Oregon 2018 part 2

Our trip to Oregon continued!

We kept up with our same routine in the morning. Joe went for a run first with Liam and then I went for a run with Liam. He is a chatty running buddy.


Once DJ and Alena woke up it was story time with Joe. The kids just love him. So cute!

Then Tyler, Joe, DJ, and Liam headed to Voodoo Doughnuts to get us some deliciousness. The boys enjoyed a doughnut there before coming back with a bunch of different ones. So good.

We needed to go to the store to get a few things so we took all the kiddos except Liam because he was napping to give Tyler a little break. They were all so good at the store.

When we got back Liam was awake so we headed outside for play time.


Liam loved jumping on the trampoline. He told me no pictures but I took some any way!

Tyler and Joe decided to try evening fishing so they took the boys but didn’t end up catching anything.


Then it was bedtime for the kids and us too.

We got both kids in the bed in the morning and got them both to go back to sleep! Owen slept until almost 8!


Joe went for a run but I decided to take the day off. I hung out with Owen while Liam went with Joe.


When Alena and DJ got up they went out for some morning fun with Liam on the trampoline.

We got dressed and ready and then headed outside.


The kiddos had some fun playing outside. It was a sunny, beautiful day!

It’s hard to get all 4 kids together for a picture so when the opportunity came up I gave it a whirl! HA!


We decided we all wanted to do something, so we looked into things going on in the area and decided to go to the Rose Festival. The mountains in the distance on the drive there were so cool.


We walked along the water to get to the festival.

Once we got in I had to feed Owen so we went to the kid’s art tent for a puppet show and activities. The puppet show was very odd but the kids liked it. It was super hot too so as soon as I was done we booked it out of there.

The kiddie rides were at the far end of the festival so we started walking that way.

Liam was hesitant about going on the rides but once he went on he had a blast!


Owen and Alena were having fun watching as well.

The boys had fun driving the cars and the 4-wheeler. Liam thought he was chasing DJ the whole time. Too cute!

Then it was my turn to talk Liam on a ride. DJ and Tyler were behind us.


Then we took all the kids on the merry-go-round.

DJ and Liam both wanted to play some games so they played a fishing game and pick-a-duck.

We were all starving so we all get different fair food and ate at the fair. DJ got a yummy dessert too (and so did I).

On our way home we had to take an emergency potty break for Liam. So funny!

Owen turned 8 months old! He is growing so much and so quickly!

Joe went for a run with Liam and then I did. He really didn’t want to go with me so my run was pretty short.

Tyler picked us up some coffee in the morning and made breakfast.

Owen and Alena were both taking naps and we were ready for lunch. Joe and I took Liam and DJ in the wagon to Qdoba to get some burrito bowls and tacos.

After lunch they wanted smoothies so they had those also.

Liam went down for nap and I took Owen outside until he got tired. I didn’t want to interrupt Liam’s nap so I snuggled up with Owen and he took a nap. During this time Joe and Tyler went to the outlets to get some crocs.

After nap time we went outside again. Chelby brought out a snack and all the kids gathered around. So funny!


Joe had a work meeting so he went to that while we kept playing. We went to the front yard to play more.

Chelby had a bench she wanted to paint and she let the boys help. They had fun.


We let Alena and Owen hang in the wagon together. She was being a little flirt. They are so cute!

Liam was getting really good at riding DJ’s balance bike. So cool to watch him learn.


I put Owen on DJ’s shoulders and he thought that was pretty great.

When Joe got back we ate dinner and then he watched the kids outside for a little bit before bed time. Alena gave him some good snuggles. She really likes Joe.

I did a little bit of packing to prep for travel the next day. I tried to get both boys down a little earlier to adjust to the time change.

Tyler went and picked up some ice cream for our last night and it was delicious! We ended up watching The Girl in the Bunker as well and stayed up later than we should have.


Joe went for a run in the morning while I stayed with both boys. I cleaned up the house a little and washed our sheets while I packed some more.


Liam wanted to play with as much as possible before we left.

We gave Chelby and the kids hugs goodbye before heading to the airport with Tyler.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. We got some lunch and then went to the airport kid play area. How cool they have a spot for kids to play! I nursed Owen while in there and Liam played.

We boarded our plan and ended up sitting for an hour before they let us get off the plane due to a delay because of thunderstorms at MSP. Owen had slept while we were on the plane for that hour so him and Liam were both ready to play again when they let us off.

They said it would be at least another hour before we boarded so we went back to the play area and let the kids go crazy.


We changed the boys into their pajamas and got back on the plane around 4:15 for our 1:30pm flight. Quite the delay!


Even though the delay totally sucked, both boys did pretty good on the plane. Liam was a little crabby because he didn’t nap and by the time we landed it was way past his bedtime.

We got to baggage claim by 10:15pm. My dad picked us up. It took forever to get our bags. We ended up getting home around 11:30pm. So late! Right to bed we went!


We had such a wonderful vacation. It is always fun visiting Tyler and Chelby and kids. They are great hosts! All the kids played so well together. It was great! Can’t wait to visit again.

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