Well….I forgot to take many pictures but we had a good and busy weekend!

After work we had a relaxing evening. We did bath night and then put the boys to bed. We were both tired too and went to bed early.

I had sweat circuit in the morning and then went to get an oil change. When I got home Joe went to my parent’s house to work on their furnace and I took the boys to Target. It is quite the task with two kiddos but we got it done!

Then it was home for lunch. My mom and Sean stopped by. Then it was nap time for the boys. My brother visited for a while.

We stayed home and played all day. Liam rounded out the evening in his new Flash undies, Superman cape, headset, and playing on his “computer.” Cutest thing ever!


We had church and then a busy day after church. We got home and everyone got out of the car and I headed to a baby shower for Joe’s cousin Natalie (and forgot to take any pictures while there!).

After that I quick went home, picked everyone back up, and we headed to my cousin’s little boy Henry’s first birthday party.

Then we went home, all of us exhausted, had dinner, and then lounged! Then it was bed time and Joe and I just relaxed and watched Netflix after the boys went to bed.

We had a good weekend and hope you did too! Have a great week ahead!

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