Owen is 6 months old!

Well that flew by! I can’t believe Owen is already 6 months old (halfway to a year)! It seems like it happened so suddenly.

Owen is continuing to grow and seems long and skinny still. He doesn’t have his 6 month appt until next week so we will see what he measures in at.

Owen is still drinking breast milk. He is eating about 4 times a day now.

We also started some solid foods in the past couple weeks. We have been giving him rice cereal mixed with breast milk which he likes. He has tried peas, carrots, green beans, apples, bananas, butternut squash and sweet potatoes. He seems to enjoy them all. I’ve expected some kind of reaction to at least one of the foods above but he doesn’t react at all. He literally has been acting like he has been eating solids for months. He loves it!

Owen has been sleeping through the night again. We are also at about 3 naps a day. His naps aren’t very consistent yet so we are working on getting a schedule figured out.

No teeth as of right now however there is A LOT of drool. His hands and toys are constantly in his mouth.

Owen can still roll from belly to back and from back to belly but doesn’t do it all that frequently. He is holding his chest up better on his own now and not needing his arms to assist.

He has gotten really good at throwing toys off his high chair and getting us to pick them up.

He smiles, coos, babbles, and giggles. When he cries it is typically quite weak and is only if he is hungry, tired, or needs his diaper changed. He is generally a super happy baby and we are very thankful.

Owen still adores Liam and wiggles and squirms to get into a position where he can see his brother.

  • Mom/Dad/Liam
  • Being rocked
  • Mama milk
  • Dad’s singing
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Jumping in his exersaucer or jumper
  • Wubbanub
  • Zippadee-Zip sleeper
  • Being naked -used to hate it now he loves it
  • Bath time (in the big tub) -he used to dislike bath time but now that I learned he likes the freedom of a big tub he loves it (but does not make it an easy task)!


  • Being cold
  • Waiting for milk (especially in the morning)
  • Waiting to be spoon fed —he is bossy!
  • Having a dirty diaper

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