A weekend full of family time

We had a weekend where we made most of our plans on the fly! It was great!

My mom had off work so she took the boys for the day. She also had my nieces and nephews so they had a fun cousins day.

After work we picked up Owen while Liam stayed for a sleepover with my nephew Judah. My parent’s had big plans for the evening and were so excited to have both boys.

Joe and my dad had to shoot a gun at the target before we left. Both Judah and Liam loved watching from the distance.


My parent’s took the boys to the Washington County Fair and had so much fun.

We went home with Owen to a super quiet house. We played for a bit before putting him to bed. He enjoyed getting all the attention from both of us.

What a quiet morning without Liam! We lounged for a little bit and then I went to sweat circuit.

After workout Owen was still awake but was getting tired. So he went down for nap and I was off to shower. I also started sorting through some bins of clothes to get all the right sizes out for Owen and reorganize the bins so I am better able to find the sizes I need.

I was planning to go shopping after Owen woke up from his nap and I nursed him but he just kept sleeping. So I decided to just go to Maurice’s in town and see if I could find what I needed. While I was there he woke up so I bought a few things and rushed home.

After feeding him we went to my parent’s to get Liam. We missed him!


We let the boys play for a little bit.

Then we all decided to go to Bayport BBQ (seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives) for dinner. It was pretty good!

Owen was sad and tired so him and I walked around a little bit while everyone ate. Then I had Liam come take a nice picture by the pretty sunflowers we found.

Then we went to the Bayport park.  The boys played for a few minutes before wanting to go throw rocks in the water.


There were some ducks swimming on the shoreline. Judah had no fear but Liam watched from a distance.

They had so much fun throwing rocks. Liam didn’t even want to leave.

We headed home and put both of our tired boys to bed.

It was nice to have everyone home for morning snuggles. Then it was off to meet baby Preston. What a cute little bundle!

Then it was home for Owen’s nap, lunch, and then Liam’s nap. Owen ended up sleeping from 10-1!

When Owen woke up, he and I ran a few errands. Then we decided since it was nice out that we should go swimming at my parent’s. When we got there my brother and sister-in-law were picking up Judah from his weekend sleepover while they were in AZ. Owen crawled over to Brynn who just stared at him and tried to get him to come closer. So cute!


They left and we headed outside. It was a little cloudy and Liam didn’t want to swim anymore. We played with the outside toys and sparklers!

We had pizza for dinner and then headed home. They boys both got baths and then it was bedtime.

It was a nice weekend! Hope everyone enjoys the week ahead!

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