Fun Fest Weekend 2018

We had a really great weekend at our town’s carnival. We also were able to spend some of our time with family so that was a bonus too!

I was able to leave work early so I could hustle home. It was the first time in a long time I got home before Joe and Liam greeted me at the door to tell me Bailey was over and that Owen was sleeping. So cute!

Owen has been teething so he was off the last few days and sleeping a lot. When he got up and Joe got home we packed up and headed to town. Liam wanted to play a game right away so we let him “fish” and he caught one and picked out an inflatable sword.

My mom, dad and Blake met us there. Liam went on the train with Joe, then the helicopters with Blake. Next was the roller coaster with me (which he said “I do not like this ride” every lap around the never ending roller coaster ride), and then he went on the merry-go-round with my mom.

His cousins Kameryn and Luke met us there too so Liam went on the firetruck with Kameryn while Luke “drove” his own car.

We then went to get some food and after eating Liam threw a few balls at the dunk tank and he actually hit it! Of course his throw wasn’t hard enough to push the button so he got to push it with his hands.

Owen seemed like he wasn’t doing well and seemed to be burning up so we went home. Turns out he had a fever of 101.4. Poor kid. I gave him some Tylenol and put him to bed. I check his temperature a little later and it went up to 102.0. We called the phone nurse just to see if there was anything else we should be doing. She just said to keep an eye on it and that he probably fighting of some sort of virus.

Owen still seemed pretty sick in the morning so I cancelled Sweat Circuit. All he wanted to do was snuggle.

His fever finally broke in the morning and seemed to start feeling a little better.


Liam went outside to play with Joe while I stayed inside with Owen. Owen went down for a nap and I ended up doing some laundry and cleaning. When Liam came back inside for breakfast he told me he wanted a haircut. He has been asking all week so finally we decided to cut it later in the morning.

Joe had to run to the store so I tried to convince Liam not to get his hair cut but he told me he didn’t want his curls anymore.

When Joe got back he brought me a sparkling green tea lemonade! I was wanting one for weeks so I was super excited. Then Joe’s mom stopped over with some northface jackets from the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale. How cute!

When Grandma left it was haircut time. Liam gave me a final curly headed smile and then Joe started buzzing them away.

Liam sat still the whole haircut and was so happy with his hair when it was all done. Seriously how can a haircut make my little boy look so old?


We went inside for some lunch and then back outside for a little more playtime before nap. Liam did not want my take his picture.

When Liam went down, Owen woke up. He seemed to be feeling a lot better but still sick. We went outside to watch Joe mow the lawn for a little bit and then played inside.

He went back down for his second nap while Liam was still sleeping. Once both boys were up we thought Owen seemed well enough to go to the carnival one more time. We all went on the merry-go-round. Owen wasn’t too sure about it and I ended up holding onto him instead of him riding a horse.

Then Liam wanted to ride the motorcycle. Owen enjoyed watching. When the ride was over Liam wanted to ride again so he switched motorcycles.

Then Liam and I went on the helicopters. He enjoyed being in control of it going up and down.

We went and got some food and played the dunk tank again where Liam hit the red button twice and got to dunk the guy twice.


Then we had just enough tickets for Liam to ride the motorcycle one more time. Seriously that smile makes it so worth it to be sweating in the sunshine watching him go round in circles. He had so much fun.

And again Owen enjoyed watching him.


After rides we got some mini donuts and let Liam play one more game. He picked the darts game where he threw the dart at some balloons. He missed twice but on his third throw he hit 2 balloons with one dart. Impressive!


When we got home Liam wanted to play outside….so we did! Then it was bed time for the boys.

Owen had a little bit of a rough night so he was in our bed all morning. We “slept in” a little bit. When we did get up he was in a pretty good mood. Both boys enjoyed wrestling Joe.

Joe took Liam to the store with him to get a few things, I put Owen down for nap, and then I started doing some more cleaning.

Joe got me another sparkling green tea lemonade that I drank while I watched Liam shoot his bow.

When Owen woke up we went outside to ride bikes. Liam is getting really good at pedaling and turning.


After Liam’s nap we just waited for Owen to wake up so we could go to the pool.

We went to Joe’s parent’s for pool and pizza time. Everyone enjoyed swimming because it was so hot out. I stayed out with Owen because his skin was really bad again so I didn’t want to irritate it more with pool chemicals.

We made pizzas and swam and then headed home for bed time.

It was a really fun weekend filled with lots of smiles! Enjoy your week!

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