Kameryn, and I took turns on the bigger swing while Liam watched.


Later that evening we sent a sky lantern up and it was so pretty. I love those things!


Joe was at the cabin with us all day which was so nice! We went for a family walk but it started to drizzle so we had to hustle back.


The weather did clear up and we were able to spend some time outside. Liam loves being outside.

Joe and I made ribs for the whole family. It was so nice to cook for everyone up there and they were delicious!

We ended the evening with a fire by the lake and some more sky lanterns.


The cabin at night is so pretty.



This was the best day of the whole weekend for weather. The sun was out right away in the morning and we certainly took advantage!


One of our favorite things to do at the cabin is take the kayaks out. Joe and I did this while I was pregnant and before. We go around this little island and see the eagles. We decided to try taking Liam out for a ride. He did pretty good! We didn’t go too far but it was fun to all be out on the water.


Liam was able to play outside in the kiddie pool for a little while. He enjoyed that!

Liam really looks adorable in his Adirondack chair so we had another photo shoot. The lake in the background is just so pretty!

I was able to take the paddle board out for a little bit while Liam napped. It was so peaceful and I got to see an eagle which was pretty awesome! I tried standing up but it was a little wavy so I sat right back down. The water was still a little chilly for me.

Liam also got to go on his first pontoon ride! He did so good about keeping his life jacket on and loved driving with his grandpa!

The dogs really love the pontoon too! 🙂


After the pontoon ride we decided to start packing up so that Liam could take his second nap on the ride home.

We had such a fun and relaxing weekend. Parts of it were busy but most of it was just good time spent with family. Some beautiful pictures of the lake below!


The weekend #11

It was a wonderful and super busy weekend for us!  The weather was perfect and we had so many fun things going on. It was so busy and I took a ton of pictures so this post is going to have way too many pictures. Sorry in advance!


It was a beautiful evening. We had our niece Kameryn’s 5th birthday party at the park in the evening. Joe was running a little bit late so Liam and I headed to the park early to go on the swings and play a little before the party. (Notice the cutest flip flops ever!!)

Kameryn was super excited for her birthday. Erin bought Firehouse Subs (YUM) for everyone which was so nice. Kameryn really liked the book we made for her and the Cinderella doll she told me she wanted. She got lots of other great gifts too.


Liam was up bright and early. Since he has been able to sit up on his own and crawl he has been getting up around 5 or 5:30 instead of 6 or 6:30. It’s tough on this momma but at least he is sleeping through the night so I can’t complain!

Joe and I had to divide and conquer because we had so much going on this day. Joe headed to his brother Patrick’s graduation ceremony. He graduated from University of St. Thomas and Liam and I cheered him on from home.

After Liam’s morning nap he and I went to an essential oil make and take party. I made cleaning spray, face wash, hand soap, bug spray, a seasonal relief roll on, and a car air freshner. I love it all!

Then it was off to my brother Sean’s graduation party. Liam took his afternoon nap on the way. It wasn’t nearly long enough but he did well with it. We were able to spend time with family and celebrate Sean’s accomplishment. Liam’s cousin love him so much.

Next it was time for Patrick’s graduation party. We met Joe at home and then headed to his parent’s house for the party. Liam only partied for a little bit and then it was his bed time. We put him to bed in the pack and play so we could still celebrate.


We even did a chinese latern. They are so cool! There was also a push up contest between Joe’s mom and cousin. It was so much fun catching up with everyone at the party.

My best friend Shawna was throwing her boyfriend a surprise 30th birthday party this evening as well. So as it got later a lot of us decided to go stop in and wish him happy birthday. Joe stayed back with Liam. All my friends were at the party so it was so fun to see them and hang out for a little bit.


Saturday was our busiest day but it was filled with so much fun and time with the people we love.


It’s Marley’s birthday! Hard to believe she is 3 years old. She does not like getting her picture taken.


We headed to Joe’s parent’s pool for a pool day. It was Liam’s first time swimming in a pool and he loved it!

After the pool we had another birthday party. It was my cousin’s daugther’s 1st birthday. It was at the park and was decorate so cute.

And of course the birthday girl looked adorable!

Liam was in the cutest outfit but then he had a blow out so a white onesie was our back up. I’m thankful we at least had that! Liam spent most of his time with grandma and grandpa at the party. My dad even tried to give Liam some chocolate…. I caught him and disciplined my father (that’s a first!). Another fun party.

Joe and I were so exhausted after the busy weekend that we went to bed not too long after Liam did.

We are so thankful for our family and friends and that we were able to attend all these important events this weekend. Thanks to those who hosted!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy this new week!

Weekend #9 and my first Mother’s day

It’s Monday again and I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. We had beautiful weather this weekend. It was perfect!



I did not work on Friday so Liam and I met up with a friend and her daughter at the park. The kids were so cute! I’m hoping we are able to get together more this summer.

Joe got done early with work on Friday so we were just hanging outside with Liam when it crossed Joe’s mind that maybe we should go to his parent’s cabin. We called and inquired if we could go and they said “of course!” So we packed as quick as we could and headed to the cabin.

Joe’s parents were so excited for us to be coming up and really excited for some quality time with Liam. Liam was not sad about deciding to go to the cabin and looked super cute in the little Adirondack chairs up there. Marley and Macy featured running in the back –Marley wasn’t sad about going to the cabin either.



Saturday morning Liam got up a little earlier than normal but that was okay because Joe and his parents are earlier risers too. We relaxed and watched the sunrise. It was beautiful.

I decided to go for a run in the morning and ended up going 3 miles. That is really good for me as I am trying to get back into running.

We spent a lot of the day outside enjoying the sunshine. We also watched the Kentucky Derby. Such a quick race and so many hats!


We had a great steak dinner with homemade pop overs and Caesar salad.It was delicious. After dinner we spent the rest of the evening relaxing. The cabin is such a great place to relax.


We started our morning off early again with Liam getting up earlier than normal. Again, it was okay and the sunrise was beautiful!


I got to open my present from Liam which was a new spring jacket. I have been needing a nice jacket to wear to work or anywhere really.

Liam was pretty tired all morning so we decided to head home early. He fell asleep seconds after we left the driveway and slept for the hour long ride home plus another hour once we got home. He was a tired baby.

Liam has been working on his second tooth so he was a little fussy during the day. He ended up needing another nap before we headed out to our Mother’s day celebrations. He looks so darn cute napping with no shirt. I couldn’t help myself. Also his second tooth popped through during this nap!


Our first celebration was at Joe’s aunt and uncle’s house. We had appetizers and spent time with his family there. It was nice to see everyone and they are always so happy to see Liam.

Then, we were off to my parent’s house to spend time with my side. It is always fun to so Liam with all his cousins. He took a short nap on the drive there which is just what he needed.


Here are some extra pictures from Mother’s day:

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there! You are truly special!

Weekend #8

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Our weekend again was really busy but super fun!


Friday night we spent together as a family relaxing. Joe grilled us our dinner. Joe and I watched the movie Blended (Adam Sandler movie that I could watch 100 times) after Liam went to bed.


It was a really busy and fun day for me. First, I went and got a pedicure and manicure for Joe’s cousin’s fiance’s bridal shower. Instead of a shower we did mani/pedi’s and then they all went to lunch but I had to leave early for my next plans. It was so nice to celebrate Justine and welcome her to the family!

My niece Kameryn got to join us for girls day but it was kind of a long time for her to sit still so she had some fun with the Snapchat filters on my phone.


After my nails were done we had late lunch plans with our friends Jared and Breanna and their boys at their house. They have 3 little boys and their youngest is 7 weeks younger than Liam. The little ones were so cute together and it was so great to spend time with them and catch up.

After that, we went home and gave Liam dinner, a bath, and then it was off to bed for him. Once he was in bed I headed out to meet my best friends. We had a girls night planned for my friend Annie’s last night at her house before she moves in with her boyfriend. It was such a fun night and so great to be with my girls. This momma even stayed up until midnight! Whoa!



In the morning we went to breakfast with Joe’s sister and her family and his dad. I got a virgin bloody mary. It was yummy but a little spicy for me.


Then after Liam’s morning nap he and I went to my sister in law’s to go see the flowers in bloom in their back woods. So beautiful.

Then we all went for a walk because it was such a beautiful day. The boys were so cute in the double stroller.


After that we hung out a little longer and watched the kids color with chalk. Liam got to try out a little trike too but he wasn’t quite ready to move in it yet.


In the evening we had my parents over for burgers on the grill. Another delicious meal cooked by Joe and a good time with my parents.

What a wonderful busy weekend we had!

Weekend #7

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


Joe and his siblings all have birthdays within weeks of each other so to celebrate their parents do a birthday dinner with prime rib and lobster.

It was a wonderful meal. Joe’s mom is such a great hostess. The place settings and flowers were so pretty and perfect!

The cousins had fun seeing each other. And sitting on their new bunk bed for sleepovers at grandma and grandpa’s house.

We put Liam to bed in the pack and play there. We were a little nervous because last time didn’t go very well. This time he did great. He slept through the transition to car seat and transition to crib. It was perfect.


Saturday mornings are always family mornings. It’s fun waking up and spending time as a family. Liam always makes me and Joe smile and laugh. He has such a personality now and is so silly.

I decided to go for my third run of the year. I wanted to burn off that meal from Friday and Saturdays seem to be good run mornings for me. I went my farthest and fastest so far. It feels good to get out there and run, even though I had to continue encouraging myself with each step.


After my run, Liam took a great nap and Joe was working on a deer stand with his dad and brother in law Joel. So I decided to finish the first season of Fuller House on Netflix. I loved it! It’s super cheesy but so funny. I think my favorite personalities so far are DJ and Max. Can’t wait for season 2!

Liam and I made a quick visit to our neighbors house. Their son is almost 4 months and we plan on him and Liam being the best of friends. Should be interesting watching them grow together. He is such a cutie!


Joe and I decided to make a Costco run to get some groceries and specifically chicken. We love the chicken from there. We dropped Liam off at my parents so he didn’t have to come with.

The Blackhawks played so after Liam went down I joined Joe watching that. I must have been really tired though because I fell asleep watching. Off to bed I went. Blackhawks did win though!



It was super rainy all day. Liam and I stayed home all day. We just spent time playing with all his different toys. It’s hard when it’s rainy and we can’t get outside for even a few minutes but we made it work. Liam rolls all over the place now and gets up on his hands and knees. He will be crawling before we know it. Joe ran a few errands but was home most of the day with us.

Liam did get some short visits from his grandpa in the morning and this his grandma later in the morning too.

Liam was a little fussy in the evening so we decided to let him play in the bath tub. He loves it so much. This may become part of our regular routine. Look at that hair (insert crying laughing emoji)!

Other than that we had a relaxing Sunday!


Have a great week!