Birthday, St Patrick’s Day, and a relaxing Sunday

We had a busy but good weekend!

After work we hustled to my brother’s house for my niece’s birthday party.

She is so adorable and sweet.

Then we went home, put the boys to bed, and headed to bed early.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Owen had his adorable shamrock jammies. Then….he had a blowout so he got an early morning bath.

Joe got some snuggles with my TWO blanket suckers! Owen has just started sucking on his blanket occasionally just like his big brother.


All this before Sweat Circuit/Zumba. We had a great class and some of us dressed in green.


When I got home Liam was doing some “yoga” with Joe. Seriously adorable! And I got some Owen snuggles.

The parade was at 2 so we put Liam down for a short nap. I got me and Owen ready in our green gear.

Then we headed off to Joe’s sister’s house for the parade and a party. The parade goes right in front of her house so it was perfect.

Liam was totally into the parade but expressed no emotions about it. He was likely still a little tired.

My bestie Annie was in the parade so it was fun to see her and all the other great floats and costumes.

After the parade we quick ran home to feed Owen and Joe ran to the store to get a few things. I tried to get a picture of the boys in their shirts.

I had some fun with snap chat as well. I love the filters!

Then we went to my parents house where Joe made bacon and bleu burgers for us. So good! We had planned to leave the boys their for a sleepover but as the night went on I felt less interested in hitting up the town and more interested in lounging at home.

We left Liam because he was excited for a sleepover but we took Owen home and headed to bed early.

I grabbed Owen when he woke up in the morning and snuggled him in bed. I didn’t think he would fall back asleep but he did and I was able to get some extra rest.

My mom ended up getting sick so Joe ran to get Liam right away in the morning.

We spent the majority of the day lounging around and playing.

It was really relaxing to just hang out at home after 2 busy days.

Then we quick went to look at a house (for fun) and pick up Jersey Mike’s subs for dinner.

We then went home to eat our subs and have a lazy evening.

I hope the luck ‘o the Irish was with you this weekend and you have a wonderful week ahead! 


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