Finally Spring!

We had a busy and fun weekend! We we were finally able to get both boys outside and enjoy some much needed sunshine!

After work we brought the boys to my mom and dad’s for a sleepover. Then Joe and I went to Table 65 for dinner (street tacos = YUM!) and then to the high school to watch Kameryn’s dance recital.

I love watching recital but it sure was a long one! 55 dances total! After it was done we hustled home and headed to bed since it was way past our bedtime haha!

I attempted to sleep in without the boys home but since I am nursing my boobs had a different plans. I ended up getting up around 6am to pump.

It was a very quiet morning before heading to the gym. I ended up not having class because people weren’t going to be able to make it and I have a cough so I did a light workout. Since I got done early I went to the car wash before heading home.


I made my smoothie and then Joe and I were off to pick up the boys! Owen gave me some really good snuggles. I sure missed them!


Once we got home Owen was sleeping and so Liam and I went outside for a little bit. Liam had fun playing hockey. He is such a character!

We had lunch and them Liam went down for nap just in time for Owen to wake up from nap. Owen and I then went outside. It was such a beautiful day and the sun felt so nice and warm!

Liam woke up from his nap while we were outside. Since Owen was outside too we had to pretend shoot bow. We also had snack outside.

It was a fun filled day outside. I put Owen down for his second nap and then I was off to a movie with my friends Annie and Jordan. We went to see I Feel Pretty and it was really funny. I haven’t been to a movie in a long time so it was fun to go to the theater.

Once I got home we threw the boys in for a bath quick and then bedtime.

We all relaxed together in the morning and then started getting ready for church. While I was getting ready Owen ended up falling asleep. We went to church and he woke up when we got there and stayed away most of the service but fell asleep at the very end.


Once we got home Owen was still sleeping so we put him in his room. The neighbors had asked if they could take their stand up jet-skis on the pond so when we got home they were out doing that. They are crazy!


I made breakfast for lunch and ended up making really delicious french toast. Joe, Liam, and I all had 2 pieces!


After lunch Liam went down for nap and I ended up waking Owen up. He had been sleeping for over 2 hours and needed to eat. After feeding him I packed him up and headed to my parent’s house. I needed to bring some clothes for a group picture we are doing in May to make sure all our outfits coordinated. I got Owen these adorable shoes for the pictures. So cute!


We went outside for a bit once we returned home. When Liam woke up Owen ended up going down for a nap.

Liam and I wandered around the yard while Joe did some food prep for dinner.

We went to Joe’s parent’s for our first “poolside” dinner even though the pool is still cold. Liam had so much fun running around outside.

Joe and the boys were having fun throwing snow balls at each other. Seriously so cute!

We headed home after dinner and got the boys ready for bed.

We were exhausted and lazy and rested until bed time as well.

Hope you enjoyed some of the sunshine this weekend! We sure did!



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