Pool. Grad party. Wedding. Deer. Pizza. FUN!

Summer weekends are the best! Even though there was some rain, we had a great weekend!

After work we went to my parent’s house to grill out and hang. My dad took Liam in the pool. He wasn’t entirely thrilled but hopefully he warms up to it the more we go.

Owen on the other hand had a blast in the water! I just put his toes in and he about lunged out of my arms to go in. I took off his clothes and plopped him on the stairs. He LOVED it!

We played with some of the toys. I fed Owen, put  him in his jammies, and then we headed home for bed time.

I got some early morning snuggles from Liam. Then I was off to sweat circuit.

When I got home the boys were playing and having fun. Since Owen has started crawling he is all over the place.

At nap time I got ready for the day. After nap we headed to a grad party for my dad’s goddaughter Emma. It was a lot of fun and Liam and Owen got to see all their animals.

After the graduation party we were on our way to my cousin’s wedding. Owen was a trooper on the drive. He liked that I was sitting in view.


We were invited to the reception so we found a table and let the kiddos play while we waited for food.

The bride looked beautiful and I got a picture with the little flower girl (her daughter). We didn’t stay too long because we had to get home and get the boys to bed. Liam and Judah had fun playing in the puddles outside.

Once we got home it was bedtime for all!

The boys got up around the same time and Liam has been wanting to hold Owen all the time lately. Sometimes Owen thinks it is funny and other times not so much.

Joe had to bring a person he works with to the airport so the boys and I headed outside for some play time.

Owen went down for a nap and Liam and I had some snapchat fun.

Joe made it home for lunch time. We put the boys down for nap and then did some house cleaning.

After nap we packed up the boys and headed to Fawn-doe-rosa. We met Joe’s sister and her family there. Liam was super excited.


We bought a pony ride because Liam wanted to ride the pony. We went over there, I walked him up to the horse, and as soon as I tried to take him off my body he tightened his squeeze and started crying. Poor kiddo! Kam and Luke had fun!

Liam was pretty scared of all the animals but started to warm up a little bit by the end. Luke was upset that the goats took his bag of food.

There were cute baby fawns too!

After Fawn-doe-rosa we headed to Sawmill Pizza for dinner. We love their unique pizzas and the atmosphere.

Then it was home for bedtime for the boys.

We had a busy but great weekend! Enjoy your week!


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