Thanksgiving 2018 and Thanksgiving weekend

We had a wonderful 4 day weekend full of family time, holiday celebrations, and traditions.

Happy Thanksgiving! We started our morning with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Liam loved the huge balloons.


Liam picked out his shirt he wanted to wear and both boys looked super cute.


We all got ready and packed up the boys to put Liam down for nap at my parent’s house. We were the first to arrive but others came soon after and Liam wasn’t falling asleep. So we let him get up.

My mom and grandma prepped the turkey to serve and my cousin brought this cute turkey veggie tray.

The littlest ones were hungry before all the food was ready so they got to eat early.


We all sat down for a wonderful and delicious meal. So fun getting all the families and cousins together.

After our meal all the kids went downstairs to watch a movie. Owen was tired but also fussy so Joe laid with him for nap. My brother Blake and I hung out with all the kids and watched The Lion King. It was a great way to relax after our big meal.

After too much pie and lots of laughs we headed to Joe’s parent’s house to see his family and relatives. The boys were both tired (especially Liam who skipped his nap altogether). I had more pie and conversation before we went home.

Both boys were ready for bed when we got home. We relaxed on the couch for a little bit and then both boys went to bed.

Joe and I were both tired after a long day as well and went to bed early.

I was able to go to go to hot yoga in the morning with my friend Amanda who lives in DC but was visiting for the holidays. It felt so great to sweat off some of that pie at ate! It was a great class.


Then it was home to shower quick and Joe was off to hunt for a little bit. We discovered Owen got two new front teeth which explained his fussiness.

While Owen took his morning nap Liam helped me clean a little bit. We made room in the toy room for our Christmas tree.


We had a pretty uneventful day, just cleaning and relaxing. Owen was still off from teething so I got to soak up some extra snuggles from him.

We spent the remainder of the evening playing and hanging out. Owen ended up going to bed at 6:30pm.

I started the morning with a sweat circuit. It was great! Owen wasn’t awake when I left but ended up sleeping until almost 7:30am.


I showered quick when I got home and then we were off to get our Christmas tree with my parents.

It usually doesn’t take us long to pick a tree it’s usually just finding the right size. We found one after looking at a few.

Liam brought his toy chainsaw to help cut down the tree.

It was so muddy out. We got stuck several times and I was about to lose my mind with anxiety. However, we made it out after many different routes and were able to go home.


We had lunch quick and then I brought Owen to my mom’s for nap and a few hours so we could take Liam to a movie.

While Liam napped and before the movie I put the Christmas tree up. It is a perfect fit.

We brought Liam to his first movie at the movie theater. We saw The Grinch. It’s a good movie and it was a Christmas movie so that was fun. He was super excited about the big screen and the snacks.


After the movie we went to my parent’s for dinner. We made turkey squares with the leftover turkey and they were delicious.

The boys played for a bit and then it was time to head home. We put the boys to bed and again after a busy day Joe and I were both exhausted. We watched some TV and then went to bed.

Joe went out hunting and the boys and I played. When Joe got home Owen went down for nap and Liam and I got to decorating the tree. Joe found my old work hat from my freshman year of college. For some reason I have 3 of them. So funny!


I put the lights on the tree and then Liam helped decorate it. Owen really liked the decorations too when he woke up.

I ended up cleaning and decorating more of the house too.

The finished tree looks so pretty!

I ran some errands during nap time but for the most part we spent the day decorating and relaxing at home.

Liam and Joe made a fort to play in until Liam got hurt and decided he didn’t want to play anymore.


I gave Owen his first haircut by snipping the long hairs in the back of his head. So cute!


Then it was bedtime for the boys.

Joe and I watched some of the Packer vs Viking game before going to bed.

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. I love all our traditions as the holiday season kicks off. I hope you had a great weekend too and Happy Thanksgiving!

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