Wisconsin Dells 2019

We had a wonderful time in the Wisconsin Dells visiting my mom’s cousin Sherrie (who is like an aunt to us) and doing lots of really fun things!

We left after work to head to the Dells. We picked up the boys and my mom and hit the road. We ended up on a detour because of an accident on the highway so our ride was a little longer than normal. We stopped at Culver’s for dinner and got to Sherrie’s house around 9:30. Owen slept some of the way, but Liam stayed awake the whole time.

We set up beds and put the boys down. Soon after they finally fell asleep we went to bed too. It was a rough night for Liam so I ended up sleeping in his room with him and Owen.

Liam and Owen were up bright and early to take on the day. We played outside and then had some Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

We put the boys down for nap and then waiting for my brother Blake and his girlfriend Maddie to arrive. Once they did the boys were up and we were ready to go to Noah’s Ark Waterpark.

We had a lot of fun and it wasn’t too busy. We went back to Sherrie’s for pizza and time outside.

Once the boys were asleep Joe, Blake, Maddie, my cousin Riley and I went downtown for go-karts and laser tag. I was so tired from the early morning but we had a lot of fun.


Liam was up early again. He was just so excited for everything we were doing.

We went mini golfing before nap. It was fun and Liam even got a hole-in-one. He is really good at mini-golf.

Then it was back to Sherrie’s for nap. We ended up having to wake the boys up (seriously the worst when they are actually sleeping). We then went downtown to the Tommy Bartlett Show. They boys were in a trance watching all the tricks.

My cousin Andrew had gotten us all tickets which was so nice.

After the show we went downtown to MACS to get some macaroni and cheese. So good! Then we walked around downtown and went to see the magician on the corner.


Everyone stayed downtown but Joe, the boys, and I went back to Sherrie’s to give the boys baths and put them to bed.

We went to bed early too.

The boys were up early and playing outside by 7:30am. It got warm out early too so we were swimming nice and early as well.

My cousin Riley got us tickets for a Dells Boat Tour so we did that before nap. It was about an hour long and we got to see some of the river. It was cool!

Then it was back to Sherrie’s for nap.

After nap we hung out, did some swimming, played some baseball, and played in the sand.

We had pizza for dinner and we all going to go mini-golfing however Liam was not behaving and ended up getting that taken away. So everyone went except me, Liam, Owen, and Sherrie. Liam was so sad, but he needed to stay home. It was actually good for both boys to get in bed at a decent time.

After the others returned Joe and I went back out with Blake and Maddie. We went downtown to get some t-shirts for me, go on go-karts again, and then laser tag again too. We also went to a bar to play bags for a little while. Riley joined us after a little while.


We walked around town a little more and then decided to do some old time pictures for my mom. It was so fun and funny.

We got home late and went to bed.

We decided if Liam behaved and was a good helper that we would go mini-golfing on our way out of town. We got all packed up and overall he was really good. So as we headed out we let him know the good news. He was very excited.


He got two more hole-in-ones and did so good. It was hot but we all had fun.

Then we started making our way home. We stopped almost right away to get Subway before the boys fell asleep.

We made it home around 3. We hung out at my parent’s house for a little bit and then had a super chill night at home.


The boys had baths and went to bed early with out a peep. We went to bed early too.

We had so much fun and were able to do so many things. We are always thankful for Sherrie letting us stay with her and to Riley and Andrew for the free tickets!

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