Another weekend of family, friends, and lots of outside time!

We had yet another amazing weekend enjoying our time outside and spending time with family and friends.

After work we let Liam make his own pizza for dinner. He loved it. Then my parents came over and we had delicious ribs that Joe made.

We played outside for a little while and then my parents left, Owen took a bath, and the boys went to bed.

We had some early morning snuggles and then it was off to Sweat Circuit.

When I got home everyone was outside and Owen was playing in the pack and play. Joe was working on Liam’s new toy.


We got Liam to sit on the 4-wheeler but he wasn’t ready to ride it yet.

After some fun outside it was lunch time and nap time. I had to run to the store during nap and get ready for a wedding we had later.

After nap we got the boys ready and headed to the wedding of my cousin Matt and his new wife Robin. More to be said about this in a separate post.


We had a blast at the wedding and came home exhausted. We put the boys to bed and went to bed shortly after.

Owen was up early so I snuggled him right back to bed with me and we slept in. It felt great.

Then it was time to get ready. Joe was going to shoot bow with his friend Cole and the boys and I were going to brunch at my friend Jenna’s house to see her little boy Duane (who is a few week older than Owen) and my friend Laura and her little girl Aria (who is a year older than Liam).

Liam was a little shy but both boys went right to playing with all the toys.


Jenna made a delicious egg bake and Laura brought yummy doughnuts.

It was so fun to catch up with these ladies and watch the littles play together.

Both boys slept all the way home. Liam woke up when I took him out of his car seat but went right back to sleep when I put him in his bed. Owen also woke up when I brought his carrier into his room but also went back to sleep.

After nap we went to my parents for dinner. We planned to swim but didn’t end up swimming.

Joe and my dad worked on the little 4-wheeler while the rest of us played outside.


My dad joined Liam on the trampoline. Liam was not pleased when Grandpa would jump.

We went inside for dinner and then played a little inside. My brother Sean dropped off his littles for my mom to watch for a little bit. I can’t help but take pictures of cutie girl Brynn. She is adorable!

Then we went back outside to watch Judah ride the 4-wheeler. Liam wasn’t sure about it and didn’t want to try but Judah had a blast.

Owen and Brynn are just too cute to not take pictures.


Then we went home for bedtime. Once the boys were asleep Joe and I played Bananagrams. He didn’t like it much but I did!

Our summer has been busy but we always enjoy our weekend with others. Have a great week!

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