A fantastic weekend!

We didn’t have many plans this weekend but ended up doing a lot of fun things!

It was a typical Friday for us filled with play time and relaxing. Wouldn’t trade it for the world!

I had some snuggle time with the boys and then it was off to Sweat Circuit. It was a killer workout again and lots of people showed up. It was very motivating.

After workout I rushed home, showered quick, got Owen dressed and headed off to Bible Study with my friends. It was our second session.


Owen and Raelynn got to hang out while we discussed the readings.


When I got home both boys went down for nap. Joe left to help his friend chop some wood so I was left with a quiet house. I took advantage of it and made some laundry soap and cleaned the kitchen.


Owen was the first to wake up and then Liam. Shortly after the boys woke up Joe came home.


We decided to go out for dinner and headed to Rusty’s. We hadn’t been there in a while and it was really good! Both boys were on their best behavior too which makes the experience more enjoyable.

We hustled home to lounge for the remainder of the evening.

I was definitely feeling the loss of that hour even though I still think I got plenty of sleep. Must have been a mental thing.

Both boys woke up super happy. Liam was using his binoculars to look for bunnies and then also found a gaming headset where he said he is “uncle blake.” Too cute.

After hanging around for a little bit Joe and I decided we should go to the zoo!


Both boys slept on the way there.


We had so much fun once we got there. Liam was so excited to see a shark and a sea turtle.

He thought the monkeys were being naughty because they were chasing each other. We told him that’s how they play.

It was so much fun showing him all the animals. He said his favorite was the bear.

Owen was tuckered out after a long morning at the zoo. It took Liam a long time to fall asleep for nap.


After nap my friend came over to look through some maternity clothes. So happy to share them with her because they can be so expensive and are so temporary!

Liam decided we should have breakfast for dinner so I made scrambled eggs, pancakes, and bacon.

Joe had to go to a work meeting so me and the boys wrapped up the evening with play time and snuggles. They were both so well-behaved which I was thankful for.

I was exhausted so I watch New Girl on Netflix and then started getting ready for bed just as Joe was getting home.

We had a really great weekend. Hope you did too! Have a great week ahead! 

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