Sunshine, ice cream, and good food!

Our weekend was an extremely productive one. We had a lot to get done but managed to have some fun while we were at it.

After work we had a yummy dinner and then headed to DQ to pick up some ice cream. We ate it outside on our deck in the sunshine. I got the s’mores blizzard and it was delicious!

Owen was a little fussy and extra snuggly.

We played outside for a little bit after ice cream and then had some wind down time before the boys went to bed.

Also look at our beautiful tree!


Owen slept in and woke up extra fussy. He was up for less than an hour before going back down for nap. I was off to the gym to get my workout in.

Owen was still napping when I got home. Joe took Liam to Fleet Farm so I decided to get started cleaning the house.

Owen didn’t end up waking up until around 10:30am. He woke up extra fussy. His 2nd tooth was so close to coming through. I ended up putting him in the ergo because he was so fussy and didn’t want me putting him down. I took his temperature and he had a little fever. I am guessing from his teeth but I wasn’t sure. All I knew was the extra snuggles seemed to help my never fussy baby.

He wasn’t up for long before taking another nap. During nap Joe and I tried to get as much done as we possibly could around the house. We got it to look really nice!

Owen woke up from his nap and was still so fussy. He ended up taking a 3rd nap. I snuggled him right to sleep. Poor little buddy.


My parents came over later for dinner. Joe cooked up some amazing ribs and we had a delicious meal….so good I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of it!

Owen gave my mom some of those snuggles he needed and ended up falling asleep again.

My parents headed home and we put our two really tired boys to bed.

We then watched Baywatch the movie which was pretty funny. Then we went to bed too.

Owen slept in again and that tooth still hadn’t popped through but he woke up in a much better mood. It was just me and the boys in the morning because Joe brought my dad to the airport. Both boys played together and were really good.

Once Joe got home I decided I needed to run to Target. I was just going to take Owen with me but Liam insisted he come too so both boys and I headed to Target. We got the few things we needed, made a return, and picked up some items I sent to in-store pick up and headed back home.

When we got home Joe was working on cleaning out his truck so Liam helped him with that. Owen was sleeping so I quietly brought him to his room and started cleaning out my vehicle as well.

We got both vehicles cleaned up before it was lunch time and before Owen woke up. Joe took my vehicle to get an oil change so I made Liam his lunch and then got Owen up from his nap too.

When Joe got home it was Liam’s nap time. Once Liam was down Joe took his truck to get an oil change also. When he got back Owen was about ready for another nap and I was ready to go for a run outside.

I set a goal of 2 miles and another goal of under 10 minute miles. It was hot and really tough but I met both goals!


Both boys were still sleeping when I got home so I worked on the massive amounts of laundry (clean and dirty) that have begun to pile up in my room.

Owen ended up sleeping until 4:30 which was a crazy long nap, but his tooth popped through finally!


Liam got new “vacation headphones” when we went to Target and was just learning how they worked. He was so excited!

We had dinner at home and then quickly headed to the hospital to visit my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa is in the hospital but he is doing okay.

After that quick visit we went to Joe’s sister’s for Kameryn’s 7th birthday party/ice cream. She is getting so big!

Liam really enjoyed his star popsicle.

Everybody had a good time hanging out and eating treats.

Another wonderful weekend in the books! Happy Monday all!

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