Pool, Zoo, Love, Family, and Friends!

We had a long weekend since I was off Friday. We spent as much time as possible outside before the rainy and stormy day on Sunday.

After work we went to a pool party at Joe’s parent’s house. Some of his cousins were in town for a wedding reception so it was really fun to see everyone. We also got to meet baby Rhett for the first time.

The boys were so cute snuggling in the morning.

I met a friend of mine at the Minnesota Zoo and it was so fun. Seeing our little ones together makes my heart happy. They are all so cute!

Then it was home for naps and I had to get ready for a wedding reception for Joe’s cousin. We brought the boy’s to my brother and sister-in-laws for a sleepover and then off we went.

The bride and groom were adorable and had a fun first dance.

Joe and I had a lot of fun too.


I got a picture of all the kids taking a bath. They had so much fun!


Then it was home to get some sleep.

Joe and I were both so tired. We picked up the boys, cleaned up the house a little, and then went to my parent’s for a pool day.

It was so hot outside. We just swam all day and the boys loved it. My brother and his family came too.

Then it was home to put some VERY tired boys to bed.

Liam was up around 6:30 but Owen slept until almost 9! We had a lazy morning, and really a lazy day. We watched the storm roll in after lunch. Then put the boys down for nap. During their nap, Joe and I both ended up taking little naps.


After nap we played inside a little and then had dinner.

After dinner we went to visit Tyler, Chelby, and their kids since they are in town from Oregon. We love seeing them!

Then it was home for bed and a lazy rest of the evening for me and Joe.

Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful July week!

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