Cabin and cousins!

After work on Friday we began a very busy family-filled weekend!

After work I rushed home to do some last minute packing for our weekend at the cabin. Then we headed over to my parent’s house for dinner and to visit with my cousins from out of town who were spending the weekend at my parent’s house. It was so good to see them!


We stayed longer than we should have but oh well! We then went straight from my parent’s to the cabin. It’s a little over an hour long drive and Liam stayed awake the whole time.

We put the kids to bed when we got there. Chatted with Joe’s parents for a bit and then went to bed too.

The kids both slept pretty good and actually slept past 6am which was great! We started with some play time inside and then Liam was ready to play with the toys outside.


When Joe’s dad got back from his bike ride it was time to go fishing. Jon, Joe, and Liam headed out on the lake.

While they were gone Joe’s mom went for a bike ride and Owen went down for nap so I had a nice quiet lake house to myself.

Erin, Joel and the kids showed up after about 30 minutes to myself. They were full of energy and excited for Liam to return from fishing.

When we guys returned Liam showed me the big northern he caught. He had so much fun. They also got to see two eagles (or as Liam says “mighty mighty eagles).

We spent a majority of the morning outside.

Grace showed up around lunch time and gave Owen some love.


Then it was nap time for Owen and Liam. With both kids down I actually was able to lay out in the sun and soak up some rays.

After nap it was right back outside for Liam. He had some fun on the four-wheeler.

I did my best to keep Owen in the shade majority of the day with his sensitive skin. He still had fun.

Everyone headed out on the pontoon while Owen, Kameryn, and I stayed back. She was loving her time with Owen.

We took a walk to the store to get a few things for Owen to eat. When we got back everyone had returned from the pontoon ride.


Joe and I took the boys on a ride on the Surrey cycle. It was a short ride but they had fun.


We had dinner, played a little more, then it was bed time for the boys. When we went to bed both boys were sleeping with butts in the air. So cute!

We started the morning with some snuggles.


Then again, it was straight outside to play. Liam chased Joe around on the four-wheeler.

All the kids and dads went fishing and caught a bunch of fish. While they were gone I ended up having the place to myself again when Joe’s mom went for a bike ride, Erin went to the gym, and Owen went down for nap. I ended up doing a lot of packing in preparation for our return home.

We decided to head home after Owen’s nap and before Liam’s so that Liam and Owen could get a good afternoon nap at home. Owen ended up sleeping on the way home but Liam stayed awake.

We had lunch and then put Liam to bed. Owen was full of energy and ready to play while Joe and I were both ready for naps. Finally Owen got tuckered out and went down for nap. I then took a quick 30 minute snooze and then went to the store to get a few things.

I ended up buying some dairy-free ice cream. I got two kinds to taste and compare. I got Ben and Jerry’s pb and cookie ice cream and then Halo Top sea salt caramel. Both were really good. The Halo Top was more like soft serve and the Ben and Jerry’s was thicker. I thought they both tasted delicious!

Owen woke up when I returned home and then Liam shortly after. We headed outside for a little bit of play time.

Then we saw a turtle in our yard! Joe showed it to Liam.

We had some dinner and then Judah and Brynn came over to play while Libby taught Yoga.

Owen and Brynn are so close in age. It is so cute to see them together. Owen was being cranky though and didn’t want to play, whereas Brynn just wanted to eat Owen’s clothes. Haha!

Owen ended up going to bed early because he was so tired.

Judah and Liam had a lot of fun playing together. They are pretty funny since they are also so close in age.

I snuggled up Brynn after Owen went to bed and played with her while all the boys played.

We settled down for the evening with a movie. Libby picked up the kids and then we put Liam to bed.

Liam said his favorite part of the weekend was fishing but I would guess riding hte four-wheeler was a close second. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a great week!

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