Mr and Mrs Campeau!

We had a wonderful time celebrating the marriage of my cousin Matt and Robin. We got the family all dressed up nice and tried to snap a selfie before heading to the venue.


I also tried to get some pictures of the boys in their cute polo shirts and shorts.

They had the ceremony and reception at my aunt and uncle’s house and it was decorated so beautiful.

We got there early enough to get another family picture.


They had a play area set up for kids so that was perfect for the boys to play before the ceremony.

My brother Blake and Liam are just too cute together. They have such a special bond.

My brother Sean was a officiant at the wedding. Always cool to see him standing up front.


And look at my grandparents. My grandma is so stylish and cute!


My aunt and uncle are so proud of Matt’s accomplishments. You can see all her emotions on her face.

My little man Owen got a little restless so we stood for part of the ceremony. Then he found himself interested in the leaves on the ground. Cheap entertainment I suppose.

Robin has two kids of her own and Matt and Robin have a son together. All the kids walked up the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl and it was about the cutest thing ever!


Matt and Robin decided to do unity sand. They had a different colored sand for each person in their family.


Then it was time to kiss the bride!

Robin is such a beautiful bride and what a perfect couple they make.


It was a beautiful evening and the kids had fun playing outside. Such a perfect venue for little kids!

We had a wonderful dinner, some yummy dessert, and heard some great speeches.

Then it was time for first dances. I always love first dances.

The first song of the night was a slow one so we were able to dance to that quick and then headed home with the boys.

It was a wonderful wedding and congratulations again to Matt and Robin!

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