The weekend #12

I hope everyone took some time to honor those who died for our country this Memorial day.

We had a really nice and wonderful weekend and I hope you did too. Get ready for picture overload! Liam was just way too cute this weekend! 🙂


Thankfully Joe was able to get done with work early which was a nice surprise. We were a little worried about the drive and Liam but with Joe getting done early it worked out perfect!

Joe’s parent’s decided to do chicken and beef kabobs for dinner and they were so delicious! Joe’s mom was having trouble with her phone so Joe was on the phone with support for about an hour (whoa!) but we had them on speaker phone and had them laughing pretty hard. It was a funny conversation and her phone was able to be fixed.


Joe went fishing after dinner with his dad and me and his mom relaxed while Liam slept. It was a nice quiet and relaxing evening.


There is nothing better than a hot cinnamon roll in the morning! YUM!


Joe had a busy day with his dad at their hunting land putting up a new deer stand. They were gone pretty much all day.

We had a relaxing morning and then after Liam’s nap he had a little photo shoot.


We went for a walk and it was so pretty out. I love going on walks at the cabin because the view is just stunning.


Then we headed to Hayward with Grandma, Auntie Erin, and cousins Kameryn and Luke. It was Liam’s first trip to Hayward. We went to the candy store and the popcorn store.

We all got new hats too! I couldn’t resist getting Liam this adorable packer hat at Packer Land. He even kept it on.

His cousin Luke got a Badger hat and man were they adorable together!


We spent some of the evening relaxing outside in the new Adirondack chair Grandma and Grandpa got for Liam. Seriously, look at him just lounging!

We also spent some time swinging in the swings. Luke, Kameryn, and I took turns on the bigger swing while Liam watched.


Later that evening we sent a sky lantern up and it was so pretty. I love those things!


Joe was at the cabin with us all day which was so nice! We went for a family walk but it started to drizzle so we had to hustle back.


The weather did clear up and we were able to spend some time outside. Liam loves being outside.

Joe and I made ribs for the whole family. It was so nice to cook for everyone up there and they were delicious!

We ended the evening with a fire by the lake and some more sky lanterns.


The cabin at night is so pretty.



This was the best day of the whole weekend for weather. The sun was out right away in the morning and we certainly took advantage!


One of our favorite things to do at the cabin is take the kayaks out. Joe and I did this while I was pregnant and before. We go around this little island and see the eagles. We decided to try taking Liam out for a ride. He did pretty good! We didn’t go too far but it was fun to all be out on the water.


Liam was able to play outside in the kiddie pool for a little while. He enjoyed that!

Liam really looks adorable in his Adirondack chair so we had another photo shoot. The lake in the background is just so pretty!

I was able to take the paddle board out for a little bit while Liam napped. It was so peaceful and I got to see an eagle which was pretty awesome! I tried standing up but it was a little wavy so I sat right back down. The water was still a little chilly for me.

Liam also got to go on his first pontoon ride! He did so good about keeping his life jacket on and loved driving with his grandpa!

The dogs really love the pontoon too! 🙂


After the pontoon ride we decided to start packing up so that Liam could take his second nap on the ride home.

We had such a fun and relaxing weekend. Parts of it were busy but most of it was just good time spent with family. Some beautiful pictures of the lake below!


The weekend #11

It was a wonderful and super busy weekend for us!  The weather was perfect and we had so many fun things going on. It was so busy and I took a ton of pictures so this post is going to have way too many pictures. Sorry in advance!


It was a beautiful evening. We had our niece Kameryn’s 5th birthday party at the park in the evening. Joe was running a little bit late so Liam and I headed to the park early to go on the swings and play a little before the party. (Notice the cutest flip flops ever!!)

Kameryn was super excited for her birthday. Erin bought Firehouse Subs (YUM) for everyone which was so nice. Kameryn really liked the book we made for her and the Cinderella doll she told me she wanted. She got lots of other great gifts too.


Liam was up bright and early. Since he has been able to sit up on his own and crawl he has been getting up around 5 or 5:30 instead of 6 or 6:30. It’s tough on this momma but at least he is sleeping through the night so I can’t complain!

Joe and I had to divide and conquer because we had so much going on this day. Joe headed to his brother Patrick’s graduation ceremony. He graduated from University of St. Thomas and Liam and I cheered him on from home.

After Liam’s morning nap he and I went to an essential oil make and take party. I made cleaning spray, face wash, hand soap, bug spray, a seasonal relief roll on, and a car air freshner. I love it all!

Then it was off to my brother Sean’s graduation party. Liam took his afternoon nap on the way. It wasn’t nearly long enough but he did well with it. We were able to spend time with family and celebrate Sean’s accomplishment. Liam’s cousin love him so much.

Next it was time for Patrick’s graduation party. We met Joe at home and then headed to his parent’s house for the party. Liam only partied for a little bit and then it was his bed time. We put him to bed in the pack and play so we could still celebrate.


We even did a chinese latern. They are so cool! There was also a push up contest between Joe’s mom and cousin. It was so much fun catching up with everyone at the party.

My best friend Shawna was throwing her boyfriend a surprise 30th birthday party this evening as well. So as it got later a lot of us decided to go stop in and wish him happy birthday. Joe stayed back with Liam. All my friends were at the party so it was so fun to see them and hang out for a little bit.


Saturday was our busiest day but it was filled with so much fun and time with the people we love.


It’s Marley’s birthday! Hard to believe she is 3 years old. She does not like getting her picture taken.


We headed to Joe’s parent’s pool for a pool day. It was Liam’s first time swimming in a pool and he loved it!

After the pool we had another birthday party. It was my cousin’s daugther’s 1st birthday. It was at the park and was decorate so cute.

And of course the birthday girl looked adorable!

Liam was in the cutest outfit but then he had a blow out so a white onesie was our back up. I’m thankful we at least had that! Liam spent most of his time with grandma and grandpa at the party. My dad even tried to give Liam some chocolate…. I caught him and disciplined my father (that’s a first!). Another fun party.

Joe and I were so exhausted after the busy weekend that we went to bed not too long after Liam did.

We are so thankful for our family and friends and that we were able to attend all these important events this weekend. Thanks to those who hosted!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy this new week!

Marley and Liam

The bond between a boy and his dog is such a wonderful thing. However, Marley wasn’t sure she was ready for it at first.


The day we brought Liam home was the day Marley was no longer the center of attention and I am not sure she was ready for that. She sniffed Liam and just really wasn’t sure of him. She has been around kids and loves kids but wasn’t used to living with a baby. She didn’t become super cuddly or loving to him right away but she did become protective.

Marley was never a barking dog until Liam came along. She began barking when people would come to our house. She also began sleeping outside of Liam’s door during the night. She isn’t always there but most times when I get up in the night I find her sleeping in the hallway.


The more Marley was around Liam the more she began to adjust to him. She still wasn’t fond of not getting all the attention but was beginning to grow fond of Liam as he continued to grow. He was becoming more interactive with her and she loved it.

Now, Liam cannot get enough of Marley. He loves watching her, touching her, and loves her kisses. She really likes being around him too and is always by him, especially when he is playing on the floor.


I imagine their relationship will continue to grow as Liam grows. It will be so cute watching the two of them together.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

The Proposal

This is the beginning of my throwback Thursday series of blogs I am going to do.

Let’s start with a little background of Joe and me before I get to the proposal. Joe and I are from the same hometown and dated the summer before I went off to college. He is a year younger than me and therefore was entering his senior year of high school. We did long distance for a little while but it just wasn’t working so the relationship ended.


We ended up dating again my senior year of college. This time the long distance worked and we have been together ever since.

Now to skip ahead past all the dating stuff. 2013 was a crazy year. My brother Sean got engaged and was getting married in 2013 and Joe’s sister Erin was getting married in 2013. So my brain was all about weddings and I so badly wanted to be planning my own. After non-stop talk about weddings and marriage Joe finally sat me down and said “listen, it’s not going to happen right now and all this talk is stressful. It just isn’t financially in the cards this year so can you cool it?” (okay that isn’t exactly what he said but it is what he meant). I of course apologized as I realized how much I was talking about it and totally understood what he meant.

However he was just tricking me! Joe’s sister’s wedding was in July of 2013 and the day after the wedding they were doing brunch. That morning Joe flew out of a commercial airport to go get our puppy Marley and his parent’s puppy Macy. This was supposed to be a surprise for his mom (although she already knew). As the plane was landing, me and a crowd of other people were waiting to see those cute puppies (they all knew they were going to see more than that.)


I was so excited to be getting a little puppy and she was just adorable! We had bought her a collar before Joe went to get her so he brought that with and put it on our puppy before they landed. Joe kept telling me to look at the collar. I noticed that it was just huge dangling off our puppy’s neck. I kept say yes it is really big we should tighten it. After saying this several times Joe gave up and untied the ring from the collar. He grabbed my hand and got down on one knee.

Then…..I totally blacked out! I knew he asked and my response was, “Seriously?!?” I was so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. Tears of joy and happiness rolled down my cheeks. It was such and exciting time. And so many people will there to celebrate with us.


We were truly blessed to have Erin’s photographer their to snap pictures of us during this extremely emotional and joyful time. My brother Sean was at the brunch because he was the pastor at the wedding so I was able to share the news with him right away. The remainder of the day was spent visiting with my family and showing them my beautiful ring.

We had engagement pictures done by the same photographer at Erin’s wedding. We used him for our engagement and wedding pictures. He did a wonderful job. You can click here to see the video of some of our engagement pictures.


This was such an exciting time for us and I am so happy to be reminiscing about our proposal/engagement on this throwback Thursday!

My dog Marley

I want to introduce you to my dog Marley and tell you all about how we got her and some of the details between then and now. Marley is a golden retriever who will be turning 3 in May.

All about Marley’s arrival: Marley was flown into a commercial airport with my husband (boyfriend at the time) the day after my sister-in-laws wedding which would have been July 21st 2013. She came with her sister Macy who was my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s puppy. She came with something else as well…..An ENGAGEMENT RING!!! I’ll share more details about the proposal another time. Marley is my proposal puppy and it was so darn cute!

marley1 marley2 marley3

Marley’s full name is Marley Sunshine Pretty Kitty Hailey. As you can see in the picture on the right, Marley likes to be on top of our furniture. She will sometimes sleep on the top of the couch. She is such a funny dog!

We had our struggles with Marley initially; chewing DVDs, anything cardboard, couch cushions, and even our walls!!! She never chewed our shoes though(phew)!

Marley and her sister Macy spend a lot of time together and just love each other! They wrestle and chase each other around. We are so thankful to share a sister puppy with my husband’s parents. Below Macy is laying down and Marley is sitting. Marley always needs to be involved in the action and ready to move, Macy is more laid back.

marley5 marley6

We describe Marley as the “party girl” and Macy as the “pretty girl” because Macy has very smooth fluffy fur and walks very gracefully and is very mellow and Marley has super curly crazy fur and is kind of clunky when she walks and just always has to be involved in everything around her.

We just love our puppy Marley. She even “talks” to us when she is excited. She loves visitors and people in general. She loves any kind of attention she can get. She struggled adjusting to life with Liam because of this but she has really warmed up to him now. She really is a beautiful and fun dog.

marley4 marley7