Wisconsin Dells 2018

We had a nice long weekend in the Dells for our annual trip.

We finished packing up and headed towards the Dells around 10am.


We stopped about an hour into the drive to get some lunch, nurse Owen, and then head back on the road. Liam ended up sleeping after lunch and Owen slept most of the drive too.


We arrived at Sherrie’s house around 2pm after picking up some coffee and doughnuts.


Liam was so excited and needed to explore everything. We had a relaxing afternoon at the house.

Owen was tired but unsure about his new sleeping arrangements so I ended up snuggling him. I was able to sneak away from him and had to take a picture of him looking so little in the big bed before transferring him to the pack and play. He slept for a little while before getting up again.

We had dinner and then continued to play outside. Liam also showed us some cool workout moves with the weights he found.

Liam wanted to help Sherrie make some bars and of course had to make sure they tasted good.


We put Owen to bed but let Liam stay up until my parents arrived. Then he was off to bed too.

Both boys were up fairly early and ready to play. Liam was excited grandma and grandpa were there and snuggled right up with them.


We had some fun pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast Owen went down for his morning nap.


When Owen woke up we finished getting ready so we could go do something fun.

We took a cute picture in our Badger gear and then headed to mini golf.

Liam was so excited to golf. He walked up to the first hole, put the ball down, hit it, and got a HOLE-IN-ONE! We couldn’t believe it. He was so proud!


Owen was a good sport watching us all play.

It was such a good time. It got really hot by the end and Liam was ready to be done.

We went back to the house for lunch and nap time. We saw a deer on the way home too.


My mom brought the walker for Owen and he was walking all over the place.

After nap we went to the Tommy Bartlett Show. Liam was really excited to see what it was all about.


It had been a while since we all had been to the show so we were all excited to see what was going to happen and to see what Liam thought.

He was in a trance watching all the different people and tricks.

Then when it switched to the land show after intermission he was really into that too.

Owen and Liam both did great at the show and we can’t wait to go again!


When we got home it was quick dinner time and then bed time for Owen. Liam wanted to snuggle Sherrie on the swing before he went to bed.

Everyone was up bright and early again. Liam wanted to go to the show again but we told him we would do that next year and we would do something else today.

We decided to go to the Deer Park for our morning activity. There were tons of deer!

There were other animals too.

Liam had fun looking at all the different animals and deer.

We then went back to Sherrie’s for lunch and the boys’ nap time. They both took really good naps.

After nap we went swimming. It was so hot outside so it was perfect.

Then we had an early dinner and headed downtown to browse the shops. Liam and I sat on the stage while everyone else was shopping. He thought the boat was cool.


We went to go see the big clock that tells a story but we had just missed it be a few minutes. Liam insisted we needed to stay to see it but we would have had to wait an hour.


We went back to Sherrie’s and put both boys to bed.

After a rough night of sleep from both boys’ I snuggled Owen up in bed with me and slept until 7:30.

We got up and started packing up for our drive back home.

We got a group picture quick and then were on our way.

We set our big boy up with a movie but he ended up falling asleep pretty quickly into our drive and Owen fell asleep almost instantly. Owen slept the whole drive home and Liam slept most of it.


We were home around 12:30 and were thankful to have the rest of the day to get reorganized and back into routine.

We had a wonderful trip to the Dells and thank you to Sherrie for hosting and always being up for anything!

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