A weekend of family fun!

We had a fun weekend filled with lots of family time!

After work, like always, we had a nice relaxing evening. Liam and I had some fun looking at “sillys” (snapchat filters).

Other than that it was a quiet night.

The boys were up nice and early so we got to have some play time/snuggle time before I was off to teach class.

Sweat circuit and zumba were great! I made a pretty tough sweat circuit and I could tell I really pushed myself. Love workouts like that!


After exercising I quick ran home to rinse off and then we headed to Kids Oasis in Stillwater for some indoor play fun!

Joel, Kameryn, and Luke met us there to play too. The kids had a blast. There are so many different toys there.

We went home for lunch and nap time after Kids Oasis. While the boys napped I tried to get a few things done around the house.

After nap it was so nice out we decided to go for a walk. Owen’s first walk outside and our first time using the double stroller. It was a little breezy but still so nice to be outside.

Liam was helping Joe cook and then had to make a phone call with his “baby” bear. This kid just cracks me up!


We spent the remainder of the evening lounging at home and playing.

Again we had some bright and early play time. We are raising some early risers!

We then were off to church. After church we went to Tin Bins with Joe’s family. I am sweets free for March so I had to have some strong will power to avoid the cinnamon roll Liam was enjoying. It looked so good!

After Tin Bins it was home for nap time! Owen was dressed super cute but then he had a blow out….it tends to happen quite frequently. So then it was outfit change time.

Owen decided he didn’t want to nap at the same time as Liam. He also decided he wanted to be snuggled and not in his crib.


After nap we headed over to my parents to hang out and have dinner. Liam was so excited that “Bumpa Mite” was going to be home.

Both boys had fun playing.

After that it was home for lounge time and bed time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!

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