Lots of snow and a birthday

April showers bring snow plowers?!? It was a super snowy April weekend but we managed to survive and soaked up all the family time we could.

Like every Friday, after work we spent the evening relaxing and playing.

We really didn’t do much of anything which was really nice!

Liam had some snapchat fun (dreaming of warmer weather) before I headed out in the snow to Sweat Circuit. The roads weren’t too bad just yet but there was definitely some ice and snow out there.


We had some morning play time when I returned home. Once the boys were down for nap I cleaned a little and made some yummy protein balls.


After nap time Liam and I had some more snapchat fun. He is so funny. I can’t wait until it gets nice outside and we can play outside more….but for now snapchat filters for the win!

Joe’s parent’s braved the snow and came over to drop off his birthday present and see the boys.

After they left we had dinner and then played some more before movie time and bed time.


Joe and I rented Pitch Perfect 3. We started it but it wasn’t loading all the way so we couldn’t finish it before we went to bed.

Not as much snow as I thought but definitely enough….and more was coming. Today we celebrate Joe! Happy birthday! 🙂

We had our regular morning snuggles and play time.

Marley even got in on some of the snuggles with Owen. She just wiggled her way right up next to him.

Liam wanted some Owen snuggles too (he is pretty popular for snuggling lol).

Owen went down for an early nap and when he woke up Liam wanted to snuggle him in his crib. My heart!


Owen is soooo close to cutting his first tooth. I can see it but can’t feel it yet.


We spent the morning being lazy. At nap time Joe and I finished our movie which wasn’t as good as the first 2 but I still liked it.

When the boys woke up we played some more. Joe made us some kale chips and they were surprisingly delicious!

Joe wanted to cook his birthday dinner. He made an amazing meal that I didn’t take any pictures of. It was so good.

We relaxed the rest of the evening. Once the boys were down we watched some of The Office and then went to bed ourselves.

It was a snowy weekend stuck indoors but we tried to make the most of it! Have a great week!

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