Somsen/Stalker wedding 6/23/18

First of all, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Stalker!

We had a wonderful time celebrating the wedding of Joe’s cousin Suzy and her husband Jason on Saturday evening. They had the wedding at Suzy’s parent’s house and it was beautiful.

We got there a little early so Joe, his brother, his dad, and I played a game of bean bag toss. Joe’s brother Patrick and I won (even though I didn’t score a single point)!

It was an outdoor wedding and it was a little hot in the sun but so beautiful. Suzy’s grandpa (he is also Joe’s grandpa) didn’t like the sun in his eyes so he grabbed the hat from the chair in front of him, which belonged to the mother of the bride, and put it on. A moment that had to be captured. He then was given a visor but stated “I think I looked better in the hat.” So funny!

When Suzy walked down the aisle with her father she looked stunning. She made a beautiful bride and looked so happy.

The ceremony was short and sweet. It was perfect in so many ways and Suzy and Jason gazed into each other’s eyes the whole time. Their love for one another was radiating for all to see. So cute!

After the ceremony we took a quick Hailey family picture and then it was social time. The tables were cute and they had appetizers of chips and salsa and bread and oil. The salsa was so good and such a great idea!

I quick snagged the bride to take a picture with that show stopper! I knew she would be busy most of the night so I was glad to get a minute with her.


My friend Breanna was there with little Raelynn. We soaked up some baby snuggles since we were without kids.

Then it was dinner time. They had food catered in and it was so good. The desserts were really good as well.

Then it was first dance time.


After dancing we continued to catch up with family and friends.

Once it got dark they did some fireworks.

I did some dancing (Joe rarely dances) and then it was time to head home.

It was a beautiful day to witness to people so in love tie the knot! Congrats again newlyweds!

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