Family, Firefighters, and Cupcakes!

We had a fun weekend, but are also ready for warmer weather so we can start playing outside more!

After a long work week we all just took the evening to relax.

I had sweat circuit in the morning and when I got home we went to visit my grandma and grandpa. We had a great time chatting and spending time with them. Liam played the slot machine and won the jackpot! He was so proud and my grandparents gave him $5 for winning.


Then the boys and I ran out to my parent’s house quick to get a cup of Owen’s we left there and visit. Joe went and got an oil change.

Then we went home for lunch and nap time. After nap we played for a little bit and then headed to the fire hall for the Fire department’s annual chili feed.


Liam wanted to dress in his firefighter outfit and it was the cutest thing!

We had a great time enjoying some chili. Joe’s parent’s met us there. We looked at some fire trucks and fire fighter gear. Liam loved it.


Then we went home and put the kiddos to bed. We watched a little Netflix and went to bed too.

Liam had a rough night and woke up not looking well. He said he was fine but he just looked really tired. Joe stayed home with Liam while Owen and I went to church.


We got home and it was nap time for the boys. Then I was off again to a Spring Cleaning Essential Oil class.

After that I picked up our groceries and went home. By that time the boys were up from nap. Liam helped me make some cupcakes for Joe’s birthday. We had dinner and of course sampled the cupcakes.

Joe’s mom stopped over for a little bit too. Then we played, watched some tv, and put the boys to bed.

We had a good weekend! Hope you all have a great week ahead!

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