Owen’s dedication and other weekend activities

We had a truly blessed weekend filled with so much love and fun.

After work we had family over for dinner and to celebrate the dedication of Owen to God. Joe did so much prep work for the party. What a man! He is amazing.

Owen was intently listening to my brother Sean as he put blessings on him and spoke of his journey with Christ.

Owen’s Godparents are my brother’s wife, Libby and Joe’s sister’s husband, Joel. We trust they will be great leaders and role models of faith to Owen.

It was so beautiful and I am so blessed to have a so much family that are going to guide Owen in faith.

Sean had us all wish characteristics on Owen. People said wisdom, love, happiness, strenghth, patience, honesty. Sean spoke generousity on him. I am terrible on the spot and said creativity. And I do wish creativity on him but after some thought the two characteristics I wish upon Owen are humility and perseverance.

The party was wonderful, the food was great, and the company was even better.

And seriously Joe cleaned everything up before the party was even over. Shout out to my amazing husband….and yes I know I am one lucky woman! 🙂

Saturday morning snuggles are the best! Both boys slept in later than normal so that was really nice.

I had sweat circuit and Zumba. Small group but still my favorites workout of the week.


I made a side by side comparison picture of the boys. Same age, same outfit, same amount of hair? That’s about it! Genetics are amazing!


I decided today was the day I commit to healthier eating again. I am shooting for more vegetables and less/low carb. We will see how it goes! I’m ultimately just trying to be more mindful about what goes into my body. Lunch was salad, veggies, and a hard boiled egg.


After nap we decided we wanted to take Liam bowling for the first time. My mom met us there.

It was a lot of fun. We are all terrible bowlers but in the end I won!! It was the perfect cold weather activity to get us out of the house for a little while.

We picked up take out at a local cafe and brought it to my mom’s house. Both my brother and dad were gone so we spent time with my mom and brought her dinner.

Then we went home and put the boys down for bed.

The boys slept in again! They must have needed the extra rest.


We all got ready and went to church in the morning. After church we met Joe’s sister and family and his mom at Tin Bins in Stillwater for his sister’s birthday.


We then went home, put Liam down for nap, and did our taxes with Owen playing for a little bit and then putting him down for nap too. Felt good to get our taxes done.

Owen is starting a tradition of Sunday evening blowouts….Liam was gagging this time and the whole ordeal is just too funny! (No pictures of it this time).


We spent the evening hanging out and playing.

After the boys went to bed I did some veggies snack prep. Ready to take on the week!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend and hoping warm weather comes our way soon! We can’t wait to get outside!

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