A longer weekend with a trip to the zoo and some cousin time

We had a fun and long weekend! I took the day off Friday because I start a new job on Monday! Joe was off too!

After work I got home and played with the boys. It was a relaxing evening as a family before going into our 3-day weekend.

We got up in the morning, picked up Uncle Blake, and headed to the zoo. We had so much fun showing Blake all the cool animals.

We even went outside for the first time since getting our zoo pass for Christmas. It is baby farm animal month so we went to see the babies. So cute! We can’t wait for it to get a little warmer so we can spend more time outside.

We got the boys home for nap. Liam was tired after he woke up and snuggled into some blankets. Owen ended up napping past 4pm! The zoo is exhausting!

Then our niece Brynn came over for a sleepover while my brother was out of town and my sister-in-law had my other nieces gymnastics meet. The boys adore Brynn.

We had a fun evening together and then put all the kiddos to bed without issues (others than a few tears from Brynn and Owen).

I had sweat circuit in the morning. Then we basically just had a play day with Brynn.


Brynn still takes 2 naps a day so our routine was a little crazy with Brynn napping in the morning and then the boys in the afternoon and then her again after that. Joe’s sister Erin and our niece Kameryn stopped by while Brynn was taking her morning nap.


After the boys nap, Brynn took a nap. We played and the boys made a massage train.


We had a fun evening with more play time and then it was bed time for Owen. Then Brynn got picked up and then Liam went to bed.

I barely took any pictures! We went to church in the morning. We had lunch and nap time after that. I went for a run (which is the only picture I took all day). Liam woke up from his nap but Owen ended up sleeping until 4:30 when I finally decided to wake him up.

We had a relaxing evening, played, did bath time, and then put the kiddos to bed. Then Joe and I prepared for our first day of work (we both got new jobs —yay!).

Hope you all have a great week!! 

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