Casual weekend with family

Another weekend in the books and it was a snowy one!

After a crazy week at work I left a little early to get home to Joe and the boys (who were home for a half day). It was so good to be home and just relax with my family.


I had sweat circuit in the morning. When I got home Joe went out to shovel off the deck. There was so much snow! The boys enjoyed watching.

Liam dumped out all the coloring supplies and while we all cleaned them up, Owen got his hands on a marker, opened it, and colored his ear/face.

Then we were off to Joe’s parent’s house to have lunch before Joe’s brother Patrick moves out to San Diego. The boys played and had a good time. Owen was tired after and fell asleep on the way home.


The boys went down for nap when we got home and Joe and I had a lazy afternoon.

After the boys woke up we went sledding at Joe’s sister’s house. Kameryn joined us and Patrick came over too. It was fun but the snow was so deep! It was exhausting coming back up the hill.

After sledding we went home for dinner and then hung out the rest of the evening.

Church was cancelled due to the weather being so terrible. We had our own worship at home and then Liam played this bible app on my phone. It was pretty cool. I don’t think he fully understood the stories but that’s okay.

We went out to brunch with Joe’s parent’s and Patrick. It was delicious. Then we all went home and napped!

After nap the boys snuggled Joe on the couch watching hockey on his phone.


We then went to my parent’s for dinner. Liam “played” video games with Uncle Blake. He thinks it’s so awesome to play.

We enjoyed dinner and Oreo ice cream shakes for dessert. The boys played and ran around. Then we went home, put the boys to bed, watched Parks and Recreation and then went to bed too.

It was a fun weekend filled with family! Have a great week and stay warm!

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