Oregon 2018 part 1

We could not wait to visit our friends Tyler, Chelby, DJ, and Alena in Oregon! We have visited before but always felt our trips were too short so we decided to go for a week this time. Here is the first half of our week there:

We headed to the airport around 8am to make sure we made it through security and to our gate in time with two little ones. We ended up getting Subway once we there and we all were hungry so we just ate lunch early.

Once we got on the plane we hooked Liam up with his headphones and the iPad and let him watch shows. He was so good. Owen nursed during take off and then fell asleep almost instantly. He slept most of the flight. Liam and Owen both did really great on the plane.

We landed in Portland around 2:30 and waited FOREVER at baggage claim for our bags. Then Tyler picked us up and we headed to his house.

We got settled into our room we were staying in, tried to get the littles to nap, and then headed outside for some play time and relaxation.

Liam loved all the “new” toys and all the kids were excited to play together.

They even had a fun play space for Owen.


They made us a meatball dinner and then we had individual ice creams for dessert. We told the boys after they ate half that they could save the rest for later (and then at every meal moving forward they wanted to save it for later).

Then it was time for our kids to go to bed. Joe did bedtime prayers and all the kids wanted in on it. So cute how they all cuddled up together.

Liam slept in the same room as Alena and Owen slept in our room.

Liam ended up getting up around 4:30am. Tyler brought him to our room and we tried to get him to lay back down and go to sleep but he wasn’t really having it. Owen woke up around 5:30am and so that is when our day began.

Tyler, Chelby, and kids like to sleep in so we had time to kill in the morning. Joe took Owen for a run and then when he returned I took him for a run. Such a pretty run!


When Ty got up he made breakfast for everyone. We hung out for a little while and then the guys decided to take the boys fishing.

The little boys decided they wanted to wear cowboy boots and cowboy hats fishing. They looked so cute!

Both the little ones caught a fish. They were super excited.

Liam wasn’t sure about getting too close though.

We had some play time at the house. Alena and Owen had some fun together.

So much fun hanging out with the kids and letting them play together.

We decided to go to Abby’s Legendary Pizza for dinner. It was an easy place to bring the kids with a salad bar and pizza. It was perfect and easy with 4 little ones.


When we got home all the kids wanted to wear princess night gowns to bed. Seriously they crack me up! How cute!

The boys had to get one more round of practicing fishing in before calling it a night.


We had another earlier morning but now as early as the last. We actually had Liam sleep in our room and he did really well.

Joe took Liam for a run in the morning and then he wanted to go again with me so I also took Liam for a run. They have the perfect running trails (with some deadly hills) to get a good workout in.


We order breakfast from Biscuits Cafe for pick up. It was super good!

They guys took the boys fishing again and they had a ton of fun. They both caught fish again too.

The kids were all extra cranky for whatever reason. Tyler picked up Dutch bros coffee for us which was nice and needed.


Alena and Owen are too cute together. Both are super bossy!


I ended up taking Owen for a walk because he was so cranky. I thought he would fall asleep but he didn’t.

We played outside for a little bit.

The boys were loving jumping on the trampoline together and doing “flips.”

We then headed inside for bath time and jammie time.

I even got a little night time back massage from DJ!


Those are the first few days of our trip! Stay tuned for Oregon part 2!

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