Liam’s first visit to the dentist

I decided it was time to finally bring Liam to the dentist. I had always been told unless something was wrong there is not reason to bring them before the age of 2 however I learn that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit the dentist by the age of 12 months, or when the first tooth appears, so we were a little behind since Liam will be 3 in September. But, better late than never!

I asked around for a few recommendations and landed on St Croix Kidds Pediatric Dentistry in Hudson. I was told really good things about it and was hopeful we would have a good experience.

Liam was excited to go. Joe had a dentist appt that day too so Liam thought it was pretty neat that him and Dad were both going to the dentist on the same day.

We have had many discussions about the dentist and that she is really nice and that she will look at his teeth and clean his teeth. He seemed to understand.


When we got inside the waiting area was perfect. There were all kinds of toys and movies playing. Liam had fun “fishing.”

Then it was our turn to go back. Liam suddenly wasn’t so sure but was taking it all in. We put him in the chair and the dental assistant laid it down. Liam was reluctant to lay down with the chair but still did it. However, he refused to open his mouth and let her look.

We decided to wait for our dentist, Dr. Darcy. While waiting the dental assistant gave Liam a new tooth brush and some toys to play with.

When the dentist came she had Liam sit on my lap. She then sat across from me and put a board on her lap for Liam to lay back on but still be in my lap. He laid down and let her look at all his teeth. He didn’t seem like he wanted her to but he didn’t resist or get upset. He was perfect.

She said his teeth looked great and no cavities. Yay! She did say he looked a little tongue-tied and that we would keep an eye on that. She asked if it seemed to interfere with anything at this time and I didn’t believe it did because his speech is great and he seems fine with eating. She stated sometimes it doesn’t interfere right away but later in life causes problems so we will just keep an eye on it.

After Liam was done he got to pick out a toy and put his name in a drawing for the “no cavity club.” They also gave him a color changing cup and a goodie bag.

Overall it was a really great experience and I am so glad we chose St. Croix Kidds!

Owen is 9 months old!

How is Owen 9 months already? Where has the time gone!?! His personality is coming out in so many ways and he is just the happiest baby! He is a snuggler and mover all in one. He is one curious little guy taking in everything everywhere we go!


Owen is continuing to grow and still is skinny and long. I don’t have his exact measurements at this time though. He will get measured again at his 9 month appt next week.

Owen’s skin still occasionally flares up and we once again are struggling with a remedy for this.

Owen is still drinking breast milk. He is eating 4 times a day now.

Owen is still having 3 “meals” a day and he LOVES food. He has breakfast in the later morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner with us when we eat. He has tried pretty much all baby foods and enjoys them all. He is more interested in finger foods now and has tried all kinds of foods including avocado, banana, watermelon, sauteed peppers, cooked asparagus, cauliflower rice, and more. He has loved them all.

Owen has gotten really good at drinking his sippy cup so he has water with his meals and occasionally throughout the day if it’s hot out or he seems like he wants it.

Owen has been sleeping through the night. We are also at about 2-3 naps a day. We have a general nap pattern now that consists of a morning nap around 8-9 for about an hour and an afternoon nap usually around 12-1 ish for about 2 hours, and then if needed he takes a 3rd short nap in the evening.

Owen only has the two teeth still although I swear 4 more are on their way any day!

Owen is crawling everywhere! He is quick too. He is also pulling himself up to his knees on items. He hasn’t pulled himself to standing yet. He occasionally will go up on his feet while he is crawling.

He babbles “ma-ma” and “da-da” now.

Owen has learned to clap his hands, do “so big,” and give unlimited open mouth kisses.

Owen still adores Liam and crawls as quickly as he can to see what his brother is doing. Liam can make Owen giggle by doing the simplest things. It is adorable!

Owen is still pretty obsessed with me. He regularly prefers me but does do okay with other people or if I am not around he is fine too.


  • Mom/Dad/Liam
  • Mama milk
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Crawling
  • Being “scared”
  • Being naked -used to hate it now he loves it
  • Bath time


  • Being cold
  • Waiting for milk (especially in the morning)
  • Waiting to be spoon fed —he is bossy!
  • Getting dressed/undressed
  • When mom leaves a room/walks away

Somsen/Stalker wedding 6/23/18

First of all, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Stalker!

We had a wonderful time celebrating the wedding of Joe’s cousin Suzy and her husband Jason on Saturday evening. They had the wedding at Suzy’s parent’s house and it was beautiful.

We got there a little early so Joe, his brother, his dad, and I played a game of bean bag toss. Joe’s brother Patrick and I won (even though I didn’t score a single point)!

It was an outdoor wedding and it was a little hot in the sun but so beautiful. Suzy’s grandpa (he is also Joe’s grandpa) didn’t like the sun in his eyes so he grabbed the hat from the chair in front of him, which belonged to the mother of the bride, and put it on. A moment that had to be captured. He then was given a visor but stated “I think I looked better in the hat.” So funny!

When Suzy walked down the aisle with her father she looked stunning. She made a beautiful bride and looked so happy.

The ceremony was short and sweet. It was perfect in so many ways and Suzy and Jason gazed into each other’s eyes the whole time. Their love for one another was radiating for all to see. So cute!

After the ceremony we took a quick Hailey family picture and then it was social time. The tables were cute and they had appetizers of chips and salsa and bread and oil. The salsa was so good and such a great idea!

I quick snagged the bride to take a picture with that show stopper! I knew she would be busy most of the night so I was glad to get a minute with her.


My friend Breanna was there with little Raelynn. We soaked up some baby snuggles since we were without kids.

Then it was dinner time. They had food catered in and it was so good. The desserts were really good as well.

Then it was first dance time.


After dancing we continued to catch up with family and friends.

Once it got dark they did some fireworks.

I did some dancing (Joe rarely dances) and then it was time to head home.

It was a beautiful day to witness to people so in love tie the knot! Congrats again newlyweds!

Soaking up the sunshine!

I decided to take off a couple days or work and had a nice long weekend! We spent lots of time outside and had no plans! It was great!

Owen decided to sleep in which made for a really easy morning. When he woke up Liam wanted to see him right away.

After having breakfast we went for a walk. It was already beautiful outside.

Owen was ready for a nap after we got back from our walk. I put him down and me and Liam headed back outside to play.


Then Liam had lunch and went down for nap also.

I did a little bit of cleaning around the house and was expecting Owen to wake up shortly after Liam went down, however he ended up taking over a 3 hour nap. I couldn’t believe it.


We had plans to go to my parent’s pool and swim after Liam’s nap. He ended up taking a 3 hour nap as well. I had some tired boys.

It was hot out so Owen and I went straight to the pool. Liam had to play with a few toys before joining us.

Liam was so excited to “push” Uncle Blake in the pool. He had been talking about it all day.

Liam and Blake played some “baseball” as well. Liam was really good!


Then we headed home for bath time outside. It didn’t go very well and ended with both boys in tears so that will probably never happen again.


Both boys were up at their normal time. Owen joined us for morning coffee too. I had sweat circuit so I was off to that.

When I got home I showered quick and then me and Liam went outside to play while Owen was napping.


We had lunch and put Liam down for nap. I spent most of the afternoon getting ready for the day because we had a wedding to go to.

We brought the boys to my parent’s for a sleepover and then we were off to Clear Lake to celebrate the marriage of Joe’s cousin Suzy and her husband-to-be Jason (more on the wedding in a separate post).


On the way to the wedding we stopped at a wake for the father of one of Joe’s parent’s friends.

The boys had a good time at Grandma and Grandpa’s and spent some time playing outside.

We got home pretty late so we were thinking we would sleep in with both boys gone. We were up by 7:30. We did our regular morning routine and relaxed for a little bit but then decided it was time to get the boys.

They were both excited to see us. We hung out for a little bit with my parent’s and then went home. Owen needed a nap so he fell asleep on the way.

Liam wanted to play outside again and I had no complaints. It was so nice out again.

When Owen woke up from nap we had lunch and then headed out to play in the pool. Then it was Liam’s nap time and actually Owen was ready for his second nap.

I took advantage of nap time by taking a nap myself. The lack of sleep the night before had me very sleepy.

When both kids were up from nap we went to Joe’s parent’s house for a pool day and dinner.

The boys had fun swimming!

Owen took a little snooze while everyone was prepping dinner. He woke up to eat and was in a great mood.

When we got home Liam wanted to try one of the freeze pops we made earlier in the day. He loved it!


Owen fell asleep on the car ride home….tuckered out little boy.


We did baths for both boys and to bed they went.

Such a fun weekend filled with so much time outside. Summer is the best! Have a great week!


Sunshine, pool time, diaper party, and Father’s Day

We had a busy and fun weekend with lots of time spent outside. We enjoyed all the time we got with family and friends.

After work we went to my parent’s house to see my aunt Sherrie. It was so hot out that we went straight into the pool. Liam wasn’t so sure about swimming yet but Owen loved it!

Liam wanted to play with all the toys before going swimming. Finally he was so hot I just told him it was time to cool off in the pool.

Liam enjoyed being on the bird float. He went back and forth to my dad and Sherrie across the pool. He was loving it.

Owen was so curious about what was going on. He was so focused!


We headed inside for dinner and Liam serenaded us.


Then it was home time and bed time.

I had early morning sweat circuit and it was hot!


After class I quick went home to pick up Owen and off to the grocery store we went. Joe took Liam to go pick up a gift card. We met at my parent’s house after both our errands. Liam went straight for the microphone again. He loves that thing.

Then he gave Sherrie a guitar and got a guitar for himself. Seriously so cute!


After visiting for a little bit we headed home for lunch and nap time. While the boys napped Joe and I got things ready for the diaper party we were attending later.

I was helping host the diaper party for my bestie Jordan and her husband Jesse and their little one on the way. So we headed to their house after nap to help get things set up. The decorations were super cute and I am pretty proud of how my diaper cake and sock bouquets turned out!

My other bestie Breanna had her little girl there who is just a little bit younger than Owen. It’s hard to get them to sit still for a picture but they are so darn cute!

Mama-to-be played with Owen for a little bit before it got to busy. So cute how he is looking at her.

My other besties Katrina and Shawna gave some baby love to the little ones too.

It was a great time celebrating mom and dad-to-be and little baby S. We can’t wait to meet baby!


Happy Father’s Day! Huge shout out to my amazing husband and father. My life is better because they are in it!

Joe decided he want to head out to his buddy Ben’s farm to check out the pigs (or as he and Liam call them -Bacon Seeds) and other animals. Liam wasn’t so sure about it all so he stuck to mine or Joe’s hips the whole time.

We went to Aldi after to pick up a few things and Joe ended up getting a new smaller pool for the boys. Owen loved it and Liam was happy to jump in too.

Both boys went down for nap in the afternoon and Joe and I watched a movie to relax. After nap we were off to my aunt and uncle’s house to celebrate Father’s Day. We were poolside there and it was hot.

Joe spent some time pushing the boys around in a little car. Owen was over-the-moon about it. I mean, his face says it all!

We had to spend some time inside to cool off every now and then. Liam had fun with the toys and little baby Henry was there too. Look at those cheeks!

Joe was just holding him and talking to him and he fell asleep. So cute!


We had to go on to the next place so I took a quick pick with my dad and then we were off!


We went to Joe’s parent’s house for more swimming. Owen fell asleep and needed a rest so we let him rest while Liam swam. The kids had fun. Then it started to rain so we ran inside and played for a little while before heading home.

We did bath time, cuddle time, and bed time.

It was a great weekend and wishing a Happy Father’s day to all those who celebrate! Happy Monday everyone!


Pool. Grad party. Wedding. Deer. Pizza. FUN!

Summer weekends are the best! Even though there was some rain, we had a great weekend!

After work we went to my parent’s house to grill out and hang. My dad took Liam in the pool. He wasn’t entirely thrilled but hopefully he warms up to it the more we go.

Owen on the other hand had a blast in the water! I just put his toes in and he about lunged out of my arms to go in. I took off his clothes and plopped him on the stairs. He LOVED it!

We played with some of the toys. I fed Owen, putĀ  him in his jammies, and then we headed home for bed time.

I got some early morning snuggles from Liam. Then I was off to sweat circuit.

When I got home the boys were playing and having fun. Since Owen has started crawling he is all over the place.

At nap time I got ready for the day. After nap we headed to a grad party for my dad’s goddaughter Emma. It was a lot of fun and Liam and Owen got to see all their animals.

After the graduation party we were on our way to my cousin’s wedding. Owen was a trooper on the drive. He liked that I was sitting in view.


We were invited to the reception so we found a table and let the kiddos play while we waited for food.

The bride looked beautiful and I got a picture with the little flower girl (her daughter). We didn’t stay too long because we had to get home and get the boys to bed. Liam and Judah had fun playing in the puddles outside.

Once we got home it was bedtime for all!

The boys got up around the same time and Liam has been wanting to hold Owen all the time lately. Sometimes Owen thinks it is funny and other times not so much.

Joe had to bring a person he works with to the airport so the boys and I headed outside for some play time.

Owen went down for a nap and Liam and I had some snapchat fun.

Joe made it home for lunch time. We put the boys down for nap and then did some house cleaning.

After nap we packed up the boys and headed to Fawn-doe-rosa. We met Joe’s sister and her family there. Liam was super excited.


We bought a pony ride because Liam wanted to ride the pony. We went over there, I walked him up to the horse, and as soon as I tried to take him off my body he tightened his squeeze and started crying. Poor kiddo! Kam and Luke had fun!

Liam was pretty scared of all the animals but started to warm up a little bit by the end. Luke was upset that the goats took his bag of food.

There were cute baby fawns too!

After Fawn-doe-rosa we headed to Sawmill Pizza for dinner. We love their unique pizzas and the atmosphere.

Then it was home for bedtime for the boys.

We had a busy but great weekend! Enjoy your week!


Event filled weekend!

We had a busy weekend (bring on busy summer schedule) so the weekend flew by!

After work it was super nice outside. Joe picked up a kiddie pool from Aldi and got it all ready for the boys. We played outside for most of the evening.

We even brought the pack and play out for Owen so he wasn’t crawling all over the deck. He loved it!

It was bath night for Owen (he got food in his hair at dinner) and then bedtime. He was a tuckered out boy and fell asleep while nursing.

Then we put Liam to bed who was also super tired.

I was off to sweat circuit early in the morning. When I got home Joe was snuggling both boys on the couch and Owen was sleeping. Cute!

I then got ready as fast as I could for family pictures on my side. My sister-in-law snapped a quick picture while we were there. I can’t wait to see the ones our photographer took!


It was a chillier day so we went home and changed into our matching Oregon shirts we got from vacation.

During nap I ran to Walmart to get a few things we needed. It took me forever though because the store is chaos right now, nothing is in the right spot.

After Liam’s nap we headed over to my friend Annie’s new house to check it out. So cute! I’m so happy for her.


We went home for a little more play time and then were off to a 50th wedding anniversary party.

Another event on my side of the family. It was fun to catch up with people and Liam enjoyed the desserts!

It was at a park so the kids (and Joe) had some fun on the playground.

Then it was home time to put the kiddos to bed. I did a little cleaning once they went down. Then we went to bed too.

Both boys decided to sleep in. Liam slept until 7 and Owen slept until 8:30. This never happens!


Joe went to the gym so me and the boys hung out. Liam just wanted to watch Super Wings all morning. When Joe got home I decided it was time to go outside and play a little bit.


Joe made burrito bowls for lunch and Liam was loving the guacamole. HA!


During nap I did a ton more cleaning. Trying to catch up on laundry and get the boys clothes organized and put away.

Then we had my niece’s 13th birthday party to attend. The kids are all so darn cute!

It’s amazing how much they love each other.

It was a fun party and the kids had a blast! Happy Birthday Eden!

Then we went home, put Owen to bed, gave Liam a bath, put him to bed, continued cleaning, and then headed to bed too.

It was a busy, fun, short weekend but so happy for all the family time. Have a great week!


Oregon 2018 part 2

Our trip to Oregon continued!

We kept up with our same routine in the morning. Joe went for a run first with Liam and then I went for a run with Liam. He is a chatty running buddy.


Once DJ and Alena woke up it was story time with Joe. The kids just love him. So cute!

Then Tyler, Joe, DJ, and Liam headed to Voodoo Doughnuts to get us some deliciousness. The boys enjoyed a doughnut there before coming back with a bunch of different ones. So good.

We needed to go to the store to get a few things so we took all the kiddos except Liam because he was napping to give Tyler a little break. They were all so good at the store.

When we got back Liam was awake so we headed outside for play time.


Liam loved jumping on the trampoline. He told me no pictures but I took some any way!

Tyler and Joe decided to try evening fishing so they took the boys but didn’t end up catching anything.


Then it was bedtime for the kids and us too.

We got both kids in the bed in the morning and got them both to go back to sleep! Owen slept until almost 8!


Joe went for a run but I decided to take the day off. I hung out with Owen while Liam went with Joe.


When Alena and DJ got up they went out for some morning fun with Liam on the trampoline.

We got dressed and ready and then headed outside.


The kiddos had some fun playing outside. It was a sunny, beautiful day!

It’s hard to get all 4 kids together for a picture so when the opportunity came up I gave it a whirl! HA!


We decided we all wanted to do something, so we looked into things going on in the area and decided to go to the Rose Festival. The mountains in the distance on the drive there were so cool.


We walked along the water to get to the festival.

Once we got in I had to feed Owen so we went to the kid’s art tent for a puppet show and activities. The puppet show was very odd but the kids liked it. It was super hot too so as soon as I was done we booked it out of there.

The kiddie rides were at the far end of the festival so we started walking that way.

Liam was hesitant about going on the rides but once he went on he had a blast!


Owen and Alena were having fun watching as well.

The boys had fun driving the cars and the 4-wheeler. Liam thought he was chasing DJ the whole time. Too cute!

Then it was my turn to talk Liam on a ride. DJ and Tyler were behind us.


Then we took all the kids on the merry-go-round.

DJ and Liam both wanted to play some games so they played a fishing game and pick-a-duck.

We were all starving so we all get different fair food and ate at the fair. DJ got a yummy dessert too (and so did I).

On our way home we had to take an emergency potty break for Liam. So funny!

Owen turned 8 months old! He is growing so much and so quickly!

Joe went for a run with Liam and then I did. He really didn’t want to go with me so my run was pretty short.

Tyler picked us up some coffee in the morning and made breakfast.

Owen and Alena were both taking naps and we were ready for lunch. Joe and I took Liam and DJ in the wagon to Qdoba to get some burrito bowls and tacos.

After lunch they wanted smoothies so they had those also.

Liam went down for nap and I took Owen outside until he got tired. I didn’t want to interrupt Liam’s nap so I snuggled up with Owen and he took a nap. During this time Joe and Tyler went to the outlets to get some crocs.

After nap time we went outside again. Chelby brought out a snack and all the kids gathered around. So funny!


Joe had a work meeting so he went to that while we kept playing. We went to the front yard to play more.

Chelby had a bench she wanted to paint and she let the boys help. They had fun.


We let Alena and Owen hang in the wagon together. She was being a little flirt. They are so cute!

Liam was getting really good at riding DJ’s balance bike. So cool to watch him learn.


I put Owen on DJ’s shoulders and he thought that was pretty great.

When Joe got back we ate dinner and then he watched the kids outside for a little bit before bed time. Alena gave him some good snuggles. She really likes Joe.

I did a little bit of packing to prep for travel the next day. I tried to get both boys down a little earlier to adjust to the time change.

Tyler went and picked up some ice cream for our last night and it was delicious! We ended up watching The Girl in the Bunker as well and stayed up later than we should have.


Joe went for a run in the morning while I stayed with both boys. I cleaned up the house a little and washed our sheets while I packed some more.


Liam wanted to play with as much as possible before we left.

We gave Chelby and the kids hugs goodbye before heading to the airport with Tyler.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. We got some lunch and then went to the airport kid play area. How cool they have a spot for kids to play! I nursed Owen while in there and Liam played.

We boarded our plan and ended up sitting for an hour before they let us get off the plane due to a delay because of thunderstorms at MSP. Owen had slept while we were on the plane for that hour so him and Liam were both ready to play again when they let us off.

They said it would be at least another hour before we boarded so we went back to the play area and let the kids go crazy.


We changed the boys into their pajamas and got back on the plane around 4:15 for our 1:30pm flight. Quite the delay!


Even though the delay totally sucked, both boys did pretty good on the plane. Liam was a little crabby because he didn’t nap and by the time we landed it was way past his bedtime.

We got to baggage claim by 10:15pm. My dad picked us up. It took forever to get our bags. We ended up getting home around 11:30pm. So late! Right to bed we went!


We had such a wonderful vacation. It is always fun visiting Tyler and Chelby and kids. They are great hosts! All the kids played so well together. It was great! Can’t wait to visit again.