Hunting, crafts, family, and friends!

We had a busy but fun weekend!

Joe headed north for gun season opener for deer in WI. I made Liam some “hot chocolate” aka chocolate protein powder. He wasn’t really interested. I think he thought hot chocolate meant something else.


The boys and I had a quiet evening and all was smooth until bedtime. Liam was very upset his dad wasn’t there to put him to bed and cried and cried. Eventually he calmed down and went to sleep.

I was up early to get ready for a day of “does-on-the-go” looking at crafts. I got Owen dressed in one of my favorite shirts. Liam decided he wanted to stay in his pajamas for the day. We had a babysitter come over.


My mom, aunt, cousin, and I all met at my grandma’s house to ride to Baldwin together. Annie met us in Baldwin to look at a few things for her new house. We stopped at 2 stores and then Annie had other plans she needed to attend.

The rest of us went to the high school where there are maybe 100+ vendors. It was a zoo but always fun to look.


We ran into Molly and baby Ruthie at the high school. What a trooper little Ruthie was (and brave mama!).


After seeing so many crafts we decided to go to lunch at the Barn Board in Roberts. It was pretty good food. Then it was home to see the boys.

Then Jordan and baby Hayden came over to visit. She is so cute! Liam and Owen both spent most of their visit showing all their cool tricks to Jordan. It was adorable.

Joe came home Saturday evening and the boys and I were happy to see him. He had a successful hunt and had lots of fun too.

We put the kids to bed and headed to bed early ourselves as we both were exhausted.

I decided to get up early and try to get a workout in before the boys woke up. I started with legs and everyone was still sleeping so then I did arms. They all were still a sleep so I decided to end with some yoga. I got started when Liam woke up. He watched and climbed all over me while I finished and we ended with snuggles on the couch while we waited for Owen and Joe to wake up.


Owen finally woke up a little before 7am. We went in and he was happy to see us. Then we went and woke Joe up too.


Liam and I ran some early morning errands to the store. It was great because no one was there and no lines. When we got home Joe took Liam to go see his friend’s bucks that they got.

Owen went down for nap and I relaxed in a quiet house. Then Owen woke up and Joe and Liam got home for lunch. After lunch Liam showed me his “exer-stretch.” He is so funny.


Liam had to go down for nap so just Owen and I went to Jordan’s to see baby Hayden again. Then Breanna and Raelynn showed up too. Owen was loving hanging with the ladies. It was great to see everyone.

Owen went down for his second nap when we got home. We did some power cleaning of the house and then my parents came over for chili.

After dinner we spent time with my parents and when they left it was bedtime for the boys.

We had a really great weekend and hope you all have a great (and hopefully short) holiday week!

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