Cabin, sunshine, and triathlon!

Well our weekend had a turn of events when Joe decided he wanted to participate in the Shell Lake triathlon! It was a really great weekend! And yes he is crazy! haha!


Joe worked from home which allowed me to get to the gym in the morning. I was so thankful to get a nice workout in before the weekend ahead.


Then it was mommy and Liam time. I had to head to the chiropractor so I took Liam with. The plate in my lower back (sciatica plate????) tends to tilt so regular chiropractor visits are a must during pregnancy! Liam was a good little boy in the waiting room but then was totally freaked out by the chiropractor and just cried. It was so sad and I had to calm him down and tell him he was just watching. Then he was fine.

We got home in time for Liam’s lunch and nap time. I had a lot of packing to do for the cabin so I worked on that.

After Liam’s nap we headed north. Joe’s parents and sister’s family were up there for the weekend as well. Liam had so much fun once his cousins arrived and they were able to play outside and run around.

Uncle Joel even helped him ride a bike. He loved it!

Joe’s mom cooked us an amazing dinner to fuel the racers for the next day.

Then it was bed time for Liam and shortly after it was bed time for us.


We got up bright and early in time to catch a beautiful sunrise on the lake.


There was all kinds of hustle and bustle in the morning as Joe, his dad, and his sister/Erin prepared for the triathlon. Joe’s mom was going to participate as well but she has been having some trouble breathing with the humidity in the air and it was quite humid. She decided to back out last minute and take Erin’s kids instead.


The triathlon participants left while we continued to get the kids packed up and ready to go. We walked to the race and got there just before it started.


First it was the swim. Everyone made good time and came out smiling. It looked insane all those people in the lake at one time but the water was calm which helped a lot.

Then they were off on their bikes. While they were biking the 15 miles we played at the park on the beach. Joe’s cousin Madison took Liam and they played. It took him a minute to warm up to her but then he really liked her!

The bikers started coming in and were taking off on the final task; the run! They all still looked good and ready to take it on.

The kiddos were such troopers as we watched the races. Liam enjoyed a little snack while we waited for everyone to finish the race.


Joe’s sister finished first and she kicked butt. She got a personal record for herself and was the top finisher for her age group. Then Joe’s dad came in. Kameryn and Luke ran in with him.

Then Joe came! His goal was to finish in under 2 hours. He had only started running about 1.5 weeks ago and had not trained for the bike or swim. He knew he was under trained and just wanted to finish the race.


Liam wanted to run in with Joe. He was soooo excited to see him coming and he ran with him as much as he could and then caught up to him at the finish line. It was so adorable.

Liam and I both are so proud of Joe for pushing himself and finishing the race. Nothing like just throwing yourself into fitness!


There were a few other people from New Richmond in the race and also Joe’s cousin Grace’s boyfriend. They all did amazing and should be so proud of themselves! What an accomplishment!

We walked back to the cabin for lunch. Liam was ready for nap pretty shortly after that.

Erin and the kids left before Liam got up from nap. She had plans for the evening so they had to head home early. When Liam woke up it was so hot and sunny. We headed out on the pontoon and did some swimming. Liam loved it!

We decided to go out for dinner.  Then it was back to the cabin for a little bit of play time and then bed time for Liam.

Joe and I were both exhausted after the busy day so we stayed up for a little while after Liam and then went to bed too.


It was much cooler outside in the morning. Joe and Liam both slept in. I decided to get up and just relax in the morning. Once Liam was up we had to wake Joe up.

Liam was ready to play outside bright and early so we headed outside for a little bit.


Then we decided to go out for breakfast before heading home. It was at a nice little place in Spooner and it was pretty good! It wasn’t super greasy like most breakfast joints so that was nice.

Then it was to the cabin to pack up and head out before nap time. We made it out and actually made it home (with me entertaining in the backseat) without Liam falling asleep.

He went down for nap and then so did I. Busy weekends are hard! haha! After nap we played for a little while and after very little thought….we decided to go to Sawmill for pizza before July pizza menu ended and a new August menu came. Joe’s sister and family were there for a birthday party that we ended up “crashing.”

Liam has really warmed up to his “Aut-nie Erin.” So sweet!

Once again it was home and then movie and snuggles before bed time. Look little cutie boy snuggle his daddy to avoid mom putting him in bed! Haha!

What a wonderful weekend we had and again so proud of Joe for his weekend accomplishments. 

Fair, wedding, and sleepovers!

We once again had a really great weekend. It was packed with lots of activities and fun!


I know this isn’t part of the weekend but I wanted to share some of the fun pics we got at our local fair. Although Liam didn’t express that he was enjoying the rides he kept saying “more” when they were over. I think he had fun!


Liam and I had some morning errands to run. We went to Target to get a bunch of things! It was a successful trip although Liam was over it by the time we left.

Then it was home for play, lunch, and nap time. After nap Liam woke up super sad. He didn’t want anything I suggested. I thought maybe he was sick so I took his temperature and it came back normal. We settled on snuggles on the couch.


Shortly after Liam woke up, Joe got home and we had to pack super quick to bring Liam for a sleepover at my parents and Joe and I were off to rehearsal dinner for his good friend Colin and his future Mrs; Emily.

Liam seemed fine once we dropped him off at my parent. He was ready to play with the toys and have a good time. We hustled off to Chippewa Falls where the rehearsal was taking place.

After rehearsal was the grooms dinner. It was his favorite meal, fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. It was so good! And look at the adorable decorations!

Of course the desserts too. Some super yummy cookies!


My mom ended up calling and saying Liam had a fever. She said he was just snuggly and tired. I trusted her to do what was best for him and she agreed to keep me posted on how he is doing. We thought a good nights rest will hopefully help him get better.

After dinner we headed to my friend Breanna’s parent’s house to stay the night rather than making the long trip home. She stayed there with us and her parents were gone for the night. It was so nice of them to let us stay and saved us a lot of time!


Joe headed off to wedding events early since he is an Usher in the wedding. They started bright and early with fishing and breakfast.

My mom sent me a picture of Liam once he woke up and said he was doing much better. He woke up happy, no fever, and had an appetite again. Thank goodness!


I tried to sleep in a little. Once we were up, Breanna and I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. It was already getting hot so it felt good to get that done before it got too hot.

We then had some breakfast and headed to Caribou for sparkling green tea lemonade and the farmer’s market. We got some yummy sugar snap peas and Breanna got her mom some flowers.


Then we went off to Target to get a few things for Breanna. After that it was back to the house. I was a little tired so I rested for about 20 minutes and then had to start getting ready to go.

I got picked up by the other Usher’s (Dustin) wife, Kristin and off to the ceremony we went. We got there a little early to try to get a seat in the shade. It was hot and humid and we are both pregnant!

The ceremony and reception were a lot of fun! I will make a separate post with more details on it.

I got a picture of Liam at the fair with his cousin Judah and Uncle Blake on a ride. So thankful they were able to have a good time!


After the wedding we drove home. Then it was quick shower and go straight to bed. We were both exhausted.


I got to sleep in a little since Liam was gone but we wanted to go watch my bestie Molly and her family play tennis so I had to get up so we could pick Liam up and try to get there by 8 for their matches.

We stopped and grabbed coffee, then Liam, and were a little late to the matches but we made it!


Liam loved watching Brogan play tennis. Brogan is Molly’s little sister who Liam sees all the time when he is at daycare. He loves her and kept saying her name. It was sooooo adorable!


I am so thankful to have friends and daycare family who care so much about my little man. He obviously loves them too!


After tennis we went home to relax, eat lunch, and take naps. We all took nice long naps.

After nap was over we headed to Joe’s parent’s house for a pool day.

Joe’s parents got a new pizza oven so we made homemade pizzas for dinner. They were super good! Such a fun idea! Joe’s sister also made this super yummy grilled watermelon and peach salad. It was so good!

After swimming it was time to head home and get Liam ready for bed. He was super tired after a long weekend.

We are so thankful for our family and friends! What a great weekend and we owe it all to them! 🙂

A perfect summer weekend!

We had another really great summer weekend. The weather was beautiful and we did so many things!


I had off Friday and Joe was home by noon so we had a nice day together.

Liam and I started the morning with some snuggles. He is so darn cute!

Then we went for a walk with Marley. It was so nice out already so it felt good to get out and move before it got too hot.

We had to make a quick stop at Walmart to get a new hat for Liam before heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s to swim. My mom was off work and my aunt Sherrie was visiting for the weekend so we were excited to spend the day with them.


By the time we got to my parents it was time for Liam to have lunch and then go down for nap. We played inside for a little while but he was really tired. He didn’t fuss much going down and it allowed me to have some adult time and outside time. It was great!

Once Liam was awake we headed outside to the pool. Liam loves his Uncle Blake and had fun playing outside with him.


My brother ended up dropping off my nephew Judah for the evening as well. Judah and Liam had a blast playing outside together.


Liam and Joe had some fun on the trampoline too. Liam’s balance is incredible!

Then it was time to go home with a very tired Liam! He had so much fun and was exhausted when we got home. Joe and I were also exhausted! Such a fun day!


I had my Saturday morning sweat circuit. For some reason it was harder than other weeks but felt good to get it done!


Then our local library was putting on an event called “A Wheelie Fun Event” that had all kinds of motorized vehicles for the kids to check out and climb in and explore. It was FREE too!

Liam had a blast checking out all the vehicles and “driving” them.

My parents, Sherrie, and Judah came too.

Liam was even able to try on a few helmets. He loves helmets!

We headed home for lunch and nap time after. We all took naps. Liam took a 3.5 hour nap which is long for him but he obviously needed the rest. Joe and I also napped.

After nap we headed to my parents for another pool day. My brother, his wife Libby, and Judah were there too. It was more fun swimming, playing, and watch the little guys. My mom got them some little paw patrol balloons so they had fun with those.


My brother serenaded Liam with some music as well. Liam wasn’t so sure about it haha!


Then we headed to my grandparents to celebrate my Grandpa’s 80th birthday! We had cake and ice cream and the little ones all played outside.


Again we had a tired boy to bring home. Another fun day!


Liam slept in which was amazing! He was so tired from our busy weekend so far. Once he was up he gave Marley and his dad some snuggles.

He found his balloon and was so excited about that.

Then it was puzzle time. He hasn’t shown interest in his puzzles in a while so it was fun to play with those.

Joe and Liam ran to Aldi to get a few groceries while I did a little cleaning around the house. Joe had done some cleaning earlier which was nice. We all had breakfast for lunch and then Liam went down for nap.

After nap we spent time playing with Liam but then Joe had to go to my grandparents to set up a trap for an animal that was in their garage.

Liam and I played for a while. I always wear a headband to work out or if my hair is up and Liam has noticed. He decided he wanted his own headband. How cute!


Once Joe got home we all headed to Sawmill Pizza to get brick oven pizzas. My mom rode with us there. My dad was there and Sean, Libby, and Judah. They invited a couple from church to join us as well. Joe’s sister and her family and another family friend of theirs were also there.

It seriously is so great to let the kids just run around and burn energy. And the pizza is amazing.


We got half expectant mother and half spicy jameese and then a full bac-on-the-ranch. We shared with my parents. They were all sooooo good! YUM! EXPECTANT MOTHER: Tomato Sauce, Pickles, Peanut Butter, Pineapple and Pepper Cheese. BAC-ON THE RANCH: Garlic Ranch Dressing, Bacon, Chicken, Zucchini, and Farmer Cheese. SPICY JAMEESE: Tomato Sauce, Strawberry Jam, Sriracha, Cheddar Cheese and Pepper Cheese.

Uncle Sean had some fun with Liam. Liam wasn’t sure he was going to give in that it was fun but then he couldn’t help it.

Liam got some seriously curly hair after getting hot and being in the humidity. So cute! How can I ever cut it?!?

After pizza and play time we went home where we again had a super tired little boy.

We had an amazing weekend with lots of outside time. I hope you enjoyed the weekend and have a great week ahead!


Independence Day 2017

We decided to keep our 4th of July pretty mellow this year especially since it landed on a Tuesday. It was a beautiful day so we gave some thought to what we wanted to do.


2 years ago, 1 year ago, and now

We started our morning off with a family walk. It felt good to get some activity in right away before it got too hot.

Then it was play time outside. Liam loves splashing in his water table and taking water out of it to water the plants. We stayed out for a little while but it ended up getting pretty hot. So we headed inside.

Before we knew it, it was lunch time and then nap time. I decided to power clean the house during nap and I am thankful I did. It needed to get done. Joe decided to take a little snooze too.

After nap we went to my parent’s for some pool time. My brother and his family were there too.  It was nice to get in the water and cool down. Liam is warming up more and more to swimming so that is fun too.

Also Baby 2 was making a serious appearance on the 4th. Holy cow! Look at that belly!


We had dinner at my parent’s with everyone and Liam ate so much watermelon. He loves it.


After dinner we played inside for a little while. My dad and Joe went and got us some DQ blizzards for dessert too. So good and hit the spot!

Look at my little teenager! He is so funny!


Then we headed home to put a very tired little mister to bed and go to bed not too long after.

It was a fun, relaxing, and exhausting day! So thankful to spend time with family.

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July!

A holiday weekend with a birthday celebration!

We had an excellent weekend with wonderful weather!!


Liam and I started our Friday morning with a nutrition packed smoothie and some reading. Lately he has been wanting to read a lot so he picks out the books and I read them.


We moved on to coloring after a while. We have still been working on potty training and someone was really proud about the treat he got for going #2 on the potty. Side note: he has been doing so good with potty training. We are very proud! It is definitely a commitment to get him on the potty everywhere we go.

While Liam napped I did some online prenatal yoga. As part of a fitness challenge I am doing the challenge this week was to try something new. I was surprisingly impressed with how I felt afterwards. I may have to continue with that on the days I am home.


After nap Joe was home. We hung out for the evening. After dinner I had a sweet tooth so we went and got an oreo McFlurry. It was delicious!


Then it was bed time for Liam and movie time for us. We watched Concussion. Joe had seen it but I hadn’t. It was a good movie!


Liam was up and ready to read! He curled up with Joe and wanted to read on his own. So cute!


Then I was off to run the holiday weekend Sweat Circuit at Snap Fitness. I had a great group show up and we got hot and sweaty! So good to get our weekend workout in.

When I got home we all ran our grocery errands. We had to go to several stores to get what we needed so it was a busy morning. Then it was home to have lunch and put Liam down for nap. Joe and I ended up taking a little nap as well.

After my nap I decided to have a festive snack. I love yogurt and berries! So good!


Once Liam woke up he was ready to play. We spent a little time outside but the mosquitoes are pretty bad at our house so we never last too long out there.


Joe made BBQ ribs for dinner with sweet corn and mac and cheese (for Liam but of course I couldn’t resist). It was the perfect summer meal.


After dinner we spent a little more time playing and then Liam requested movie night. He is just like his daddy!


Liam went down for bed, then we watched some Netflix and then headed to bed.


Liam decided to sleep in so Joe and I had a relaxing morning. Once Liam woke up we had breakfast and got ready to go pick strawberries with Frauntie Molly.

Molly and I both had never gone to pick berries before so it was a new experience for us. It was actually fun and there were so many berries to be picked.

Liam helped pick at first but then we decided he would be better as the designated “berry into bucket placer.” He did good with this.

Liam even had to taste test a berry and he approved.

Once we got home we had some play time before lunch and nap. I had another festive bowl of yogurt for lunch but this time with some of our fresh berries. YUM!


We had my dad’s birthday/pool party in the afternoon so we took Liam over there to nap. He took a short nap but that was okay because his cousins (and Grandpa) were there and ready to play.

Liam is still getting used to swimming but he did pretty good! He spent some time in the water so that is progress.

My dad/the birthday boy had some fun at his party. He cracks me up! Always having a good time!


We had dinner at the party and then ended up heading home at Liam’s bedtime. Joe and I were both exhausted (Liam too) after a long day outside. After Liam went down I took a shower, then Joe did, and we were both ready for bed too.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! For those who have Monday off….good for you! Enjoy it! And for those (like me) who have to work, make it a great day! 

A cool cabin weekend

We had a nice relaxing weekend at the cabin. The weather was cooler but still decent and we enjoyed some outside time when we could.


We packed our things and headed to the cabin around 3:30 when Joe got home from work. It was just us and Joe’s parents for the weekend so we knew it was going to be quiet.

We spent the evening relaxing and letting Liam run around and explore. He did some relaxing too!



We started off with a relaxing morning. Joe and his dad went fishing so Liam, Marley, and I went for a walk. It felt good to get outside and get moving early in the morning.


When we returned the guys were back from fishing and Liam had to share stories from our walk.

It ended up getting pretty sunny out so we spent some time playing outside before lunch. Liam just loves running around outside.

Then it was nap time for Liam. It was starting to get cloudy and gloomy out so Joe curled up on the couch and I decided to watch Moana on Netflix. It was very cute!

After nap we packed up and headed to Hayward to go to the wilderness walk. We thought Liam would enjoy seeing all the animals.

He thought it was pretty funny that a goat chewed on my sweater and the horse sneezed on me. He is such a storyteller.


He had a blast looking at the animals but did not want to go too close to them.

He had some fun playing there as well but was cautious to be away from the animals.

Liam got an adorable souvenir from the walk.


After the park we headed to the Steakhouse and Lodge for dinner. It is always such yummy food.

Then we headed back to the cabin for a little play time before Liam headed to bed. I was pretty exhausted myself and so was Joe. We stayed up and chatted for a while before calling it a night.


The weather was quite chilly and cloudy in the morning so we decided to head home early. We packed up our things and headed out around 9:15am.

We decided to stop at Rusty’s for breakfast on our way home which was good because Liam was very hungry and ate so good.

We spent a little more time playing once we got home but Liam was really tired. We put him down for nap and he slept for 3.5 hours! Tired boy! I also napped as I was beginning to not feel the greatest. I woke up from nap super stuffy and sneezy. I felt miserable.

We decided to go for a walk since it was sunny out and that was nice. Then we played outside since Liam insisted “outside me!”

After a few hours of feeling terrible I bit the bullet and went to Walmart to get some Benadryl in the hopes that it would help. It did a little but I ended up heading to bed early.

Aside from getting sick it was a really nice weekend. Liam had so much fun and was able to do so much exploring.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoy the week ahead!

Weekend of Celebrations!

We had a very busy weekend!


I worked at home because I had a wedding rehearsal and a grooms dinner to attend. This was the beginning of a very busy but fun weekend. We rehearsed for the wedding at the church and then headed to Gibby’s for pizza and drinks.


After dinner I had to go to Walmart to make some final purchases for the wedding day and then home to bed to try to get some rest.


One of my best friends, Katrina, is getting married to her love Seth! I was the personal attendant in the wedding so I was busy ALL DAY LONG! I will make a separate post with more details on the wedding.


I had several plans for Sunday but ended up cancelling a few because of how exhausted and sore my body was. We got home late on Saturday night and Liam was up by 6am. I decided it would be better for me to stay home and take a nap when Liam naps.

We spent some of the morning outside at Liam’s request. It was beautiful out and he was adorable playing in his pajama shirt and rain boots. He is so funny.

Joe wanted to go out for breakfast so we did that. My brother Sean joined us. Then it was home for a family nap. We were all very tired. I don’t think I moved until I heard Liam wake up.


After nap we spent more time outside playing and then headed to my niece’s 12th birthday party.  It was nice to relax with family and get some more outside time.

Then we headed home, put Liam to bed, I showered, we watched an episode of Parks and Recreation, and then I was ready for bed.

Although the weekend was exhausting it was also a lot of fun. Happy Monday and enjoy your week!


Memorial Day weekend 2017

We had a wonderful, relaxing, productive, and all around good weekend. We both had Monday off which allowed us an extra day at home to get things done.


After work we packed up our things and headed north to Joe’s parent’s cabin. We arrived up there in time to have some dinner and hang out. Liam didn’t remember much about the cabin so he spent the evening exploring and figuring things out.

Liam went down for bedtime fairly easy and we spent the evening relaxing.


Liam slept great thankfully and woke up around his normal time. He had to adjust to being at the cabin with family but after waking up he was ready to play. After a relaxing morning routine Joe, Liam, and I decided to go for a walk. We needed to get Liam some milk so we walked to the store.

It turned out to be a really beautiful morning so it was spent playing outside. Then we went for our first pontoon ride of the summer. Liam enjoyed it much more this year than he did last year.

Grandpa got a big bubble machine that Liam really enjoyed. He liked “getting” the bubbles with his hockey stick. Kameryn also enjoyed the bubbles and named herself the bubble queen.

The entire day was spent outside enjoying the sunshine.

Even the dogs were soaking up the sunshine!


Saturday evening was the celebration of Joe and his siblings birthday with what is called “birthday dinner.” Joe’s parents are so kind to cook a delicious meal that includes prime rib, lobster, pop-overs with cinnamon honey butter, and Caesar salad. It was an amazing meal and I am thankful to be included in it.

The rest of the evening was spent by the fire relaxing and chatting until we were all tired and went to bed.


It was another relaxing morning waking up and settling in. The sun was out early so Grandpa and uncle Patrick took the little boys down to the lake to throw rocks.


The boys were hungry when they came in so they both had smoothies.


We decided to take the kayaks out and see what Liam thought. He really enjoyed it for a little bit but then wanted to get back to playing.


We decided to head home after lunch. We had a lot of things to get done at home. Liam napped on the drive home and then was so tired when we got home we put him in his crib to finish his nap. Joe and I ended up taking a short nap as well.

When we all woke up we went to Menards to get the things we needed for our garden. We got lots of different seeds to plant this year and are going to see how it all goes.

When we got home we had dinner and a relaxing evening. It felt so good to be at home and back into routine.


We all slept great and spent the morning together. I then headed off to work out and catch up with Molly. It felt good and was so nice to chat.


I then had to run to the store to get a few things for the week. Joe made me breakfast for when I arrived home. Then it was time to get to work on cleaning the house. We took turns playing with Liam and were able to get a lot accomplished.

Once Liam went down for nap I finished up cleaning and getting the main areas of the house organized. Then my parents came over to help us set up and plant the garden.

It ended up being a lot of work but we were able to get it done. Liam must have known we had work to do and took a really long nap.

We were able to plant tomatoes, bell peppers, some hot peppers, onions, spaghetti squash, radishes, cucumbers, peas, and beans. We are going to make a separate planter for lettuce since a gopher got ours last year. I also got some strawberry plants that I need to figure out what I want to do with them.


We are super excited to see how our garden grows. We had great luck last year and minimal maintenance on our garden. We are hoping the same for this year however this garden is about 3x the size. My parents are going to help and share the crops with us.

My parents headed home after a hard days work and the rest of the evening was spent as a family playing and relaxing. Liam even gave Joe a massage. We ended up having a little accident with Liam and he got a big “owie.” It was so sad however it looked much better this morning thankfully.

We are so thankful to have had a nice long weekend. We are feeling well rested and ready to take on the short work week. I hope everyone has a great week! 


A weekend outdoors and Mother’s day 2017

We had a really great weekend. Majority of it was spent outside because the weather was beautiful!


Joe got home early from work so when I got home from work we all headed out for a family walk. We stopped at the neighbors on our way by to say hi and catch up. It was nice to see them.

We made cauliflower fried rice for dinner with chicken and it was super good! Such a healthy alternative and so many veggies in 1 meal!

We spent the remainder of the evening playing with Liam and watching him be silly. His little personality develops more and more each day.


Before heading to work out Liam got some early morning play-doh time.

Then it was off to the gym for me. Not sure what got into me but I decided to make the sweat circuit extra tough and it felt so good! The ladies who came kicked butt and it’s always nice when my bestie Molly joins us!


When I got home Joe’s sister Erin and niece Kameryn were at the house. It was great to see them and Kam just loves Liam.

We had to do some grocery shopping so when I got home Joe, Liam and I headed into town to go to Aldi. This has become a normal Saturday event for us and it is great. We do it as a family which makes it so much more enjoyable and Liam loves going with.

After Aldi, we headed home and I took Liam straight outside to enjoy some sunshine. Then it was time for lunch and nap.


During Liam’s nap Joe and I worked on power cleaning the house. We tried to put things away and get a little more organized. I also decided to transition Liam into a booster seat and put his high chair away. I scrubbed the high chair and washed what I could to put away until baby 2 needs it.

Liam decided to take a super short nap. So our cleaning was cut short. He wanted to go outside right away so we headed back outside to play some more.


We decided since Liam was up so early and it was so nice out that we should go do something. After some thinking we decided to go to Willow River State Park in Hudson to hike and see the water falls.

Well it has been a while since either of us has done this and so we probably didn’t park in the best spot. We had quite the hike to get to the falls but we did eventually make it.

We took a different path back and at one point we just weren’t exactly sure where to go but we did find our way back. My phone said we went about 3 miles!

We went out to dinner after our hike at Big Guys BBQ. We had been there once before. I remembered it being really amazing the first time we went but this time it was just so-so.

We were all so exhausted after our long eventful day. We headed home and put Liam to bed and then shortly after that I decided to go to bed too.


Happy Mother’s day to all the mom’s out there! Especially my mom! 🙂


I started my morning by sleeping in a little longer than I normally do. It felt nice to not have to rush out of bed for any reason.

Liam made me an adorable flower pot at day care on Friday. So cute!


Joe offered to pick up Caribou Coffee so I sent him on his way to get me a yummy drink. Liam and I played and had breakfast while he was gone.

Joe took Liam for the morning so I could take my time getting ready. I even was able to paint my toe nails and finger nails (something I haven’t been able to do in a while). Then I had to make a dessert to bring to my mom’s house. I decided to make Strawberry Cheesecake Dip (it doesn’t look very pretty but it sure tasted delicious).

Once I was ready we went outside to take some pictures of me and Liam. He looked so darn cute!

I also had to get a bump picture with baby 2! 🙂


My mom was hosting Mother’s day at her house at 1:30. Since this is right during Liam’s nap we decided to head over there early and let Liam nap there. He ended up taking a really great nap. I knew we had to leave that party early to go to the next so I ended up waking Liam up. He woke up super tired and shy but warmed up after a little while.

Liam really didn’t want anyone talking to him so he went over to a table by himself and covered his eyes with his hat. He is so funny!


I was thankful he was able to play with his cousins before they left as well.

My mom was in her glory with all her grandbabies! 🙂


Then we headed over to Joe’s aunt’s house to celebrate Mother’s day with his mom and grandma and family.


Liam got some more cousin time there as well. He definitely warmed up a little quicker at this party.

After eating there we went to the park across the street. “Bumpa” carried Liam on his shoulders there.


Liam had fun playing at the park. He mostly liked throwing the wood chips.

After the park we headed back to the house, said our goodbyes, and headed home. We gave Liam a bath and then it was bed time for him.

We relaxed for a little while and then I headed to bed early. I get so tired by the end of the day lately, especially if we are busy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all the mom’s were able to enjoy their day! Have a great week!


Another sunny weekend

This weekend the weather was beautiful once again and we took advantage of it!


After work I picked up Liam and met Joe at our house and then headed over to my parents for dinner. Liam’s cousin Judah was staying at my parent’s house so the boys were able to play together outside.

We had a wonderful dinner and a great time just hanging out. The little boys are so funny together.

Then it was time to go home, put Liam to bed, and relax.


We had our Saturday morning family time and then off to Sweat Circuit for me! I had a great work out with some wonderful ladies. I had missed last week due to vacation so I knew this one was going to be tough (I was sore by the end of the evening).


Then I hustled home to hang out with my guys before heading off to my hair appt with my bestie Annie. It is always fun to catch up with her while getting my hair done. She is really the best! And I love my hair!


When I got home Liam was down for nap so I decided to do a grocery run. We needed groceries really bad after vacation and just didn’t get a chance to take the time to go and get a bunch so that is what I did.

Then I had planned to get home and maybe relax a little after running all morning/afternoon but Liam decided he didn’t want to nap for very long and woke up once I got home.

We decided to go to the park with my parents and Judah. The boys had fun running around but both did their own thing.

When we got home we went for a family walk. I was exhausted so we took a nice slow walk.

We had a delicious summer meal of grilled BBQ chicken and a cold greek pasta salad (gluten free). It was so good.

We went outside a little more and then put Liam in the bath and to bed. We relaxed and watched some Parks and Recreation. I ended up falling asleep on the couch so I headed to bed early.


Liam was up and ready to go outside right away in the morning, however, we were not. So I set up a coloring station at his high chair and we colored for a little while. Liam had fun with that and loved when I drew a sunshine (my best artwork haha). He thought it was great.

After coloring we had to head to the store to get a few things I couldn’t get at the grocery store the day before. One of those things included a helmet for Liam. He loved it! We also got Liam a potty chair because he has shown some interest in going potty so we figured it wouldn’t hurt (he did end up using it one time during the day!)


Joe wasn’t feeling the greatest so Liam and I headed outside after errands to burn some energy. It was nice out already but the breeze was a little chilly. Liam got tired quickly so he went down for nap.

I had intentions of cleaning during nap but just got lazy and decided to relax and watch a movie. Joe did too. However, we didn’t even get to finish the movie because Liam decided a 1 hour nap was plenty.

He got up and of course wanted to get outside and play right away. We made our yummy blueberry, banana, and spinach smoothies and headed outside.

We went for a walk and just soaked up the sun the rest of the day. We really love being outside, Liam especially!

Liam got another bath because playing outside makes him extra dirty! And went down for bed. Joe still wasn’t feeling well with some sinus stuff. We relaxed and got ready for Monday and then headed to bed.

Our weekend was pretty basic but the outdoor time and sunshine was amazing. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the week!