So. Much. Sunshine.

We spent a majority of our weekend outside and it was amazing! I love the abundance of activities summer brings!

Tyler and Chelby and family were in town from Oregon so we met up with them out bowling. We got the boys a lane and then the adults a separate lane.


It was so great to see everyone again. We missed them!

We had dinner at the bowling alley.


The boys wanted to play all the games there. They had so much fun. It was pretty empty since it was so nice outside so the kids were able to run around and have fun. Alena was happy to see Joe again and snuggled right into him.

After bowling we headed out to Annie’s house to hang out for a little bit. Liam and DJ ran around and played while Alena snuggled into Joe. She just loves him.

We headed home to put the boys to bed and relaxed.

Saturday mornings always start with snuggle time! Liam has been interested in holding Owen lately (which has it’s challenges since Owen is interested in moving).

Then it was off to teach Sweat Circuit.


When I returned home we all went outside to play.

It then was Owen’s nap time so I put him to bed and got to cleaning a little bit around the house. Then I went outside and started cleaning up the deck and the siding on the house. Liam and Joe played outside while I cleaned.

When Owen woke up we went back outside to play in the pool.

Then it was Liam’s nap time. Owen watched Joe shoot his bow for a little bit. Then we played inside and then it was Owen’s nap time again.


After nap we headed over to Tyler’s mom’s house to visit with them some more. He had a lot of family over so we didn’t stay too long and DJ slept the whole time we were there.

The kids had fun playing outside with the bubbles. Ty even showed Liam how to roll down the hill but he didn’t want to. So fun to see all the kiddos together.

We went home to have dinner and then put two tired boys to bed.


We watched Accepted and went to bed ourselves.

We started Sunday morning with some wrestling and then story time. Boys… haha!

Joe had to run to an archery store so while him and Liam were gone I took Owen for a short run. Then it was his nap time and I got to cleaning the house a little bit more (a never ending task with kids).


Just as Joe and Liam returned home, Owen woke up, so….we went outside! We even had lunch outside.

Then it was Liam’s nap time and shortly after that Owen’s nap time. We both decided that nap time meant lazy time for us and we watched a CrossFit documentary.

Once both boys were up we headed to my parent’s house to swim.

Everyone was in the pool and loving it!


Liam even decided to try swimming on his own for the first time. He did great and was so proud!


We had dinner at my parent’s and then went to my grandparent’s to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday.

After that both boys were exhausted. I put Owen to bed and then we let Liam stay up to watch a little of Evel Live to watch Travis Pastrana break some of Evel Knievel’s records. He was sad we made him go to bed after the first jump but he was so tired and didn’t put up a fight.


Joe and I watched the rest of Evel Live and then went to bed too.

This was one of the best weekends so far this summer! We had a great time enjoying family, friends, and the great outdoors! I hope you had a great weekend too!

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