Just another weekend

We had another really good weekend. We weren’t too busy but just the right amount of busy. It was nice!

I was able to leave work a little early and spend some extra time with my little ones and Joe. We were fighting fires and it was awesome! I love Liam’s developing imagination.

Liam is also learning how to take pictures on my phone so he snapped a keeper of Joe.


We had a relaxing evening!

We were up nice and early. Liam loves snuggling his little brother (sometimes a little too much).

After some morning snuggles I was off to Sweat Cirtcuit. Small class but good workout!


Joe went to help a friend when I got home so it was just me and the boys. Owen practiced sitting some more, he is getting really good.


The boys were on opposite schedules so when Liam napped Owen was up and when Liam woke up, Owen napped. That always makes it hard to get anything done.

I had promised Liam a post-nap sucker and boy was he happy about it.

Joe’s mom stopped over to visit once both boys were up. Liam took some pictures of Grandma and of mom and dad with “mean faces.”

We decided to go to Ready Randy’s for dinner with Joe’s parents.

After dinner we picked up our babysitter Brogan. I fed Owen and put him to bed so all she had to worry about was putting Liam down. Then we were off to our friend Seth’s 30th birthday party. It was nice to go out without any kids and just hang out.

We didn’t stay out very late but it was still fun!

Both boys actually slept in, which at our house means slept a little past 6am! It was great since we were up a little later the night before.

I love how much Liam likes to be by Owen and how much Owen adores Liam. Liam even did some morning yoga for Owen.

Liam had found one of my purses and now it is his. He uses it to “fight fires.” He just cracks me up!


Liam got a haircut in the morning for pictures.


We had Owen’s 6 month pictures as well as Liam’s 2 and a half year pictures and family pictures. To my surprise they went really well and I can’t wait to see them!

After pictures Liam wanted to wear his buck hoodie. He ran around being a little buck while Owen laid around just being cute!

Look at all the love! My heart!


Liam and Joe had some “sumo pillow fights.” Liam bounces right off and flies back. He thinks it’s the greatest.

Both boys napped at the same time so that meant me and Joe napped also. Owen woke up early from his nap and was clearly still tired so I gave him some snuggles and he fell back asleep.


He woke up happy and loving his mama!


We had some snapchat filter fun after nap while we played.

I had an after dinner scoop of vanilla almond butter (so good) and Liam caught me and insisted he have his own spoonful. Yum!


Once the boys were in bed we relaxed and headed to bed ourselves.

It was a great weekend! Hope the week treats you well!


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