Finally healthy and making the most of it

We finally have a healthy household so we decided to get out of the house for a little bit this weekend and get back to “normal.”

I ended up leaving work a little early after a super busy week. I missed the boys and wanted to spend some extra time with them.

Then it was off to my first Bible study with my best friends! We decided to start a new journey together and I am so excited. Looking forward to this group moving forward. And I got to hold little miss Raelynn.

After Bible study I hustled home to get Owen to bed.

Both boys were up bright and early and ready to play. It is so adorable how much they love each other.

Then it was off to workout for me. My knee had been bugging me for a couple days so it ended up being a shorter than normal work out but still felt good to do a little bit.


After workout I quick fed Owen, rinsed off, and got ready to head to Sean and Libby’s to visit. Brynn is just the sweetest little thing! The boys always have fun together (even if they ALWAYS want the same toy).

Liam was so happy to hold Brynn for the first time. He loves her.

Brynn stayed awake for a little bit of our visit. She is such a doll!

We picked up some Subway on the way home and had that for lunch. Then it was nap time for every one.

After nap we had some snapchat fun and I even got some snuggles from Liam.

We spent the evening relaxing and watching the Olympics.

I end up pulling Owen into bed with my and snuggling him back to sleep after he thought waking up super early was a good idea.

Then we all got ready to go to church. After church Liam and I ran to the store to get some valentines for him and Owen to give out at daycare on Wednesday.

Then it was lunch time and nap time by the time we got home.

We spent the majority of the day watching the Olympics. Joe did a lot of cleaning which was super nice. I did a little but he is the rockstar who did a lot of it (thanks Joe!).

We did a lot of afternoon lounging and relaxing.


We invited my parents over for dinner which was super nice. We had lasagna, salad, and bread. Super delicious!

After they left it was time for the boys to go to bed.

Joe and I relaxed watching some snowboarding on the Olympics before calling it a night.

It was a great weekend having everyone healthy and being able to spend time with family! Have a great week!



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