February winter wonderland!

We had a pretty great weekend and were able to enjoy some time outside in the fresh snow!

After work I was lucky to get snuggles from both my little guys.


Then Liam decided he wanted to lay on the floor with his babies. So cute!


Fridays are always just relaxing evenings for us. We are winding down from the week and gearing up for the weekend.

Sleeping in is a thing of the past for Joe and I. The boys like to get up early and honestly I don’t mind. We had morning play time and hockey too.

Then I went off to sweat circuit/zumba for a good workout…although my knee is still giving me a little trouble.

It snowed on Friday so while I was outside I took some pictures of our beautiful scenery. So white and so pretty.

After nap we got the boys ready to go to my parents so Liam could go sledding with Uncle Blake.

It was so nice to get outside! Owen struggled to keep his eyes open for the pictures haha!

Liam had so much fun sledding with Blake, but after about 3 times down he was ready to be all done. The breeze was a little chilly so his face was getting cold.

I made Liam so hot chocolate in a coffee mug which he loved!


We hung out and had pizza for dinner before heading home. It was snowing so it was a slow drive home for sure.

The boys played a little more once we got home and then it was off to bed.

I forgot to take many pictures…I actually only took one of me and Owen snuggling in the morning. We had a lazy morning and stayed home because of all the snow.


Joe had to go plow for his mom and my grandparents so he picked us up some donuts on the way home.

We played all morning and then everyone took a nap at nap time.

After nap we went to visit Joe’s grandma. She was so happy to see the boys.

We made a quick run to the grocery store, then home, and then had dinner.

After dinner Joe’s parents stopped by to see the boys. Then it was bedtime routine for the boys.

We had a great weekend and the snow was so pretty! Hope you had a great weekend as well and enjoy the week ahead!


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