Owen is 8 months old!


Owen is continuing to grow and still is skinny and long. I don’t have his exact measurements at this time though. He will get measured again at his 9 month appt.

Owen’s skin still occasionally flares up but we are starting to notice sooner and treat it sooner so it heals quicker. Eczema is tough!

Owen is still drinking breast milk. He is eating 4 times a day now.

Owen is now having 3 “meals” a day. He has breakfast in the later morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner with us when we eat. He has tried pretty much all baby foods and enjoys them all. Sometimes I mash up avocado or banana and he likes that as well.

He is learning to grab things and bring them to his mouth but still struggles with smaller items. He really likes the teething wafers.

We have also started offering Owen water in a sippy cup with his meals. He doesn’t always drink it and when he does he doesn’t drink much.

Owen has been sleeping through the night. We are also at about 2-3 naps a day. We have a general nap pattern now that consists of a morning nap around 8-9 for about an hour and an afternoon nap usually around 12-1 ish for about 2 hours, and then if needed he takes a 3rd short nap in the evening.

Owen got his second tooth just last weekend. It was so close for so long and finally popped through.


We have a crawler! Just a week ago Owen learned to crawl and has mastered it since then. He is all over the place. Owen likes being on the ground and will go from laying to sitting to laying on his own.

He has gotten really good at throwing toys off his high chair and getting us to pick them up.

He smiles, coos, babbles, and giggles. He is such a happy baby. Also he babbled “mom” this past month and I am considering it intentional. Haha!

Owen still adores Liam and wiggles and squirms to get into a position where he can see his brother.

Owen is pretty obsessed with me right now. He is fine when with other people but if I am in the room he puts on quite an act of whining and fussing until I pick him up.



  • Mom/Dad/Liam
  • Mama milk
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Crawling
  • Being “scared”
  • Being naked -used to hate it now he loves it
  • Bath time


  • Being cold
  • Waiting for milk (especially in the morning)
  • Waiting to be spoon fed —he is bossy!
  • Having a dirty diaper

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