Perfect weekend to get things done

We had a weekend with no big plans other than cleaning up the house and hanging with the boys. It was perfect!

It was a rainy day so after work it was the perfect evening for cuddles and a movie. We watched “Peter Rabbit” (for the 10th time?) and relaxed.

I had sweat circuit in the morning and it was a killer work out.


When I got home, I got the boys dressed in their new shirts from Free To Be Kids. I love them so much! I am so invested in raising boys that are respectful and never use the phrase “Boys will be boys” to excuse their behavior.

We have been practicing some new parenting techniques with Liam. We are evaluating the things he wants to do and rather than immediately saying no, we are evaluating if no is just the “easier” choice for us or if it is truly something he shouldn’t be doing. He found our nice camera and wanted to take pictures. Instead of saying no out of fear that he may break it or not wanting to take the time to show him I said yes and he loved it. He took some really great pictures and was done and over it all in less than 5 minutes.

We learned that Curious George was at our local library so we packed up the boys and headed out to meet him. Liam was excited to meet him on the way there but both boys wanted nothing to do with the monkey once we got there so it lasted about 5 minutes.

We stopped at Joe’s parents after and hung out for a little bit. How much does Owen look like Joe??? Seriously!


Then we ran to the store quick to pick up a few items. Liam wanted to use the “customer in training” cart that is just his size. He was so proud.


We got home to have dinner and put the boys down for nap. I was exhausted and also took a nap.

We have switched Owen to bottles during the day now and I am only nursing morning and night. This was the first day of us doing this at home. He ended up preferring to use his sippy cup instead of his bottle. He is getting so big!

Joe took Liam out to walk in the woods after nap and I had a few errands to run with Owen.


We went to Farm and Home for local honey and I let Owen look at all the animals. He was so interested. Then we ran to Walmart quick to get a few more things.

When we got home Owen was wiped out and so I snuggled him up on the couch and he took a little snooze.


Liam had to check on us when he got home and woke Owen up. Then he insisted on sitting on top of me as well and giving Owen some snuggles. It was the cutest!

The remainder of the evening was spent hanging out and lounging.

I got up with the boys while Joe slept in a little. Having two early risers is tough! Liam snapped a picture of me cuddling Owen and drinking my morning shake.


Later in the morning we went to visit little baby Connor. It was nice to catch up with our old neighbors and friends Becky and Ryan and see Keaton and their newest addition Connor.


We then went home for lunch and nap time. Both boys were tired. I got to cleaning during nap and made some new essential oil roller bottles. Love my new labels and pretty bottles!


The boys wrestled around after nap. Liam can make Owen giggle by doing just about anything. It’s so cute.


My mom stopped by with some dairy-free banana bread and then we had Joe’s parents over for dinner.

We played outside a little after dinner, then they went home, and the boys went to bed.

It was so nice to just make the plans as we wanted and get a few things done with weekend. Have a great week!



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