Oregon 2018 part 1

We could not wait to visit our friends Tyler, Chelby, DJ, and Alena in Oregon! We have visited before but always felt our trips were too short so we decided to go for a week this time. Here is the first half of our week there:

We headed to the airport around 8am to make sure we made it through security and to our gate in time with two little ones. We ended up getting Subway once we there and we all were hungry so we just ate lunch early.

Once we got on the plane we hooked Liam up with his headphones and the iPad and let him watch shows. He was so good. Owen nursed during take off and then fell asleep almost instantly. He slept most of the flight. Liam and Owen both did really great on the plane.

We landed in Portland around 2:30 and waited FOREVER at baggage claim for our bags. Then Tyler picked us up and we headed to his house.

We got settled into our room we were staying in, tried to get the littles to nap, and then headed outside for some play time and relaxation.

Liam loved all the “new” toys and all the kids were excited to play together.

They even had a fun play space for Owen.


They made us a meatball dinner and then we had individual ice creams for dessert. We told the boys after they ate half that they could save the rest for later (and then at every meal moving forward they wanted to save it for later).

Then it was time for our kids to go to bed. Joe did bedtime prayers and all the kids wanted in on it. So cute how they all cuddled up together.

Liam slept in the same room as Alena and Owen slept in our room.

Liam ended up getting up around 4:30am. Tyler brought him to our room and we tried to get him to lay back down and go to sleep but he wasn’t really having it. Owen woke up around 5:30am and so that is when our day began.

Tyler, Chelby, and kids like to sleep in so we had time to kill in the morning. Joe took Owen for a run and then when he returned I took him for a run. Such a pretty run!


When Ty got up he made breakfast for everyone. We hung out for a little while and then the guys decided to take the boys fishing.

The little boys decided they wanted to wear cowboy boots and cowboy hats fishing. They looked so cute!

Both the little ones caught a fish. They were super excited.

Liam wasn’t sure about getting too close though.

We had some play time at the house. Alena and Owen had some fun together.

So much fun hanging out with the kids and letting them play together.

We decided to go to Abby’s Legendary Pizza for dinner. It was an easy place to bring the kids with a salad bar and pizza. It was perfect and easy with 4 little ones.


When we got home all the kids wanted to wear princess night gowns to bed. Seriously they crack me up! How cute!

The boys had to get one more round of practicing fishing in before calling it a night.


We had another earlier morning but now as early as the last. We actually had Liam sleep in our room and he did really well.

Joe took Liam for a run in the morning and then he wanted to go again with me so I also took Liam for a run. They have the perfect running trails (with some deadly hills) to get a good workout in.


We order breakfast from Biscuits Cafe for pick up. It was super good!

They guys took the boys fishing again and they had a ton of fun. They both caught fish again too.

The kids were all extra cranky for whatever reason. Tyler picked up Dutch bros coffee for us which was nice and needed.


Alena and Owen are too cute together. Both are super bossy!


I ended up taking Owen for a walk because he was so cranky. I thought he would fall asleep but he didn’t.

We played outside for a little bit.

The boys were loving jumping on the trampoline together and doing “flips.”

We then headed inside for bath time and jammie time.

I even got a little night time back massage from DJ!


Those are the first few days of our trip! Stay tuned for Oregon part 2!

Owen is 8 months old!


Owen is continuing to grow and still is skinny and long. I don’t have his exact measurements at this time though. He will get measured again at his 9 month appt.

Owen’s skin still occasionally flares up but we are starting to notice sooner and treat it sooner so it heals quicker. Eczema is tough!

Owen is still drinking breast milk. He is eating 4 times a day now.

Owen is now having 3 “meals” a day. He has breakfast in the later morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner with us when we eat. He has tried pretty much all baby foods and enjoys them all. Sometimes I mash up avocado or banana and he likes that as well.

He is learning to grab things and bring them to his mouth but still struggles with smaller items. He really likes the teething wafers.

We have also started offering Owen water in a sippy cup with his meals. He doesn’t always drink it and when he does he doesn’t drink much.

Owen has been sleeping through the night. We are also at about 2-3 naps a day. We have a general nap pattern now that consists of a morning nap around 8-9 for about an hour and an afternoon nap usually around 12-1 ish for about 2 hours, and then if needed he takes a 3rd short nap in the evening.

Owen got his second tooth just last weekend. It was so close for so long and finally popped through.


We have a crawler! Just a week ago Owen learned to crawl and has mastered it since then. He is all over the place. Owen likes being on the ground and will go from laying to sitting to laying on his own.

He has gotten really good at throwing toys off his high chair and getting us to pick them up.

He smiles, coos, babbles, and giggles. He is such a happy baby. Also he babbled “mom” this past month and I am considering it intentional. Haha!

Owen still adores Liam and wiggles and squirms to get into a position where he can see his brother.

Owen is pretty obsessed with me right now. He is fine when with other people but if I am in the room he puts on quite an act of whining and fussing until I pick him up.



  • Mom/Dad/Liam
  • Mama milk
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Crawling
  • Being “scared”
  • Being naked -used to hate it now he loves it
  • Bath time


  • Being cold
  • Waiting for milk (especially in the morning)
  • Waiting to be spoon fed —he is bossy!
  • Having a dirty diaper

Sunshine, ice cream, and good food!

Our weekend was an extremely productive one. We had a lot to get done but managed to have some fun while we were at it.

After work we had a yummy dinner and then headed to DQ to pick up some ice cream. We ate it outside on our deck in the sunshine. I got the s’mores blizzard and it was delicious!

Owen was a little fussy and extra snuggly.

We played outside for a little bit after ice cream and then had some wind down time before the boys went to bed.

Also look at our beautiful tree!


Owen slept in and woke up extra fussy. He was up for less than an hour before going back down for nap. I was off to the gym to get my workout in.

Owen was still napping when I got home. Joe took Liam to Fleet Farm so I decided to get started cleaning the house.

Owen didn’t end up waking up until around 10:30am. He woke up extra fussy. His 2nd tooth was so close to coming through. I ended up putting him in the ergo because he was so fussy and didn’t want me putting him down. I took his temperature and he had a little fever. I am guessing from his teeth but I wasn’t sure. All I knew was the extra snuggles seemed to help my never fussy baby.

He wasn’t up for long before taking another nap. During nap Joe and I tried to get as much done as we possibly could around the house. We got it to look really nice!

Owen woke up from his nap and was still so fussy. He ended up taking a 3rd nap. I snuggled him right to sleep. Poor little buddy.


My parents came over later for dinner. Joe cooked up some amazing ribs and we had a delicious meal….so good I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of it!

Owen gave my mom some of those snuggles he needed and ended up falling asleep again.

My parents headed home and we put our two really tired boys to bed.

We then watched Baywatch the movie which was pretty funny. Then we went to bed too.

Owen slept in again and that tooth still hadn’t popped through but he woke up in a much better mood. It was just me and the boys in the morning because Joe brought my dad to the airport. Both boys played together and were really good.

Once Joe got home I decided I needed to run to Target. I was just going to take Owen with me but Liam insisted he come too so both boys and I headed to Target. We got the few things we needed, made a return, and picked up some items I sent to in-store pick up and headed back home.

When we got home Joe was working on cleaning out his truck so Liam helped him with that. Owen was sleeping so I quietly brought him to his room and started cleaning out my vehicle as well.

We got both vehicles cleaned up before it was lunch time and before Owen woke up. Joe took my vehicle to get an oil change so I made Liam his lunch and then got Owen up from his nap too.

When Joe got home it was Liam’s nap time. Once Liam was down Joe took his truck to get an oil change also. When he got back Owen was about ready for another nap and I was ready to go for a run outside.

I set a goal of 2 miles and another goal of under 10 minute miles. It was hot and really tough but I met both goals!


Both boys were still sleeping when I got home so I worked on the massive amounts of laundry (clean and dirty) that have begun to pile up in my room.

Owen ended up sleeping until 4:30 which was a crazy long nap, but his tooth popped through finally!


Liam got new “vacation headphones” when we went to Target and was just learning how they worked. He was so excited!

We had dinner at home and then quickly headed to the hospital to visit my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa is in the hospital but he is doing okay.

After that quick visit we went to Joe’s sister’s for Kameryn’s 7th birthday party/ice cream. She is getting so big!

Liam really enjoyed his star popsicle.

Everybody had a good time hanging out and eating treats.

Another wonderful weekend in the books! Happy Monday all!

Mother’s day weekend 2018

Another wonderful weekend spent with people we love! Aside from me being sick, it was the perfect weekend.

After work we had dinner and then Joe went to shoot his bow. It was just me and the boys. We played some games and Owen was determined to play with whatever Liam was playing with. It was great.


Then it was time to watch a movie where Owen fell asleep. I then got him ready for bed. Joe then came home and we got Liam into bed. I wasn’t feeling great so I went to bed early.


Liam had big plans in the morning for cutting wood. He made sure I was ready.


Then I had workout class. No one ended up coming so I was off to the store to get some groceries before returning home.

We took the boys outside for a little bit after lunch. It was pretty nice out and Liam wanted to play with his bubbles.


After nap Joe had Liam help him cut some wood. Liam was in his glory. I told him to show me his chainsaw and he lifted it without even looking at me. He was so interested in what Joe was doing.


Owen and I played inside while they played outside.


Then my niece Brynn and nephew Judah came over while my brother and sister-in-law went on a date.

I took on the babies while Joe took the bigger boys outside.

All of the kids are so darn cute!

For dinner we got pizzas for the boys to make their own. They had fun putting the pepperonis and cheese on. Judah liked eating the pepperonis instead.

They gave two thumbs up for the pizza and both of them finished their entire mini pizza!

We had some more fun playing and soaking up baby cuddles.

Sean and Libby hung out for  a little while before going home.

After they left we put the boys to bed and I went to bed early because I was still not feeling well. My cough was getting worse so I was hoping some rest would help.

Happy Mother’s Day! I woke up feeling worse than I had all weekend which was a bummer but the boys were super cute! Liam likes to get in Owen’s crib with him once he is awake. They are adorable!

Joe took Liam to Menards so that Owen and I could relax and snuggle.

After Owen’s nap he was ready for some breakfast. Seriously such a big boy!

I suddenly remembered we had a fun car toy in the basement that I decided to bring up for Owen. He loved it!

Joe picked up bagels on his way home so we had that for a late breakfast early lunch. We put Liam down for nap early. Owen was napping too. I decided to take a bath and then take a nap also since I wasn’t feeling well.

After nap we went outside to take some pictures. Bribery was involved and I felt like crap but I think we got some good ones.

Then it was off to my parent’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The kids all went in the hot tub and had a blast.

After my parent’s we went to Joe’s parent’s for a little bit. Owen ended up sleeping the whole time we were there and I wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t stay too long before heading home.

Once home I rested on the couch while Joe played with the boys outside.

Once the boys were in bed, so was I.

Shout out to my mom and Grandma! Two of the best women I know! Love you both!

Happy Mother’s Day to those who celebrate! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Sunshine and Family Time!

The weather was perfect this weekend! We spent a majority of our time outside and the other part of our time at my parent’s house.

When I got home from work Liam was so excited because Joe said he would get the water table when I got home. Joe cleaned up the water table while I took the boys on the swing set.


Owen enjoyed being outside too. We tried out the little tricycle but Owen seems a little too small still. Maybe another month and he will be able to hang on better.

Once the water table was clean Liam was glued to it. He had so much fun dumping the water all over the place. He was soaking wet come dinner time.

After dinner we relaxed and Owen ended up falling asleep. Tired little boy!

We had a lazy remainder of our evening before heading to bed.

The boys both slept until about 6am which was nice. I had workout class but no one ended up coming due to other commitments so I pushed myself extra hard on my own!


As soon as I got home Liam was ready to play outside. So outside we went to enjoy the sunshine. My mom stopped by with some things she got at some garage sales. Then it was lunch time and nap time for the boys.

During nap I showered and started getting myself ready for family pictures we had scheduled with my side of the family.

After nap Liam and Owen were playing together. Liam can make Owen smile any time of the day. They then got baths and ready for pictures as well.

As we were leaving to go to my parent’s my mom called and said my brother Sean got in an accident on his motorcycle. She said he was okay but didn’t have many details and would call me back. I told her we are heading to her house anyway so we would be there shortly.

Once we got to my parent’s my mom said Sean was going to the hospital and that we would need to reschedule pictures. I told her that would be fine to reschedule. We can make it work.

We took a few pictures since we all looked so nice and waited to hear more from Sean.

We then changed out of our nice clothes and headed outside to play. We had planned on hanging out after pictures for outside fun and tacos.

Liam was so overwhelmed with the amount of toys for outside. He kept going from one thing to the next with so much excitement.

Owen had fun playing inside.


We all then had the amazing Higgins Tacos my mom makes for Cinco de Mayo. They are so good! After tacos we headed home to unwind, put the kids to bed, and relax.


We started watching the Adam Sandler movie “The Week Of” on Netflix but ended up stopping it because it was terrible! Then we went to bed.

Liam has been wanting to hold Owen a lot lately and it is so cute!

We decided we wanted to go out for breakfast and invited my parents. We got ready quick and Liam decided he wanted to wear his bow tie. How cute!

We went to Not Justa Cafe and it was super good (like always).

Then we went home. Owen was ready for a nap and Liam was ready to play. We got his “new” balance bike out that my mom got at a garage sale and got the chalk out too. He had a blast riding his bike and playing hopscotch.

The fun ended quickly when Liam tripped chasing Joe and scraped his knee. We headed inside to calm down and relax. He had a light lunch and a few more minutes outside before going down for nap.

Joe then left for work and then the airport for a work trip. He was going to Las Vegas for a couple days.

Owen was awake once Liam went down. They were on opposite sleep schedules. I gave him lunch and he watched me clean the house a little bit. Then he was ready for a nap too.

Liam and Owen’s naps ended up overlapping which gave me some free time. I decided to lay out in the sun for a little bit and then head back inside to do a little more cleaning.

Then Liam woke up. He was pretty grumpy so I let him rest on the couch and watch cartoons while he woke up a little more.

After Owen woke up we headed to the park for a little bit. Liam cautiously explored. He didn’t want to go down any slides and was skeptical of all the other kids at the park.

He had fun “driving” the play set around.

He also enjoyed the T-Rex he was able to ride.


He helped push Owen on the swing before we decided to head to my parent’s again for play time and dinner.

Liam and Owen had fun outside at my parent’s playing with all the toys.

We then had tacos and ended the meal with a delicious ice cream sandwich. Liam wasn’t sure about it at first but quickly realized how tasty they are.


Liam went for one more quick ride with Grandpa Mike before we called it a night and headed home.


I put Owen to bed and then Liam. I cleaned a little bit but was exhausted and headed to bed.

We soaked up the sun as much as we could this weekend and are so excited for more weekends like this!




Washington DC

I took an extended weekend to go to Washington DC to visit my friend Amanda. I decided to bring Owen with. This was my first time in DC so I was excited to see Amanda and do some exploring.

I decided I wanted to get a quick morning workout in since I would be missing my evening Zumba class. I got up early and went for a slow run that ended up being just over a mile but felt like 3 miles haha! I haven’t ran in a long time but overall it felt good to get outside, it felt good to run, and it felt good to get some exercise in before starting my day of travel.


My flight was at 12:25 so Joe, Liam, Owen, and I spent the morning together. Then we brought Liam to daycare and Joe dropped Owen and me off at the airport. We went straight to the security line and waited. It was a pretty long wait but Owen didn’t mind.


Once we finally got to our gate there was about 8 minutes until boarding. We had made it just in time. However, there ended up being some maintenance that needed to be done so the flight got delayed by 30 minutes. Owen got a little fussy waiting (he was hungry and tired) but overall did great.


They gave me a row to myself (they were 2 seat rows) which was so nice and let me bring Owen’s infant seat on. This was so nice because he ended up falling asleep and staying asleep the whole plane ride since he was in his seat and it gave me free hands.


Owen was awake once we landed and happy as could be. Amanda met us at the airport and we took a Lyft ride back to her place.


Owen was happy to not be travelling anymore (and me too). We decided to take a stroll outside to go to Sweet Greens for dinner. It is basically made to order salads and it was super good!


We headed back to Amanda’s place to put Owen to sleep and spent the rest of our evening chatting and catching up.


We had a pretty uneventful morning. It was a little rainy outside so we just stuck with Owen’s morning routine until things cleared up. He went down for his nap and we decided after his nap we would go see some of the monuments. Well he decided to sleep for over 2.5 hours. What a stinker, but I suppose he needed the rest!


We walked towards the monuments and saw some beautiful tulips, the Capital One Arena, and got some coffee at Compass Coffee.


We decided to stroll through the sculpture garden on our way. It was pretty neat.


We made our first stop at Washington Monument. It was pretty cool to see! We couldn’t get too close because of construction but what a neat monument.


From the Washington Monument we could see the Jefferson Memorial. It would have made our travels extra long to walk to it so we just admired from afar.


Then we made our way to the World War II Memorial. Another really neat memorial with a lot of details to the structure. Such a cool thing to walk through.



We then made our way to the Reflecting Pool. Owen was such a trooper and enjoyed getting out of the stroller to take a few pictures.


There were quite a few ducks swimming around in the Reflecting Pool. It was really a peaceful area and not too crowded with tourists.


We then walked over to the Lincoln Memorial. There was a beautiful view of the Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool from the stairs leading up to Abraham Lincoln.


I decided to just head up the stairs on my own to get a close up of the Lincoln Memorial. It is a large structure and the columns were just beautiful. Amanda stayed with Owen at the bottom of the stairs.


We took a quick glance and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


Then we headed towards the White House. On the way there we saw so many colorful trees and Constitution Hall.


We got a side view of the White House on the way and saw the snipers up top keeping an eye on everyone.


Then we made it to the front of the building. There were many pretty and colorful flowers. Owen fell asleep on the way there.


We were starving after our 6.2 mile walk around the monuments. We decided to pick up some Mediterranean food. We got it to go and walked by Chinatown (Amanda’s apartment is in Chinatown) and saw the Chinatown bridge.


We spent the rest of the evening at Amanda’s and were exhausted from all the walking we did.


Little man turned 7 months old so we did a little photo shoot in the morning.


Amanda had to head to the yoga studio for a few hours so I lounged with Owen. Once he went down for nap I did a quick at home body-weight workout and then showered and got ready for the day.

Before Amanda returned she picked up Sweet Green salads for us to bring with for out adventure of the day.


Once Owen woke up for his nap we scheduled a Lyft driver to pick us up and headed to the United States National Arboretum. Owen was a little cool dude in his hat and sunglasses.


It was a beautiful day to be outside and the flowers were stunning!


We went to see the Bonsai trees first. There was the Chinese Bonsai tree exhibit and the Japanese Bonsai tree exhibit. They were all really fun to look at and one was from the year 1625!


Shortly after we arrived Owen fell asleep. There were some more flowers and just great landscaping we enjoyed before sitting on a bench for lunch.


After we ate we headed over to see these columns we could see in the distance. They were from the United States Capitol. These columns provided the backdrop for presidential inaugurations from 1829-1957 and were the site of many speeches, protests, and rallies. In 1958 the columns were dismantled to make way for the east front extension of the Capitol.


After the columns we went to see the Azalea collection however, it really wasn’t stroller accessible so I sent Amanda on her own while Owen and I stayed in the shade (and he continued to sleep).


We were able once she came back to walk along the edge of the trail and see some of the beautiful azaleas.


We then headed back to Amanda’s apartment to feed Owen and rest. We decided to go to &pizza for dinner. There was an interesting pizza call The Blueprint that I decided to try and it was super delicious!


We headed back to Amanda’s apartment for the remainder of the evening. I did some packing in preparation for our travels the next morning.

It was a quick morning. I scheduled a Lyft driver for 8am for our 10:05 flight. It was a breeze getting through security and we had plenty of time before it was time to board the plane. I stopped and got a coffee from Dunkin Donuts and then sat and waited at the gate.

When it was time to board they let Owen and me on first which was super nice. We were the only ones on the plane for a while so I didn’t feel rushed to get the stroller folded and settled into our seat while others waited.

We had an amazing flight attendant who helped me out while I put our carry-on away and got all things ready (and went pee quick before take off). She was super nice and I am so thankful for her help.


Shortly after take off Owen fell asleep. I didn’t get to bring my infant carrier on this time because I didn’t know I would have the 2 seater row to myself again but I did. So I had to hold Owen during the flight which caused for some disrupted sleep for him. He was a really good flyer again.


When we landed Joe and Liam picked us up. Joe had packed me a lunch which was so nice!

Liam ended up napping on the drive to pick us up so once we got home and put him down for nap, he wasn’t having it. We decided to let him get up. It was nice out so I took both boys for a quick walk outside.

Then we decided to go visit my parents. My brother and his two youngest kids ended up coming over too so we were also able to see them.


Then we headed to pick up take out at a new food place in town call VuDu Street Food. It was definitely greasy and some things were better than others. Not something I would crave in the near future.

After dinner we relaxed, put the boys to bed, and then being exhausted went to bed shortly after.

Owen and I had so much fun in DC. Thank you Amanda for letting us crash at your place and bringing us all over.