Two missed weekend posts!

Okay, life got away from me and I missed the past weekend and the weekend before of posts so this will be a quick recap of July 12-14 and July 19-20. I actually worked both weekends which is why life has been crazy!

July 12-14
I headed to Palm Springs, CA on the 10th for work/training so I spent 5 days there working and also soaking up the sun.

Joe was home with the boys. He took them to our town festival, his parent’s house to swim, my parent’s house to swim, and to the zoo with our niece and nephew. They had lots of fun!

July 19-21
I was working all weekend but was able to spend time as a family after work.

There was a big storm that came through on Friday evening. We had no power from around 6-9.


We spent our evenings at home and as much time outside as possible! My dad took Liam golfing on Saturday so we had some one-on-one time with Owen (who just kept asking about Liam haha!). Also I had to document Liam eating salad!

Both weekends I was working but still really great weekends!! Hope your week is going great and you have a great weekend ahead!

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