Sunshine, pool time, diaper party, and Father’s Day

We had a busy and fun weekend with lots of time spent outside. We enjoyed all the time we got with family and friends.

After work we went to my parent’s house to see my aunt Sherrie. It was so hot out that we went straight into the pool. Liam wasn’t so sure about swimming yet but Owen loved it!

Liam wanted to play with all the toys before going swimming. Finally he was so hot I just told him it was time to cool off in the pool.

Liam enjoyed being on the bird float. He went back and forth to my dad and Sherrie across the pool. He was loving it.

Owen was so curious about what was going on. He was so focused!


We headed inside for dinner and Liam serenaded us.


Then it was home time and bed time.

I had early morning sweat circuit and it was hot!


After class I quick went home to pick up Owen and off to the grocery store we went. Joe took Liam to go pick up a gift card. We met at my parent’s house after both our errands. Liam went straight for the microphone again. He loves that thing.

Then he gave Sherrie a guitar and got a guitar for himself. Seriously so cute!


After visiting for a little bit we headed home for lunch and nap time. While the boys napped Joe and I got things ready for the diaper party we were attending later.

I was helping host the diaper party for my bestie Jordan and her husband Jesse and their little one on the way. So we headed to their house after nap to help get things set up. The decorations were super cute and I am pretty proud of how my diaper cake and sock bouquets turned out!

My other bestie Breanna had her little girl there who is just a little bit younger than Owen. It’s hard to get them to sit still for a picture but they are so darn cute!

Mama-to-be played with Owen for a little bit before it got to busy. So cute how he is looking at her.

My other besties Katrina and Shawna gave some baby love to the little ones too.

It was a great time celebrating mom and dad-to-be and little baby S. We can’t wait to meet baby!


Happy Father’s Day! Huge shout out to my amazing husband and father. My life is better because they are in it!

Joe decided he want to head out to his buddy Ben’s farm to check out the pigs (or as he and Liam call them -Bacon Seeds) and other animals. Liam wasn’t so sure about it all so he stuck to mine or Joe’s hips the whole time.

We went to Aldi after to pick up a few things and Joe ended up getting a new smaller pool for the boys. Owen loved it and Liam was happy to jump in too.

Both boys went down for nap in the afternoon and Joe and I watched a movie to relax. After nap we were off to my aunt and uncle’s house to celebrate Father’s Day. We were poolside there and it was hot.

Joe spent some time pushing the boys around in a little car. Owen was over-the-moon about it. I mean, his face says it all!

We had to spend some time inside to cool off every now and then. Liam had fun with the toys and little baby Henry was there too. Look at those cheeks!

Joe was just holding him and talking to him and he fell asleep. So cute!


We had to go on to the next place so I took a quick pick with my dad and then we were off!


We went to Joe’s parent’s house for more swimming. Owen fell asleep and needed a rest so we let him rest while Liam swam. The kids had fun. Then it started to rain so we ran inside and played for a little while before heading home.

We did bath time, cuddle time, and bed time.

It was a great weekend and wishing a Happy Father’s day to all those who celebrate! Happy Monday everyone!


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