Soaking up the sunshine!

I decided to take off a couple days or work and had a nice long weekend! We spent lots of time outside and had no plans! It was great!

Owen decided to sleep in which made for a really easy morning. When he woke up Liam wanted to see him right away.

After having breakfast we went for a walk. It was already beautiful outside.

Owen was ready for a nap after we got back from our walk. I put him down and me and Liam headed back outside to play.


Then Liam had lunch and went down for nap also.

I did a little bit of cleaning around the house and was expecting Owen to wake up shortly after Liam went down, however he ended up taking over a 3 hour nap. I couldn’t believe it.


We had plans to go to my parent’s pool and swim after Liam’s nap. He ended up taking a 3 hour nap as well. I had some tired boys.

It was hot out so Owen and I went straight to the pool. Liam had to play with a few toys before joining us.

Liam was so excited to “push” Uncle Blake in the pool. He had been talking about it all day.

Liam and Blake played some “baseball” as well. Liam was really good!


Then we headed home for bath time outside. It didn’t go very well and ended with both boys in tears so that will probably never happen again.


Both boys were up at their normal time. Owen joined us for morning coffee too. I had sweat circuit so I was off to that.

When I got home I showered quick and then me and Liam went outside to play while Owen was napping.


We had lunch and put Liam down for nap. I spent most of the afternoon getting ready for the day because we had a wedding to go to.

We brought the boys to my parent’s for a sleepover and then we were off to Clear Lake to celebrate the marriage of Joe’s cousin Suzy and her husband-to-be Jason (more on the wedding in a separate post).


On the way to the wedding we stopped at a wake for the father of one of Joe’s parent’s friends.

The boys had a good time at Grandma and Grandpa’s and spent some time playing outside.

We got home pretty late so we were thinking we would sleep in with both boys gone. We were up by 7:30. We did our regular morning routine and relaxed for a little bit but then decided it was time to get the boys.

They were both excited to see us. We hung out for a little bit with my parent’s and then went home. Owen needed a nap so he fell asleep on the way.

Liam wanted to play outside again and I had no complaints. It was so nice out again.

When Owen woke up from nap we had lunch and then headed out to play in the pool. Then it was Liam’s nap time and actually Owen was ready for his second nap.

I took advantage of nap time by taking a nap myself. The lack of sleep the night before had me very sleepy.

When both kids were up from nap we went to Joe’s parent’s house for a pool day and dinner.

The boys had fun swimming!

Owen took a little snooze while everyone was prepping dinner. He woke up to eat and was in a great mood.

When we got home Liam wanted to try one of the freeze pops we made earlier in the day. He loved it!


Owen fell asleep on the car ride home….tuckered out little boy.


We did baths for both boys and to bed they went.

Such a fun weekend filled with so much time outside. Summer is the best! Have a great week!


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