Owen is 10 months old!

My happy little baby is 10 months old and he is all over the place! Such a busy little boy. It is getting harder to get him to hold still for pictures!

Owen seems to keep growing like a weed! He is 30 inches long and 18 pounds 12 ounces.

Owen’s skin still occasionally flares up. We’ve narrowed it down to a dairy sensitivity. I have been using sunflower oil on his skin daily. I’m also giving him a probiotic daily.

Owen is still drinking breast milk. He is nursing or having a bottle 4 times a day now.

Owen is still having 3 “meals” a day and he LOVES food. He has breakfast in the later morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner with us when we eat. He is not a picky eater at all and it makes meal time super easy!

Owen has gotten really good at drinking his sippy cup so he has water with his meals and occasionally throughout the day if it’s hot out or he seems like he wants it.

Owen has been sleeping through the night. We are also at about 2-3 naps a day. We have a general nap pattern now that consists of a morning nap around 9 for about an hour or sometimes 2 and an afternoon nap usually around 1 ish for about 1-2 hours, and then if needed he takes a 3rd short nap in the evening.


Owen has 4 teeth now. Two on the top and two on the bottom. He has more on the way too!

Owen is continuing to crawl and is fast and is willing to crawl over the top of things to get to where he wants. He is pulling himself to standing and has stood on his own for maybe a second. That is next I am sure.

Owen has mastered the pincer grasp and has become really good at feeding himself.

He regularly says “ma-ma” now and will occasionally say “da-da.” We are working on Liam and Marley still.

Owen now waves his hand in front of his face when we say “pe-ew” and is learning to wave hi/bye but hasn’t mastered this yet. He thinks it is silly to “bonk” his head. He still gives great open mouth kisses, claps his hands, gives high fives, and overall likes to copy what we are doing.

I believe there is a mutual love between Owen and Liam. They both just light up when they see one another.

Owen is still pretty obsessed with me. He regularly prefers me but does do okay with other people or if I am not around he is fine too.


  • Mom/Dad/Liam
  • Mama milk
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Crawling
  • Being “scared”
  • Being naked -used to hate it now he loves it
  • Bath time


  • Being cold
  • Waiting for milk (especially in the morning)
  • Waiting to be spoon fed —he is bossy!
  • When cooking or eating and he doesn’t get what we have
  • Getting dressed/undressed
  • When mom leaves a room/walks away

Another summer weekend

We had a pretty mellow weekend with no big plans which was nice for a change. Sometimes it’s nice to just go with the flow on the weekends! You will notice less pictures because I am trying to be more aware of the time spent on my phone…however I did steal some pictures from my mom.

After work I got home and we all had dinner before I headed to my bestie Annie’s Pampered Chef party and Housewarming party.

I spent the night at the party with great company. Joe put the boys down and had the evening to himself.

We had a fire at Annie’s and it was fun to just be by the fire and chatting about all kinds of things.

Mornings always come to soon when I’m up later than usual. We kicked our morning off with snuggles and then off to the gym for sweat circuit. Also happy 10 months to little Owen!

When I got home we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. We found a little tree frog that Liam decided was named “Bittle.”


Then we went out front to ride bikes. Liam is getting so good at pedaling his bike and Owen loves walking around in his bike too.

I was able to take some really good pictures of Liam, Owen, and Marley. Then I put the phone away for the rest of the morning and afternoon.

I was so tired I ended up taking a nap with Owen. Joe and I both didn’t want to cook (I never want to cook) so we went to Table 65 for dinner.

Then we ran to the store to get some dairy-free ice cream.

Then it was bed time for the boys. Joe was off to his 10 year class reunion and I had a wild night cleaning the bathtub and then using it to take a bath.

I let Joe sleep in and got up with both boys although he was up shortly after all of us were. We started our day with coffee, cuddles, and cartoons and then headed outside. Liam decided he needed to do some work outside.


Owen took an excellent morning nap and Joe and Liam went to the store so that gave me some time to clean the house a little bit.

Then it was out front for some more bike time.

After both Liam and Owen’s afternoon naps we went to my parent’s house to do some swimming and eat dinner.

My mom got the kids a new little picnic table and Liam was quite offended that Uncle Sean thought he could fit.

After dinner we went back outside to play.


Then it was home for baths and bedtime.

Such a fun weekend and so nice to not be attached to my phone. I think I did pretty good but there is always room for improvement. Have a great week!

Cabin and cousins!

After work on Friday we began a very busy family-filled weekend!

After work I rushed home to do some last minute packing for our weekend at the cabin. Then we headed over to my parent’s house for dinner and to visit with my cousins from out of town who were spending the weekend at my parent’s house. It was so good to see them!


We stayed longer than we should have but oh well! We then went straight from my parent’s to the cabin. It’s a little over an hour long drive and Liam stayed awake the whole time.

We put the kids to bed when we got there. Chatted with Joe’s parents for a bit and then went to bed too.

The kids both slept pretty good and actually slept past 6am which was great! We started with some play time inside and then Liam was ready to play with the toys outside.


When Joe’s dad got back from his bike ride it was time to go fishing. Jon, Joe, and Liam headed out on the lake.

While they were gone Joe’s mom went for a bike ride and Owen went down for nap so I had a nice quiet lake house to myself.

Erin, Joel and the kids showed up after about 30 minutes to myself. They were full of energy and excited for Liam to return from fishing.

When we guys returned Liam showed me the big northern he caught. He had so much fun. They also got to see two eagles (or as Liam says “mighty mighty eagles).

We spent a majority of the morning outside.

Grace showed up around lunch time and gave Owen some love.


Then it was nap time for Owen and Liam. With both kids down I actually was able to lay out in the sun and soak up some rays.

After nap it was right back outside for Liam. He had some fun on the four-wheeler.

I did my best to keep Owen in the shade majority of the day with his sensitive skin. He still had fun.

Everyone headed out on the pontoon while Owen, Kameryn, and I stayed back. She was loving her time with Owen.

We took a walk to the store to get a few things for Owen to eat. When we got back everyone had returned from the pontoon ride.


Joe and I took the boys on a ride on the Surrey cycle. It was a short ride but they had fun.


We had dinner, played a little more, then it was bed time for the boys. When we went to bed both boys were sleeping with butts in the air. So cute!

We started the morning with some snuggles.


Then again, it was straight outside to play. Liam chased Joe around on the four-wheeler.

All the kids and dads went fishing and caught a bunch of fish. While they were gone I ended up having the place to myself again when Joe’s mom went for a bike ride, Erin went to the gym, and Owen went down for nap. I ended up doing a lot of packing in preparation for our return home.

We decided to head home after Owen’s nap and before Liam’s so that Liam and Owen could get a good afternoon nap at home. Owen ended up sleeping on the way home but Liam stayed awake.

We had lunch and then put Liam to bed. Owen was full of energy and ready to play while Joe and I were both ready for naps. Finally Owen got tuckered out and went down for nap. I then took a quick 30 minute snooze and then went to the store to get a few things.

I ended up buying some dairy-free ice cream. I got two kinds to taste and compare. I got Ben and Jerry’s pb and cookie ice cream and then Halo Top sea salt caramel. Both were really good. The Halo Top was more like soft serve and the Ben and Jerry’s was thicker. I thought they both tasted delicious!

Owen woke up when I returned home and then Liam shortly after. We headed outside for a little bit of play time.

Then we saw a turtle in our yard! Joe showed it to Liam.

We had some dinner and then Judah and Brynn came over to play while Libby taught Yoga.

Owen and Brynn are so close in age. It is so cute to see them together. Owen was being cranky though and didn’t want to play, whereas Brynn just wanted to eat Owen’s clothes. Haha!

Owen ended up going to bed early because he was so tired.

Judah and Liam had a lot of fun playing together. They are pretty funny since they are also so close in age.

I snuggled up Brynn after Owen went to bed and played with her while all the boys played.

We settled down for the evening with a movie. Libby picked up the kids and then we put Liam to bed.

Liam said his favorite part of the weekend was fishing but I would guess riding hte four-wheeler was a close second. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a great week!

Fun Fest Weekend 2018

We had a really great weekend at our town’s carnival. We also were able to spend some of our time with family so that was a bonus too!

I was able to leave work early so I could hustle home. It was the first time in a long time I got home before Joe and Liam greeted me at the door to tell me Bailey was over and that Owen was sleeping. So cute!

Owen has been teething so he was off the last few days and sleeping a lot. When he got up and Joe got home we packed up and headed to town. Liam wanted to play a game right away so we let him “fish” and he caught one and picked out an inflatable sword.

My mom, dad and Blake met us there. Liam went on the train with Joe, then the helicopters with Blake. Next was the roller coaster with me (which he said “I do not like this ride” every lap around the never ending roller coaster ride), and then he went on the merry-go-round with my mom.

His cousins Kameryn and Luke met us there too so Liam went on the firetruck with Kameryn while Luke “drove” his own car.

We then went to get some food and after eating Liam threw a few balls at the dunk tank and he actually hit it! Of course his throw wasn’t hard enough to push the button so he got to push it with his hands.

Owen seemed like he wasn’t doing well and seemed to be burning up so we went home. Turns out he had a fever of 101.4. Poor kid. I gave him some Tylenol and put him to bed. I check his temperature a little later and it went up to 102.0. We called the phone nurse just to see if there was anything else we should be doing. She just said to keep an eye on it and that he probably fighting of some sort of virus.

Owen still seemed pretty sick in the morning so I cancelled Sweat Circuit. All he wanted to do was snuggle.

His fever finally broke in the morning and seemed to start feeling a little better.


Liam went outside to play with Joe while I stayed inside with Owen. Owen went down for a nap and I ended up doing some laundry and cleaning. When Liam came back inside for breakfast he told me he wanted a haircut. He has been asking all week so finally we decided to cut it later in the morning.

Joe had to run to the store so I tried to convince Liam not to get his hair cut but he told me he didn’t want his curls anymore.

When Joe got back he brought me a sparkling green tea lemonade! I was wanting one for weeks so I was super excited. Then Joe’s mom stopped over with some northface jackets from the Nordstrom’s anniversary sale. How cute!

When Grandma left it was haircut time. Liam gave me a final curly headed smile and then Joe started buzzing them away.

Liam sat still the whole haircut and was so happy with his hair when it was all done. Seriously how can a haircut make my little boy look so old?


We went inside for some lunch and then back outside for a little more playtime before nap. Liam did not want my take his picture.

When Liam went down, Owen woke up. He seemed to be feeling a lot better but still sick. We went outside to watch Joe mow the lawn for a little bit and then played inside.

He went back down for his second nap while Liam was still sleeping. Once both boys were up we thought Owen seemed well enough to go to the carnival one more time. We all went on the merry-go-round. Owen wasn’t too sure about it and I ended up holding onto him instead of him riding a horse.

Then Liam wanted to ride the motorcycle. Owen enjoyed watching. When the ride was over Liam wanted to ride again so he switched motorcycles.

Then Liam and I went on the helicopters. He enjoyed being in control of it going up and down.

We went and got some food and played the dunk tank again where Liam hit the red button twice and got to dunk the guy twice.


Then we had just enough tickets for Liam to ride the motorcycle one more time. Seriously that smile makes it so worth it to be sweating in the sunshine watching him go round in circles. He had so much fun.

And again Owen enjoyed watching him.


After rides we got some mini donuts and let Liam play one more game. He picked the darts game where he threw the dart at some balloons. He missed twice but on his third throw he hit 2 balloons with one dart. Impressive!


When we got home Liam wanted to play outside….so we did! Then it was bed time for the boys.

Owen had a little bit of a rough night so he was in our bed all morning. We “slept in” a little bit. When we did get up he was in a pretty good mood. Both boys enjoyed wrestling Joe.

Joe took Liam to the store with him to get a few things, I put Owen down for nap, and then I started doing some more cleaning.

Joe got me another sparkling green tea lemonade that I drank while I watched Liam shoot his bow.

When Owen woke up we went outside to ride bikes. Liam is getting really good at pedaling and turning.


After Liam’s nap we just waited for Owen to wake up so we could go to the pool.

We went to Joe’s parent’s for pool and pizza time. Everyone enjoyed swimming because it was so hot out. I stayed out with Owen because his skin was really bad again so I didn’t want to irritate it more with pool chemicals.

We made pizzas and swam and then headed home for bed time.

It was a really fun weekend filled with lots of smiles! Enjoy your week!

So. Much. Sunshine.

We spent a majority of our weekend outside and it was amazing! I love the abundance of activities summer brings!

Tyler and Chelby and family were in town from Oregon so we met up with them out bowling. We got the boys a lane and then the adults a separate lane.


It was so great to see everyone again. We missed them!

We had dinner at the bowling alley.


The boys wanted to play all the games there. They had so much fun. It was pretty empty since it was so nice outside so the kids were able to run around and have fun. Alena was happy to see Joe again and snuggled right into him.

After bowling we headed out to Annie’s house to hang out for a little bit. Liam and DJ ran around and played while Alena snuggled into Joe. She just loves him.

We headed home to put the boys to bed and relaxed.

Saturday mornings always start with snuggle time! Liam has been interested in holding Owen lately (which has it’s challenges since Owen is interested in moving).

Then it was off to teach Sweat Circuit.


When I returned home we all went outside to play.

It then was Owen’s nap time so I put him to bed and got to cleaning a little bit around the house. Then I went outside and started cleaning up the deck and the siding on the house. Liam and Joe played outside while I cleaned.

When Owen woke up we went back outside to play in the pool.

Then it was Liam’s nap time. Owen watched Joe shoot his bow for a little bit. Then we played inside and then it was Owen’s nap time again.


After nap we headed over to Tyler’s mom’s house to visit with them some more. He had a lot of family over so we didn’t stay too long and DJ slept the whole time we were there.

The kids had fun playing outside with the bubbles. Ty even showed Liam how to roll down the hill but he didn’t want to. So fun to see all the kiddos together.

We went home to have dinner and then put two tired boys to bed.


We watched Accepted and went to bed ourselves.

We started Sunday morning with some wrestling and then story time. Boys… haha!

Joe had to run to an archery store so while him and Liam were gone I took Owen for a short run. Then it was his nap time and I got to cleaning the house a little bit more (a never ending task with kids).


Just as Joe and Liam returned home, Owen woke up, so….we went outside! We even had lunch outside.

Then it was Liam’s nap time and shortly after that Owen’s nap time. We both decided that nap time meant lazy time for us and we watched a CrossFit documentary.

Once both boys were up we headed to my parent’s house to swim.

Everyone was in the pool and loving it!


Liam even decided to try swimming on his own for the first time. He did great and was so proud!


We had dinner at my parent’s and then went to my grandparent’s to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday.

After that both boys were exhausted. I put Owen to bed and then we let Liam stay up to watch a little of Evel Live to watch Travis Pastrana break some of Evel Knievel’s records. He was sad we made him go to bed after the first jump but he was so tired and didn’t put up a fight.


Joe and I watched the rest of Evel Live and then went to bed too.

This was one of the best weekends so far this summer! We had a great time enjoying family, friends, and the great outdoors! I hope you had a great weekend too!

Fourth of July 2018

This post is going to be a ton of pictures and that’s all. We had an amazing 4th of July at my parent’s house. Joe smoked us some ribs and between the bits of rain we  enjoyed our time outside! Happy 4th everyone!


Look at how are family has grown over the years!


And look at the difference from last year to this year!


Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holiday!

It’s a hot one out there!

It was a hot summer weekend and we tried to be outside to enjoy it!

It was so hot! I checked my weather during the day and it said it felt like 109 degrees outside. Whoa!


When I got home we played inside for a little bit while Joe prepped dinner. I couldn’t help but admire my two little ones digging in the toy bench for toys. Seriously they are growing so fast!

Then after dinner we headed outside. Liam and Joe had some fun playing with squirt guns while Owen cooled off in the pool.

Owen ended up pooping in the pool (those swim diapers are not effective for keeping the poop in the diaper). It made for a hilarious end to the evening as Joe was gagging because he was sitting in the poopy water and wasn’t sure how long it had been contaminated. So gross but so funny!

Owen woke up and when I walked in he was standing up! Such a big boy!

After snuggling the boys in the morning I headed to the gym to run a Sweat Circuit. Then I hustled home where it was time to head outside because it was already so hot out! Liam helped fill up the pool (that we didn’t end up using).

Owen went down for his nap and I started tackling some cleaning projects I had on my weekend to-do list. In the process of cleaning I found a kite Liam got a while ago. Joe took Liam out to fly his kite. So cute watching them hold it up and Joe running around to try to keep it in the air.

Then it was lunch time and after lunch we headed right back outside.


Both boys napped in the afternoon which allowed for me to continue cleaning and Joe cleaned up the garage.

Also during nap we had a friend from the dealership bring over a vehicle for us to look at since my lease is coming to an end quickly. We haven’t made any decisions but just wanted to look.

After nap we went outside for a little bit and then lounged inside as we debated eating out or staying home. In the end we landed on eating out because it would be so much easier. We headed to Rusty’s. Dinner was great as always and we came home with a slice of Cinnamon Roll Apple Crumble Pie. YUM!


We played and lounged inside and then put the kids to bed.

Joe’s parent’s AC wasn’t working at the cabin so he ended up driving up there to check it out and I ended up going to bed.

I hung out with the boys in the morning while Joe slept in since he got home late. I got some good snuggles on the couch while we watched a movie. Owen is getting super tricky now and standing up all the time.

Once Joe was up we decided early morning outside time was necessary.

Then it was breakfast time and time for Owen to take a nap. I was cleaning out a closet when Liam found the bag of Barbies I had in there. He asked if we could play with them and I told him sure. So we sat down and played Barbies. A little ways into playing he asked me “mama, do boys play with these?” I said, “they sure do bud!” and we went on playing.


Liam went down for nap and Owen ended up waking up. So I took him to go visit Annie and bring her the housewarming gift we got her (finally) and a few other things I found while cleaning out our closets that I thought she might like. It was fun visiting and chatting with her.

Owen fell asleep on the way home and ended up taking a really long nap. This kid loves chugging his water. It’s so funny how he tips his head all the way back.

We got both boys dressed and ready for the day so we could go to dinner with two of Joe’s good friends from High School Ben and Cole. Cole’s wife Maggie is also a friend of Joe’s from school. We went to Ben’s house and Ben’s girlfriend Courtney cooked a delicious meal of enchiladas and sides.

Then we went to the farm to check out all the farm animals. The pigs sure are growing.

Then it was time to go home and put the boys to bed.

We had a great weekend. It’s always nice to be productive but also have some fun too. Have a great week!