Sunshine and Family Time!

The weather was perfect this weekend! We spent a majority of our time outside and the other part of our time at my parent’s house.

When I got home from work Liam was so excited because Joe said he would get the water table when I got home. Joe cleaned up the water table while I took the boys on the swing set.


Owen enjoyed being outside too. We tried out the little tricycle but Owen seems a little too small still. Maybe another month and he will be able to hang on better.

Once the water table was clean Liam was glued to it. He had so much fun dumping the water all over the place. He was soaking wet come dinner time.

After dinner we relaxed and Owen ended up falling asleep. Tired little boy!

We had a lazy remainder of our evening before heading to bed.

The boys both slept until about 6am which was nice. I had workout class but no one ended up coming due to other commitments so I pushed myself extra hard on my own!


As soon as I got home Liam was ready to play outside. So outside we went to enjoy the sunshine. My mom stopped by with some things she got at some garage sales. Then it was lunch time and nap time for the boys.

During nap I showered and started getting myself ready for family pictures we had scheduled with my side of the family.

After nap Liam and Owen were playing together. Liam can make Owen smile any time of the day. They then got baths and ready for pictures as well.

As we were leaving to go to my parent’s my mom called and said my brother Sean got in an accident on his motorcycle. She said he was okay but didn’t have many details and would call me back. I told her we are heading to her house anyway so we would be there shortly.

Once we got to my parent’s my mom said Sean was going to the hospital and that we would need to reschedule pictures. I told her that would be fine to reschedule. We can make it work.

We took a few pictures since we all looked so nice and waited to hear more from Sean.

We then changed out of our nice clothes and headed outside to play. We had planned on hanging out after pictures for outside fun and tacos.

Liam was so overwhelmed with the amount of toys for outside. He kept going from one thing to the next with so much excitement.

Owen had fun playing inside.


We all then had the amazing Higgins Tacos my mom makes for Cinco de Mayo. They are so good! After tacos we headed home to unwind, put the kids to bed, and relax.


We started watching the Adam Sandler movie “The Week Of” on Netflix but ended up stopping it because it was terrible! Then we went to bed.

Liam has been wanting to hold Owen a lot lately and it is so cute!

We decided we wanted to go out for breakfast and invited my parents. We got ready quick and Liam decided he wanted to wear his bow tie. How cute!

We went to Not Justa Cafe and it was super good (like always).

Then we went home. Owen was ready for a nap and Liam was ready to play. We got his “new” balance bike out that my mom got at a garage sale and got the chalk out too. He had a blast riding his bike and playing hopscotch.

The fun ended quickly when Liam tripped chasing Joe and scraped his knee. We headed inside to calm down and relax. He had a light lunch and a few more minutes outside before going down for nap.

Joe then left for work and then the airport for a work trip. He was going to Las Vegas for a couple days.

Owen was awake once Liam went down. They were on opposite sleep schedules. I gave him lunch and he watched me clean the house a little bit. Then he was ready for a nap too.

Liam and Owen’s naps ended up overlapping which gave me some free time. I decided to lay out in the sun for a little bit and then head back inside to do a little more cleaning.

Then Liam woke up. He was pretty grumpy so I let him rest on the couch and watch cartoons while he woke up a little more.

After Owen woke up we headed to the park for a little bit. Liam cautiously explored. He didn’t want to go down any slides and was skeptical of all the other kids at the park.

He had fun “driving” the play set around.

He also enjoyed the T-Rex he was able to ride.


He helped push Owen on the swing before we decided to head to my parent’s again for play time and dinner.

Liam and Owen had fun outside at my parent’s playing with all the toys.

We then had tacos and ended the meal with a delicious ice cream sandwich. Liam wasn’t sure about it at first but quickly realized how tasty they are.


Liam went for one more quick ride with Grandpa Mike before we called it a night and headed home.


I put Owen to bed and then Liam. I cleaned a little bit but was exhausted and headed to bed.

We soaked up the sun as much as we could this weekend and are so excited for more weekends like this!




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