Bell ringing, cookie baking, birthday celebrating, ice skating, FUN WINTER WEEKEND!

We had a wonderful weekend doing all kinds of fun things including our annual cookie bake at my mom’s house. Seriously the holiday season is so much fun!

Joe cleaned up the basement so we got to go downstairs and play hockey and ride bikes and have all kids of fun.


Then we had dinner and after dinner I took Liam to go visit my mom who was ringing the salvation army bell at our local grocery store. Liam didn’t want to ring the bell but had no problem calling out people who didn’t give money (asking about a woman walking in “how come she didn’t give her money??”).

We then went home and watched a little TV before bed time.

I had sweat circuit in the morning and then hustled home to rinse off before heading to my mom’s house for our annual cookie bake.

Liam was very excited to help make cookies and started by helping my grandma make fudge. He enjoyed stirring it and adding ingredients.

Then it was time to start rolling out the gingerbread dough and cutting out gingerbread men. Liam enjoyed doing that too. Honestly, he stayed focused on the task longer than I thought he would.

Owen checked in every now and then too but for the most part just played with toys. Liam joined him after a while. The boys then had lunch. After lunch Owen went to nap and Liam played “Santa” with my mom. He was giving out toys. So cute. Then he went down for nap time too.

I was exhausted and tried to take a rest but ended up just lounging on the couch. Joe showed up during nap time too. When Owen woke up from nap he snuggled up with Joe on the couch.

Then Liam woke up and it was time to start frosting and decorating the cookies. He had a lot of fun decorating and tasting the cookies.

We then had to hustle to my friend Breanna’s surprise 30th birthday party. It was fun to catch up with everyone and hang out for a little bit.

Then it was time to go home and play in the basement a little more (our new favorite spot to play). Then lounge time upstairs and bed time.

Owen woke up a little early so I cuddled him in bed and we both slept until 7:30. It felt good to sleep in a little.

Then it was time to play in the basement again. Joe took out the toy kitchen and Owen enjoyed “cooking.”


We had a relaxing morning home and then during nap I was off to get groceries.

When Liam got up from nap I took him to get Owen’s Christmas present (which he really didn’t understand why he couldn’t get a present too) and then check out the ice to see if we could go ice skating.

We got home and picked up Joe and Owen and went to the ice to skate.

Liam was nervous at first but then once he realized Joe was going to help him he had lots of fun.

He kept his skates on for a while and then decided he wanted to wear his boots. We let him “skate” in his boots for a while. He had so much fun.

Owen had fun too. He really liked skating with Joe.


When we got home the boys cuddled up on the couch together to relax.

We had spaghetti for dinner and it was delicious and then did bath time. Liam slipped getting into the tub and gave himself a black eye. So sad!


We took the rest of the night easy. Owen wanted to go to bed early so then Joe and I decided to do some ear candling. Joe swears by it and I had never done it before. It was an interesting experience and Liam enjoyed watching.

Then it was Liam’s bed time and shortly after ours.

Once again I love the activities the holidays bring! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the week ahead!

Pancakes and a Gingerbread house

We had another family filled, holiday fun weekend!

After work Owen got his first (20 second) time out for continuously hitting his brother. As you can see he was very upset about it but also understood.


Joe and I both felt like it was a “go out for dinner” kind of night. So we went out in town.


Then it was a relaxing evening at home.

I had sweat circuit in the morning. After that we all got ready for the day and headed to my grandparents for my Grandma’s pancakes. She makes THE BEST pancakes. The boys both played and had so much fun.

Then it was home for nap time and cleaning for me. Seriously always something to clean with two littles (and two adults).

Owen gave me some kicked back snuggles when he woke up. Joe was off hunting so it was just me in the boys for a bit.


Then it was play time. My little dare devil Owen thinks it’s a good idea to climb on all kinds of things.

We stayed home the remainder of the evening.

We had a relaxing morning sipping coffee and hanging out.

Liam and I ran some morning errands to get groceries for the week. When we got home I added the remaining ingredients for the soup we were having for lunch.

We made taco soup and it was delicious. Owen loved it too. Liam wouldn’t try it because he is in a very picky stage.


During nap time I cleaned a little more and watched the football game.

After nap we headed over to my parent’s house for Terri’s tacos (always delicious). My mom surprised Liam with a gingerbread house after dinner. He was so excited!

We got it all built, decorated, and put together. We took some pictures and then….it started to fall apart! We scrambled to hold it together and add more frosting. There was frosting everywhere. It was so funny!

I also got some cute pictures of Owen messing around with the tree.


Then it was bedtime for the boys so we went home, put the boys to bed, watched The Office, and then went to bed.

I love what the holidays bring and the fun activities we get to do with the boys. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

A weekend of changes and holiday gathering

Our weekend was another good one! It wasn’t too busy and involved the right amount of fun too.

In the evening we had an interview at a daycare for the boys. Liam got to play a little and it seems like the right fit and the next best step for Liam and the amount of structure he needs as he begins his transition to preschool in the fall.

We heard back from her shortly after and she thought it was a great fit too so the boys will be starting there next week. We are both sad and excited about the change.

In the morning I had sweat circuit class. It was great and I love getting my weekend workout done. When I got home Liam wanted to paint my nails so I let him. It was messy but so funny and he loved it.


I had to run some errands to return an item I bought and do a little Christmas shopping for the boys. When I returned home the boys were napping.

After nap we went to Joe’s parent’s house to do Christmas pictures and have dinner. The boys looked so cute in their outfits and were ready for pictures. By the time everyone was ready things were crazy and it was hard to get many great pictures but we definitely got a few. I snag some cute pictures of the boys before everyone was ready.

We then had a delicious spaghetti dinner and spent time talking while the kids played. It was a great evening.

Sunday morning was a slow morning. Joe was off to do some plowing since it snowed and then when he got home I was off to get groceries.

Our little Owen is dairy-free so for lunch both boys had vegan macaroni and cheese. They love it (Joe and I like it at all).

After lunch Liam decided he wanted his haircut. So Joe buzzed his hair and we decided Owen could get his first buzz cut too. Oh my gosh, how much older they look!

Liam and Owen did a little dance that was the cutest with no shirts and new hair cuts.

Then we gave them both baths to wash off the hair and put them down for nap.

We made some chili and had a relaxing rest of the evening.

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

Thanksgiving 2018 and Thanksgiving weekend

We had a wonderful 4 day weekend full of family time, holiday celebrations, and traditions.

Happy Thanksgiving! We started our morning with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Liam loved the huge balloons.


Liam picked out his shirt he wanted to wear and both boys looked super cute.


We all got ready and packed up the boys to put Liam down for nap at my parent’s house. We were the first to arrive but others came soon after and Liam wasn’t falling asleep. So we let him get up.

My mom and grandma prepped the turkey to serve and my cousin brought this cute turkey veggie tray.

The littlest ones were hungry before all the food was ready so they got to eat early.


We all sat down for a wonderful and delicious meal. So fun getting all the families and cousins together.

After our meal all the kids went downstairs to watch a movie. Owen was tired but also fussy so Joe laid with him for nap. My brother Blake and I hung out with all the kids and watched The Lion King. It was a great way to relax after our big meal.

After too much pie and lots of laughs we headed to Joe’s parent’s house to see his family and relatives. The boys were both tired (especially Liam who skipped his nap altogether). I had more pie and conversation before we went home.

Both boys were ready for bed when we got home. We relaxed on the couch for a little bit and then both boys went to bed.

Joe and I were both tired after a long day as well and went to bed early.

I was able to go to go to hot yoga in the morning with my friend Amanda who lives in DC but was visiting for the holidays. It felt so great to sweat off some of that pie at ate! It was a great class.


Then it was home to shower quick and Joe was off to hunt for a little bit. We discovered Owen got two new front teeth which explained his fussiness.

While Owen took his morning nap Liam helped me clean a little bit. We made room in the toy room for our Christmas tree.


We had a pretty uneventful day, just cleaning and relaxing. Owen was still off from teething so I got to soak up some extra snuggles from him.

We spent the remainder of the evening playing and hanging out. Owen ended up going to bed at 6:30pm.

I started the morning with a sweat circuit. It was great! Owen wasn’t awake when I left but ended up sleeping until almost 7:30am.


I showered quick when I got home and then we were off to get our Christmas tree with my parents.

It usually doesn’t take us long to pick a tree it’s usually just finding the right size. We found one after looking at a few.

Liam brought his toy chainsaw to help cut down the tree.

It was so muddy out. We got stuck several times and I was about to lose my mind with anxiety. However, we made it out after many different routes and were able to go home.


We had lunch quick and then I brought Owen to my mom’s for nap and a few hours so we could take Liam to a movie.

While Liam napped and before the movie I put the Christmas tree up. It is a perfect fit.

We brought Liam to his first movie at the movie theater. We saw The Grinch. It’s a good movie and it was a Christmas movie so that was fun. He was super excited about the big screen and the snacks.


After the movie we went to my parent’s for dinner. We made turkey squares with the leftover turkey and they were delicious.

The boys played for a bit and then it was time to head home. We put the boys to bed and again after a busy day Joe and I were both exhausted. We watched some TV and then went to bed.

Joe went out hunting and the boys and I played. When Joe got home Owen went down for nap and Liam and I got to decorating the tree. Joe found my old work hat from my freshman year of college. For some reason I have 3 of them. So funny!


I put the lights on the tree and then Liam helped decorate it. Owen really liked the decorations too when he woke up.

I ended up cleaning and decorating more of the house too.

The finished tree looks so pretty!

I ran some errands during nap time but for the most part we spent the day decorating and relaxing at home.

Liam and Joe made a fort to play in until Liam got hurt and decided he didn’t want to play anymore.


I gave Owen his first haircut by snipping the long hairs in the back of his head. So cute!


Then it was bedtime for the boys.

Joe and I watched some of the Packer vs Viking game before going to bed.

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. I love all our traditions as the holiday season kicks off. I hope you had a great weekend too and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hunting, crafts, family, and friends!

We had a busy but fun weekend!

Joe headed north for gun season opener for deer in WI. I made Liam some “hot chocolate” aka chocolate protein powder. He wasn’t really interested. I think he thought hot chocolate meant something else.


The boys and I had a quiet evening and all was smooth until bedtime. Liam was very upset his dad wasn’t there to put him to bed and cried and cried. Eventually he calmed down and went to sleep.

I was up early to get ready for a day of “does-on-the-go” looking at crafts. I got Owen dressed in one of my favorite shirts. Liam decided he wanted to stay in his pajamas for the day. We had a babysitter come over.


My mom, aunt, cousin, and I all met at my grandma’s house to ride to Baldwin together. Annie met us in Baldwin to look at a few things for her new house. We stopped at 2 stores and then Annie had other plans she needed to attend.

The rest of us went to the high school where there are maybe 100+ vendors. It was a zoo but always fun to look.


We ran into Molly and baby Ruthie at the high school. What a trooper little Ruthie was (and brave mama!).


After seeing so many crafts we decided to go to lunch at the Barn Board in Roberts. It was pretty good food. Then it was home to see the boys.

Then Jordan and baby Hayden came over to visit. She is so cute! Liam and Owen both spent most of their visit showing all their cool tricks to Jordan. It was adorable.

Joe came home Saturday evening and the boys and I were happy to see him. He had a successful hunt and had lots of fun too.

We put the kids to bed and headed to bed early ourselves as we both were exhausted.

I decided to get up early and try to get a workout in before the boys woke up. I started with legs and everyone was still sleeping so then I did arms. They all were still a sleep so I decided to end with some yoga. I got started when Liam woke up. He watched and climbed all over me while I finished and we ended with snuggles on the couch while we waited for Owen and Joe to wake up.


Owen finally woke up a little before 7am. We went in and he was happy to see us. Then we went and woke Joe up too.


Liam and I ran some early morning errands to the store. It was great because no one was there and no lines. When we got home Joe took Liam to go see his friend’s bucks that they got.

Owen went down for nap and I relaxed in a quiet house. Then Owen woke up and Joe and Liam got home for lunch. After lunch Liam showed me his “exer-stretch.” He is so funny.


Liam had to go down for nap so just Owen and I went to Jordan’s to see baby Hayden again. Then Breanna and Raelynn showed up too. Owen was loving hanging with the ladies. It was great to see everyone.

Owen went down for his second nap when we got home. We did some power cleaning of the house and then my parents came over for chili.

After dinner we spent time with my parents and when they left it was bedtime for the boys.

We had a really great weekend and hope you all have a great (and hopefully short) holiday week!

A birthday party and family time

We had a great weekend that wasn’t too busy.

We spent the evening at home relaxing after a week of work and daycare.

Joe went hunting in the morning so it was just me and the boys. Then my mom came over to watch the boys while I went to sweat circuit class. It was a killer workout!


When I got home I made the boys breakfast, my mom left, and Owen went down for nap. While he was napping Liam watched cartoons while I showered. It is wild trying to get ready with 2 kids!

Joe came home from hunting and we all got ready to go to Raelynn’s birthday party. Her party was at Chaos Water Park in Eau Claire.


We all got our swim suits on. Both boys were super cautious but curious. I took Owen up to go down a small side and just as we reached the top a big bucket of water dumped right on us. He freaked out and did not want to swim any more.

Joe took Liam around the lazy river while Owen and I dried off.

We then had pizza and chicken strips followed by cupcakes and ice cream.

Then we watched Raelynn eat her cake. What a cute birthday girl!


It was way past nap time and the boys were ready so we had to leave before gifts got opened. Both boys fell asleep on the car ride home and took naps once we got home too.

We all were exhausted after a fun time at the water park. We spent the remainder of the evening relaxing and playing.

We had an early morning dance party, play time, cartoons, and fun. Liam has been taking care of his “baby” lately and it is so cute. He feeds her and cuddles her.


When Owen went down for nap Joe went out to the woods for a little bit. Liam decided he wanted his nails painted. So we painted them. He things they are awesome and so do I!

Owen is our climbing child. He climbs and stands on everything.


Both boys took afternoon naps and then we went to my parents for the Packer game and dinner.  It was fun hanging out there.

Then it was home to put the boys to bed and relax after a fun weekend.

Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy your week!

A weekend of being sick and just trying to get by

This weekend was a rough one for me. I came down with some kind of terrible cold. I also ended up losing my voice so that creates a lot of challenges when trying to talk to children.

I ended up staying home from work after a rough night that included coughing, chills, nausea, and a headache. Thankfully the chills and nausea were just in the middle of the night and went away quickly but the cough lingered.

I got up at 5:30, helped get the boys ready and out the door, and went back to bed a little before 7am. I ended up sleeping until 10:30! I tried to get some food in me and rest. I ended up going back to bed at 1pm and slept until 2pm.

Once the boys got home I had to be on my toes a little bit more but was still able to rest quite a bit.

Once the boys went to bed, I took a nice hot epsom salt bath and went to bed too.

I still wasn’t feeling the greatest but was able to get some good sleep. Joe went out hunting in the morning so it was me and the boys for a while. They did good playing together and individually while I laid low. Liam even did some “hunting” of his own.


When the boys went down for nap, so did I. I ended up sleeping for over 2 hours.

Then Joe was heading back out to the woods. The boys weren’t as well behaved in the evening as they were in the morning. Honestly, they both got away with more things than usual since my voice just wasn’t working and the energy wasn’t there. But we survived!

We tried to keep the boys up a little later because of daylight savings, but not matter my plan it never works. Owen was exhausted and only was up about 30 minutes longer and same with Liam.

I was off to bed shortly after them.

Joe stayed home from hunting and got up with the boys bright and early. Liam was up at 5 and Owen 5:30 (thanks a lot daylight savings!). I was able to sleep until 6:30am which was super nice.

I was going stir crazy so I ended up cleaning the house quite a bit during Owen’s first nap.

I also needed a refill on my asthma medicine. I ended up going to urgent care to get a prescription. It took FOREVER but I was able to get my medications and will hopefully kick this cough soon!

Liam went down for nap early so he was up shortly after I returned home. Joe was going to take him hunting for the first time at the hunting land in Cumberland. Liam was so excited. His cousin Luke and Uncle Joel were going too.

They left and Owen was still napping. I did some laundry and then sat down and watch The Holiday Calendar on Netflix (typical Christmas movie). Owen continued napping the entire movie! Tired boy!

When he got up he was confused about where everyone was but quickly adjusted to having free-reign of all the toys. He and I had a lot of fun hanging out together one-on-one.

Joe and Liam got home and Liam told me about all the fun they had hunting.

It was a very restful weekend for me and although I am not 100% I am on my way to feeling better! Have a great week!

Halloween 2018

This year Liam decided he wanted to be a pirate (after changing his mind many times). Owen was going to be a monster (costume from Liam at his age) but I couldn’t resist the idea of dressing the boys up together. I knew it would be only a few years that I may be able to do this so I decided to go for it and made Owen the parrot to Liam’s pirate.

Joe and I decided to dress up too!

We got the boys dressed at daycare where both my friends Molly and Katrina were hanging out (Molly’s mom is our daycare provider). We got to see sweet Ruthie dressed up as a Baby Ruth candy bar. So cute!

We started at my grandparents. They were very excited to see us. We stayed there for a little while before heading to our next stop.

We went to Joe’s parents. The boys were in great moods by the time we got there. We hung out for a little while and helped hand out some candy to other trick-or-treaters.

We stopped at Joe’s sister’s house quick as well. We were going to walk from his parent’s to their house and stop along they way (they only live a few blocks apart) but the boys weren’t up to it so we didn’t.


Then we went to my parent’s house for dinner. The boys almost immediately got out of costume and started playing with toys and relaxing.


We had a fun Halloween and hope you did too! Happy Halloween all!

Some Halloween fun and more

We had another fun and low-key weekend.

We spent the evening relaxing and hanging out as a family.

I had sweat circuit in the morning and then it was home to shower quick. We were going to visit Joe’s grandma but Owen ended up taking a longer than expected morning nap.


We hung out at home and then after nap went to Stillwater to Trick-or-Treat at Joe’s aunt and uncle’s house. Joe’s cousin Grace made the boys the cutest Halloween baskets.

We ran to Target quick after and then hustled home for a later than normal dinner and a relaxing evening.

Owen and I were able to sleep in a little bit while Joe and Liam got up a little earlier. We decided to go see Joe’s grandma before nap time for Trick-or-Treating. She was happy to have visitors and made the boys some yummy cookies.

We dropped Joe and Owen off at home for nap time and Liam and I went to visit Molly and baby Ruthie. She is so cute!

Liam decided he was ready to hold her and it was sooooo sweet!


We went home for Liam’s lunch and nap time. I ran a few errands during nap.

Joe then went out hunting and the boys and I hung out at home. We made homemade pizzas and I made cauliflower crust pizza for me and Joe. It was pretty good.


Liam dressed up as a little hunter with his “hunting hat,” buck call, and standing in his “tree stand.” His imagination is awesome lately.


It was a fun weekend filled with just the right amount of busy and relaxing. Hope you have a great week!

Friends and babies!

This weekend was filled with seeing friends, meeting a new baby, and celebrating a couple and their bundle of joy to come. It was a great weekend!

Our friends from Oregon were home for a wedding so we stopped over to see all the kids and Chelby (Tyler wasn’t home).

Liam was being a total “threenager” and would not take a picture for me so we took it without him (after his major meltdown).

As always it was fun to get the kids together and see the little ones. We love them so much!

Then it was time to head home and get the kids to bed. Owen kicked back in his crib and fell right to sleep.


I had sweat circuit in the morning and it was killer! Then it was home to relax and get ready for the day.


We brought Liam to nap at my parent’s house with my brother. Then my sister-in-law and brother took him to Sky Zone Trampoline park for his birthday present. He ended up crying for the beginning of it and then had fun the rest of the time.

While he was gone, Joe, Owen, and I went to a diaper party for Joe’s friend Colin and his wife Emily. They are expecting a baby boy this winter. It was fun to catch up and celebrate their little family!

After the diaper party we stopped by to see Tyler since we didn’t get to see him Friday. It was good to see the kids and Chelby again too. They are all just too cute!

Then we went home and waited for Liam to get home. He came home and said he had so much fun. Then it was bed time!

In the night my bestie Molly had a sweet baby girl, Ruthie Jo. Liam and I ran some errands quick in the morning, we had lunch, and then we were off to meet Ruthie.

She was so alert and content. Such a sweet and precious baby girl. Love her so much already.

Then we put the boys down for nap and I ended up doing some cleaning and baking. I made Healthy Pumpkin Spice Protein Muffins.

We spent the remainder of the day hanging out at home and relaxing.

It’s so wonderful to spend time with friends! Hope you have a great week ahead!