It’s a hot one out there!

It was a hot summer weekend and we tried to be outside to enjoy it!

It was so hot! I checked my weather during the day and it said it felt like 109 degrees outside. Whoa!


When I got home we played inside for a little bit while Joe prepped dinner. I couldn’t help but admire my two little ones digging in the toy bench for toys. Seriously they are growing so fast!

Then after dinner we headed outside. Liam and Joe had some fun playing with squirt guns while Owen cooled off in the pool.

Owen ended up pooping in the pool (those swim diapers are not effective for keeping the poop in the diaper). It made for a hilarious end to the evening as Joe was gagging because he was sitting in the poopy water and wasn’t sure how long it had been contaminated. So gross but so funny!

Owen woke up and when I walked in he was standing up! Such a big boy!

After snuggling the boys in the morning I headed to the gym to run a Sweat Circuit. Then I hustled home where it was time to head outside because it was already so hot out! Liam helped fill up the pool (that we didn’t end up using).

Owen went down for his nap and I started tackling some cleaning projects I had on my weekend to-do list. In the process of cleaning I found a kite Liam got a while ago. Joe took Liam out to fly his kite. So cute watching them hold it up and Joe running around to try to keep it in the air.

Then it was lunch time and after lunch we headed right back outside.


Both boys napped in the afternoon which allowed for me to continue cleaning and Joe cleaned up the garage.

Also during nap we had a friend from the dealership bring over a vehicle for us to look at since my lease is coming to an end quickly. We haven’t made any decisions but just wanted to look.

After nap we went outside for a little bit and then lounged inside as we debated eating out or staying home. In the end we landed on eating out because it would be so much easier. We headed to Rusty’s. Dinner was great as always and we came home with a slice of Cinnamon Roll Apple Crumble Pie. YUM!


We played and lounged inside and then put the kids to bed.

Joe’s parent’s AC wasn’t working at the cabin so he ended up driving up there to check it out and I ended up going to bed.

I hung out with the boys in the morning while Joe slept in since he got home late. I got some good snuggles on the couch while we watched a movie. Owen is getting super tricky now and standing up all the time.

Once Joe was up we decided early morning outside time was necessary.

Then it was breakfast time and time for Owen to take a nap. I was cleaning out a closet when Liam found the bag of Barbies I had in there. He asked if we could play with them and I told him sure. So we sat down and played Barbies. A little ways into playing he asked me “mama, do boys play with these?” I said, “they sure do bud!” and we went on playing.


Liam went down for nap and Owen ended up waking up. So I took him to go visit Annie and bring her the housewarming gift we got her (finally) and a few other things I found while cleaning out our closets that I thought she might like. It was fun visiting and chatting with her.

Owen fell asleep on the way home and ended up taking a really long nap. This kid loves chugging his water. It’s so funny how he tips his head all the way back.

We got both boys dressed and ready for the day so we could go to dinner with two of Joe’s good friends from High School Ben and Cole. Cole’s wife Maggie is also a friend of Joe’s from school. We went to Ben’s house and Ben’s girlfriend Courtney cooked a delicious meal of enchiladas and sides.

Then we went to the farm to check out all the farm animals. The pigs sure are growing.

Then it was time to go home and put the boys to bed.

We had a great weekend. It’s always nice to be productive but also have some fun too. Have a great week!


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