Springtime and Sunshine!

We had a wonderful weekend with lots of time outside!

I got off work a little early, picked up the boys, and hustled home to get outside. We went for a walk, rode scooters and bikes, and played some hockey.

Then we went to the backyard to play on the swing set.


Then it was dinner time and relax time.

I had sweat circuit in the morning. After that I hustled home to take a quick shower and get ready for a Mother’s Brunch I was attending with my mom at our church.

It was an amazing event with Elephants as the theme. It was full of encouragement and faith. I can’t wait to go again.

When I got home Owen was napping and Liam was about to nap. During their naps I ran to Aldi to get a few groceries.

When the boys woke up we went straight outside to play.


Then we went to my parent’s to play. My brother’s kids were there so the boys got lots of cousin play time.

Uncle Blake was there too and played ball with the boys.


We had dinner and then my mom handed out ice cream sandwiches for the all the kiddos.

Then it was time to go home for baths and bed time.

We had church in the morning and then went home for lunch and nap time.

After nap Owen and I went for a walk.


When we got home we stayed outside and Liam and Joe joined us out front for some hockey.


Then we went out back to play on the swing set.


And then of course back out front to ride bikes.

We had fajitas/tostados (we aren’t really sure what to call them other than delicious) for dinner for Cinco de Mayo. Joe made some delicious cilantro lime slaw. So good!


We went back outside but it was starting to get a little chilly. So we went back in and watch Coco for a little while before bed time.


It was a great weekend filled with sunshine and play! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a great week ahead.



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