Working weekend

I had a very busy weekend because I had the opportunity to volunteer at an amazing new program offered at my work that involves working with children. I am not going to talk much about that program but it was an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful to have been part of it.

I was exhausted after volunteering during the day. We spent our evening relaxing.

After volunteering all day I, again, was so tired. We however had a busy evening planned celebrating my mom’s retirement and my grandparent’s 60th anniversary. We went to a fancy restaurant and had a very tasty meal.


Judah and Liam really enjoyed the sorbet between each food.

It was so great to celebrate the amazing role models in my life.

It was my final day of volunteering. Liam woke up and wanted to kick back in our bed while I got ready for the day.


Joe took the boys to church. Owen feel asleep with my dad which never happens.

When Joe and the boys got home they went down for nap. I got done early and was home before both boys woke up. Joe had to run so I snuggled with Owen on the couch. Then Liam woke up and joined us. Such a perfect way to relax and spend time with my boys.


Then Joe got home and we rounded out the weekend with pizza and watermelon for dinner, some play time, bath time, and a movie.

Although I was very busy and not home a lot this weekend, it was a great weekend and I am thankful for the time I did spend with my family and for the opportunity I was given. Have a wonderful week and stay warm!

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