Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas to all!

Joe woke up sick so we tried to keep the kids away from him as much as possible. I tried to get all the things ready that we needed to for the day and get the boys and myself ready too.  It was tough but we made it work.

I put the boys both down for an early nap. I used that time to get myself ready for the day. Then I ended up having to wake them both up to get ready and go to Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle’s house. We had a wonderful meal and it was great to catch up with everyone.


My grandma brought all the great grandchildren their presents. It was very sweet.

We tried to get a group picture of my grandma with all the kids but half the kids were not having it.


Then it was time to go to church. Joe decided he felt well enough and didn’t want to miss church (even though I thought this was a bad idea I was thankful for the help with the kids). We were even able to get a family picture.


We were going to go back to my aunt and uncle’s after but both boys were tired and it seemed best to go home.

We took a family picture in our Christmas pajamas and put the kids to bed.


Once they were asleep we were able to have fun being Santa! I love getting everything ready for when the kids wake up. It’s so special and magical.

Liam woke up bright and early. He was certain Santa didn’t come (although he didn’t look under the tree yet). When we went into his room and turned on the light he saw that Santa left slippers and a present in his room. He was so excited! He then ran to check under the tree and sure enough there were presents!

We watched a movie while we waited for Owen to wake up. Liam could hardly wait to open his presents but was tired enough to relax for a little bit.


Once Owen was awake we were opening stockings and presents and Liam was having a blast. Owen didn’t quite get it but he was enjoying all the new things.


We opened some of the toys to play with and cleaned up a little before heading to Joe’s parent’s for Christmas breakfast and gift opening.

After that we went home to put the kids down for another short nap before the next Christmas party. We woke them up to have Christmas at my parent’s. At this point I was starting to not feel the greatest but was doing okay so I went anyway.

We had our meal and then my brother told the kids the story of Jesus’s birth. We opened up presents and all the kids were so happy with their new toys.

Then my mom read the kids “The Wonky Donkey” which they thought was great.


We got a “as good as it gets” picture of all the kids and my parents by the tree (so many kids moving and making funny faces).


We headed home for the evening with a little time for Liam to play with some of his new toys. Also Marley was enjoying her new present as well.


Then it was off to bed.

I am so thankful to have the day after Christmas off. I was able to get up with the boys in the morning and watch them be excited about their new toys all over again. It also gave me time to do some of the post Christmas clean up. There were toys and boxes and items all over the place. It was nice to get some of it put away.


We also decided to take down our tree to make room in the toy room to play.

Amanda came to visit us after the boys were done with nap and Liam showed her some of his new toys.


I had plans to go visit my mom when Amanda left but then I found out that she wasn’t feeling well.

Joe’s mom then ended up coming to our house to bring the boys some more gifts from a family Christmas we weren’t able to attend.

Around bed time we started watching a movie that we had started earlier. Owen laid down on his belly and Liam joined him. How cute?!


We put Owen to bed and then finished Incredibles 2 with Liam.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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